Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 31/05/2007

Forgiveness as discussed in many previous articles by various beings such as Osho and Jesus do not dictate that you live with the same self punishing mind set as you have been taught to do – because forgiveness with corrective application will change such self punishing mind sets completely.

Forgiveness is not the blame game – meaning that when forgiveness is applied, it has to be done unconditionally and not judge yourself over that which you are applying forgiveness of or taking it personally, but rather the opportunity for us all to enhance what we are aware of already – enhancing abilities within ourselves we know we have as an expression of who we are but do not allow ourselves to live.

Many teachers speak about forgiveness but none tell you how to see the practical application involved. Once forgiveness is applied, the practical living side has to be applied otherwise: What is the use thereof. Too many beings apply forgiveness by only speaking the words to that which they are applying forgiveness to, but do not apply the corrective action of the forgiveness that they have done. Meaning that when the words of forgiveness are spoken – you unconditionally release that which you have forgiven and live differently to that which you have before you applied forgiveness as you must apply forgiveness with corrective action – living and becoming the words you speak as a statement of who you are. Many will teach you the benefits of what forgiveness assists and support you with and why you're required to release the old applications through understanding what they are. Some people inform you about where in the body the structural manifestations occur of emotional attachments of the past as a means of self defense in holding onto the emotional attachments in remaining angry in what has been done unto you by another, for instance – to in this way not allow yourself to experience the exact same thing being done unto you. And how forgiveness is able to assist you with awareness to what you've allowed to create inside you by releasing the structural manifestation of emotional attachments of the past you hold onto and to forgive yourself and the being who has done something to you to which you have remained angry for most of your life and have hold onto the emotional attachment causing it to structurally manifest in your body – either as pain or illness.

It is however important, as with anything you apply, to not just read the information but rather become the solution. See from my perspective how intensive the body manifests the requirement for forgiveness and you will get a better understanding of why you have ill health and discomfort. Many people are aware that they harbor their deceits within them as a means of protection, but few understand that no longer will the dimensions allow this. For too long now have words with perfectly good intentions been spoken but nothing is practically done about applying forgiveness.

Forgiveness applied on any particular topic is therefore applied and lived not just spoken. We stand firmly within our decision to assist man kind so that all are set free from past habits and the consciousness system. So therefore I have decided to write this article that will assist in your application of forgiveness. Remember that judgment plays no part in what it is that we're busy with. Just realise that I ask for you to be honest and direct when you become aware of your own physical manifestations, after all we're all here to understand who we are. What I will write about are a few of the physical manifestations and where they originate from. Then we'll show you the practical applications that are required once forgiveness is applied to never allow such manifestations again. Here goes;

Soon after the creation of man, women were told that men were the ‘stronger sex'. They appeared more muscular, athletic and well put together, able to do physical task with ease. Now millions of years later we have the most fascinating manifestations within the role of the woman coming forward. Firstly I would like to congratulate woman on behaving as if men have power over them, when in actuality nobody does.

I realize that you have been taught from a young age to bow down to men, but is it really who you are? Are you equality or are you slaves? So what I see when I look at woman has been my endless point of amusement for the last couple of weeks as I seek to understand what it is you're doing.

Many women are currently busy with the application and manifestation of greed. Once men are out of the way a woman will steamroll others in her path to ‘get to the top'. This of course is my reference to the working class lady who has taken the micky out of dominating the work force, done by steam rolling everybody that dares put a foot in their direction.

Men understand that woman rule all over the capitalist work place and are dearly missing the days when their rule was final. Women are currently seizing everything from the ego that they perceive was taken from them when woman were enslaved to their rightful place at the top of every large industry. However, I laugh only due to how ridiculous it still makes you all feel. I look inside any power hungry woman and all I see is actual embarrassment. Some might even say that woman was never driven to become this, yet hundreds of years later woman are standing up to their enslavement yet it is not able to be further from who you are.

I understand that women are directing themselves, yet what is currently playing out is the overcompensation because no middle ground is seen, creating suppression of self. I will not tell you what your middle ground is, rather how you are able to direct yourself. Are you at least aware in your actions that you're overcompensating from being submissive to over assertive? Nothing wrong with standing up as who you are and directing yourself, what I am talking about is when you realise that the only way to get some ‘respect' is to force it down people's throats.

Manifested behaviours exist within these women such as dominance and career driven obsessions. Manifestations of physicality's such as enlarged muscles depicting strength, larger body shapes to ‘match' that of the male build, more upright body posture to ensure the image of worth, and the list goes on. However tough this world may appear there does remain one basic understanding for us all.

