You cannot change or alter what has already been done and manifested – you can only change yourself as who you are within that which you’ve already manifested and done – as created by and through you from within and as the mind in separation.

The point of change – doesnot imply separation, does not imply polarity, does not imply limitation – it is what it is, and how it is, as the manifested consequence that each must and will face – for this is the only way – that each one, will stand within and as humbleness as one and equal as life.

This has been tested and proven, interdimensionally – there is no ‘graceful’ or ‘merciful’way to proceed within this process – as we have fallen from grace a long time ago, and have been merciless within our words and deeds as we’ve consumed and plundered through and within this reality, this world = seemingly unstoppable as we continue to destroy and eradicate all that which presents manifested life expression here as found within what is here as animals, nature as earth and sky and water – the trinity, the ‘holy trinity’ that stand as the equilibrium, the constant as the real manifested ‘god’ within and as this existence.

Though we’ve entered a phase within process wherein we’ll be stopping ourselves – through the experience of ourselves in and as manifested consequence – this consequence is not a ‘payment for deeds done or words spoken in the past’ from the perspective of ‘deserved revenge’, but simply to realize, simply to see – that there has been and is consequences to what has been accepted and allowed within each one’s actions and words towards self and another as self and another as self as within the manifested expression as this world/reality as nature, the animal kingdom and water.

Oh we have attempted ways and means to divert the inevitable, the inevitability of walking through and facing the manifested consequence of and as ourselves – by attempting to abdicate responsibility for all and everything of ourselves as manifested within the nature of ourselves presented in who we are as the starting point of ourselves within words and deed, by creating the constructs of blame. Also creating constructs of and as justification and excuses to hide the demeanor of the real demons that has become us as the self dishonest nature we’ve accepted and allowed to exist as – attempting to suppress the truth of ourselves through abdicating self responsibility and hiding within justifications and excuses.

I have experienced within myself, that I have always known – that such an ‘phase’ or experience of myself will come – and that the fear that I’ve always experienced, was the manifested fear of the absolute known certainty within me – that I will stand before myself, that I will face myself, because I’ve always known, that what I do and speak – remains here always, because it’s me – yes, I may suppress it, but it remains here in and as the construct of suppression. And so we’ve always kept to ourselves the truth of ourselves, and hid the self dishonesties within constructs – contained the self dishonesties within ourselves within constructs – but eventually, even for self, to maintain control of all the containmentswithin and of our self dishonesties within constructs such as suppression, such as justification, such as excuses, such as hiding = becomes too much, because the self dishonesties compound in every moment as we continue to exist in self dishonesty within word and deed, and the self dishonesties mount as we place them and categorize them into manifested constructs we’ve developed and designed to attempt to hide them – and eventually the inevitability is here, as its always been here = we rupture, we tear apart and the foundation of ourselves as the manifested constructs within which we hid our self dishonesties as an attempt to believe that if it’s hidden or suppressed and thus ignored, it’ll go away and no more exist – collapse and fall and we finally stand before the inevitable that we’ve for so long attempted to control and have power over: The truth of ourselves HERE.

I have for myself, looked – and I could see what is to come, what is already here and done – manifested – by and through me myself. I understand and have understood within it all – that I must for me myself, walk through it and face each manifested experience which reflect my accepted and allowed deliberately self dishonesties and most importantly why I cannot change or alter, what I have already manifested as me – the ‘me’