Who you are, is direction, flow, participation, creation in every moment not because you're molding yourself to the corporate image but rather because in essence you remain, therefore your likeness is not determined by male dominance or how you respond. Forgiveness here would give you the opportunity to realise who you are and assist you to ‘re-connect' with yourself and understanding where you have compromised yourself. Realise you are feminine , as much as you are strength.

Suppressions are also seen as follows; When you're suppressing thoughts, feelings instead of understanding them you might undertake quite an interesting physical trait: weight . Many people complain about their appearance, mostly weight gain and obesity. Weight, simply put, is the emotional discharge created in the mind to either protect you within or to shove away all other physical applications such as being confronted, attacked or feeling vulnerable. Weight, as seen around particular areas, show me where you have rejected yourself and how you're hiding from a particular participation as yourself.

Weight gain around the abdomen is mostly the suppression of fear. Fear of the unknown, the future, the past. The ‘what if I fail like I did before' fear. So where does the body send fat to when you are in fear? It places a layer of protection around the gut where you're solar plexus and fear reactions are located. By this I mean that physically your body implants a layer of fat around the abdomen to project the image that you are ok.

When fat is deposited around a particular organ and body region the mind is in fact layering itself with information not just fat. Information pertaining to the past that in accordance with current issues brings you to a ‘balancing' point. The balancing part is how the body stores the fat so that when confronted with your fears in the form of suppression through the accessing of old information brings forth the ‘appearance' of stability. Stability and balance are after all linked. Stability is apparently seen at the point of balance between two variables. So while the suppression of fear is taking place within the gut, the layer of information over it represents stability.

Lipids are known for carrying stored information that relates to protection, the major function of fat. So where would your body send fat to when you're insecure? The part that relates to your suppressed fear will be covered in fat so that there is protection and cellular information. The information stored relates not only to current fears but also to your own ‘perceived' way of ‘best dealing with it'. Now the best way for you to handle fear is the way that your conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind has pre programmed you to best protect yourself. The consciousness is what you're aware of you do to protect yourself, the subconscious being what you've hidden and react on and the unconscious being the global fears we respond to. So then your body structures itself with a wall of information (in the form of fat) where your fears and issues are situated. In turn when you're accessing the fear related to the stomach (for example) then all your brain reads energetically is tons and tons of information coming from the gut area.

So what better way for your brain to not only insulate your body physically with a layer of fat but to also give itself all the information within ‘easy' reach? By easy of course I mean so that all information is stored within cells as lipids so that your body ‘reads' as the information.

If you have information flowing throughout your body all day in the form of energy then the cells are the holding spaces for all points of information. So the more fat you deposit the more information access points are readily available.

Fat around the legs tell me your direction is dependant on you directing others as well as your direction coming from others . In other words you're either waiting to be directed or your main purpose in life is to direct others and not yourself. The upper legs are currently seen to carry most weight when you look at both men and woman structurally, when you look at all areas of composition relating to muscles, fat and lymphatics. The legs are the most flexible area of the body when it comes to flow, allowing for more movement of blood so that the legs are most available for response. You will see flow of lymphatics and blood most prevalent in the legs due to how we have structured the legs. We use them as our direction to food (which feeds the stomach), to run from our fears, to direct ourselves to money, to move us genetically, take us towards a sexual partner and the list goes on. Therefore the legs are a major part in the humans' evolution of himself as a creature of direct protective abilities. We live to protect ourselves therefore when I use words like direct I say that we as humans are directly protecting ourselves, not living.

The legs carry immense pressure due to our infrastructure that consists of blood vessels, fat and capillaries. This due to the importance that the legs have when it relates to us protecting ourselves. When you look at people's legs with all the varicose veins, stretch marks and scars you'll see that the legs of a human looks like an old battered car, don't they? We've placed all that we guard, our issues and information relating to our fears there and after you carrying all that for 20+ years your legs start showing the sign of physical tension. Ligaments start tearing, bones break, veins collapse, and fat sinks to the lower parts of each thigh due to weight not being supported anymore. Veins that burst are of course the same as the car engine that finally packs up. You've run information through those legs in great amounts and at great speed for so many years that eventually these veins become brittle. The' effects of gravity' as most like to call it is merely the fact that people don't know what else to describe the collapse of the human body as. Look at how your body starts showing sign's of stress where you have scars, stretch marks and purple/blue spots. That is how you know where in your body you have overcompensated pertaining of course to a particular application.

Arms that become saggy are of course how much weight you are willing to carry . The bourdon of life as seen carried by so many ‘middle' aged woman. We are so busy caring about things outside ourselves that we are constantly burdened. Perhaps the greatest burden is the ‘knowing' that outside oneself you will always find somebody to compare yourself to or to live up to. Inside you, you remain as who you really are. Yet, consciousness as is able to be seen when looking at the physical body is the representation of our inept inability to actually settle ourselves within who we are. Consciousness shows you that you live too fast, too hard and that you're always pleasing yourself according to other's standards.

So perhaps your physical body should be seen as a map that is used by the dimensions to see where you have attached value to in this world. Value? Is one able to call growing ‘old' value? Well this exercise shows you that anything that one contributes to within this world is consciousness therefore fight as you may the effects of this participation will be seen.

Weight is of course one of the leading ‘disabilities' seen in our children . The reason simply put is not because we feed them the wrong food, foods are simply feeding specific systems that have been placed pre-existence within our physical bodies. So when you crave something it is because a specific system within your makeup requires specific assistance to flourish. In another article I will explain this more in detail. Usually we connect our concern with our children's fat to them having issues when in fact it is our issues we should be focusing on. But what you don't realise is that within your child actually sits yourself when what you are seeing is another being. What happens to your child is that they are showing you – yourself.

Children often mirror their parents as a part of what they are assisting you with. So many children will copy a parent's beha­viours, fears, and mind sets to assist you to be able to see yourself. What happens with weight gain is that parents forget who they have allowed themselves to become . The child then picks up weight to bring the point across to the parent that they are still here and that beneath all that you have allowed remains…you. This enlargement of the body then drives most parents to assisting the child to lose weight when in actuality the child requires the parent to realise for themselves who they have become. Even though the parent ‘means' well, losing weight to a child is greatly dependent on the understanding that exists within the parent.

Remember children is able to see and hear things that you express much more than you are aware of, therefore they assist you in ways that you're therefore not aware of. Weight then become's the enemy in some homes due to the issue not clearly being addressed. Many children carry physicality's that cause the parents to alienate them. This of course is due to what the parent is not willing to accept about themselves therefore they reject the trait in their child causing the alienation, which when you look at it now you can see is actually quite unnecessary.

Realize that the weight is your projections and issues and that the child is able to be assisted only through your forgiveness of what you have allowed within you. Only once you've energetically released the issue are you able to start assisting the child physically.

Practically to assist yourself with what I have written I would suggest taking your physical suppressed manifestations and writing them down. Clearly without judgement and with absolute frankness write down all that you are able to relate to, regarding what I have mentioned. Then honestly do forgiveness on how you have suppressed yourself and how you've allowed the physicality's to manifest. Then after doing extensive forgiveness until you stand clear on all issues (which might take time and more honesty) apply yourself practically. By this I am speaking about seeing what you have allowed and then applying what the truth and solutions are. Other than that, do guided meditations if you work with dimensional beings, clearly stating that you're assisting yourself with the release of physical suppressions. Don't allow the mind to tell you you're fine or that your ‘issues' will just go away. Realise only you are able to assist yourself and that your assistance from the dimensions is exactly that, assistance. We're not going to do the work for you, but we are here to assist and to work beside you all the way. Here is an example of how to work through suppressions using forgiveness and practical application once understanding is reached.

Let's say you are able to relate to weight gain around your hips and stomach area. Now you're asking yourself, what is necessary for me to look at so that I am able to do forgiveness. You look at your age and how you have participated from childhood to these fears. Look at the stomach from the perspective of fear linked to the past, future and present. How since your childhood have you linked these fears to events and memories. Write it all down do the same with the hips, perhaps on a separate page as you'll be doing the corrections separately.

With regards to your hips, how far have you allowed yourself to lose your own worth? Are you worthy due to other's views of you? Are you worthy due to your placement of yourself or your career? So again trace these allowances of worth right back to your childhood. Now link people to each event for example: Who in my life has ever made me feel worthy of something and what was the worth. Then look at how currently you allow both with the hips and your stomach, the influences to still exist within your decision making today. What people represent certain points and how have you participated?

Then you do forgiveness extensively until you start understanding the information, not just sitting with it on a piece of paper. Remember also that your resistances are where your mind doesn't want to release. So when you're thinking, ‚stupid exercise‘ or ‚no that‘s not right I wouldn't have allowed that' then you know that you have reached a point of resistance. Then you write that down too and unconditionally do forgiveness, remember within assisting yourself what harm is able to be done by just writing down everything unconditionally and doing forgiveness on it? Also remember that the most important part is to realise that practically forgiveness is effective when you don't allow what you've created to keep repeating itself. Just by speaking forgiveness it is not able to make everything right, you have to actually make changes for the situations and allowances to stop. Forgiveness assists with guilt and remorse that prevents us from even working with the issue for a start. People have the tendency to not forgive themselves for something, by this they are not then allowing themselves to ‘deal' with the issue, no release is possible.

So let's use a quick example of forgiveness. You're working with the fat on your stomach area and you've written down the following:

  • Since you're now age 45 you've traced all fears relating to past,present, future and how each one links with events. For example;
  • Since the age of 11 you have had the fear that your father will leave,due to a conversation your mum and dad had about the marriage. Since thentracing that fear from age 11 you found the same fear at age 15, 17…. Untilyou get to your current age. Do this with each fear.
  • Now link all people to these fears, for example;
  • Your husband creates the fear within you of losing him by talking aboutlove. You see love as something which is able to be taken away. So the issue isthat your perception of love is something that is able to be taken away.
  • Now be frank and look at the truth. Firstly start any exercise byrealising that love exists as you. You are love and you are constant, thereforelove is not able to be taken away from you. Love is not something that isoutside you that is able to be removed by the removal of another being or thing.Everything exists within us, we have been taught however that everything isoutside of us and that we strive all our lives to fulfill ourselves by seekingfor others to ‘give' us love. Once you are able to realise this, doingforgiveness and unconditionally releasing the issue will be easy. Easy from theperspective that you'll realise that what remains is you, nothing elsedetermines who you are and in actuality we are constant, therefore onlyconsciousness will tell you to seek what you have within you (which iseverything in existence) elsewhere, from another being, enslaving you.Enslavement occurs when a being is not able to stand as themselves and seek tobind themselves to consciousness, in the form of all thoughts, desires etcadmitting to the enslavement of self. This binding to another form of anexpression that you require to experience as yours is what allows us to separateourselves as who we are, creating the need to always have that outsideourselves. Instead of saying; ‘I am love therefore I require nothing but theexpression of myself', you will keep on seeking for love outside you. Now thatyou have realized that each being or item that you interact with is merely anexpression of self but does not determine your worth, you are able to see thateach point of forgiveness already exists. You are able to now understand thatseeking love and approval from others is actually not necessary, yet if you wantto play with consciousness you're going to get burnt. Now you are able to lookmore clearly at where you have attached fears linking to the statement that yourhusband made and stop taking it personally. If he leaves you, you won't die orfall apart or never be you again. Look at that clearly, are you really able tobe changed by another's actions, without you participating fully in that?Another is able to do what they do, yet it is our reaction to it that determineswhat changes us. Now you are able to clearly sit down and look at where did yourfear of being left come from? Will your husband leave just because he spoke thewords or are the words attached to all sorts of memories?
  • Now look at all the moments where you participate within fear of loss,fear of the future, past and present and you will be amazed at how often ourcurrent actions come from these points. Write down all your beliefs, actions andpersonality traits and you will start to understand how your entire liferevolves around these ‘issues' as fears. All of them suppressed yet showingstructurally. The body will show you your truth.
  • Now you are able to see where the fear of your husband leaving you comesfrom and practically you are able to start working daily with thoughts. Thoughtsare what you are required to release yourself from. The minute one thinks andhas an emotional reaction to something you are aware that you are trappingyourself within consciousness and then you remain a slave forever. When peopleask me: ‘but what is wrong with me loving this person so much that we cannotstand being apart?' I simply state that your statement allows you to never befree as you have decided that this other being sets the stage for yourwellbeing. If they move, or change you will be shattered. This situation that weare currently facing within consciousness is directly linked to collectiveexperiences that people are having relating to themselves. This world is the wayit is due to how people are participating within consciousness. When you playthat game you will experience what consciousness does, therefore this worldexperiences what we have allowed. We are not able to stand up therefore weremain slaves. When we take responsibility for ourselves by allowing us to seewhat we really allow then awareness steps forth, allowing us to changeourselves, to change this world. Practically allow no further thoughts, stand asyour decision to be still. Be yourself, realise you remain no matter whathappens. All that exists is within you, realise that your attachment to theemotions linking you to the fears are not who you are. They will keep you inthis fear system for as long as you participate.

This I realise is not easy as your thoughts will allow for you to fall. Therefore constantly say no I am not these thoughts, feelings and emotions. Emotions are what you've attached to these memories to add value to them. Therefore realise that the value you've attached was determined by you to exist outside of you therefore you are able to see that the value is within you. Realise that as long as we place value outside ourselves we are never going to have peace. Remember life exists in the birthing of awareness to what we allow, therefore allowing us to stand in front of consciousness, allowing freedom as who we were created to be. We were really in essence created to be free from consciousness, therefore your attachments enslave you and you will never release these constructs as long as you allow them. The mind is feeding you thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires. Are you able to write down what feelings, thoughts, emotions, values, and desires you've attached to everything in your world? Now that you've written it down see clearly that thoughts are just that, empty thoughts created by the mind. Do you allow yourself to be directed by the mind that creates thoughts to keep you enslaved once you participate?

If you require assistance from me with this exercise or you're not sure of something please feel free to contact me on the forum – questions for Jack.

In the next article I will discuss more physical manifestations of suppressions.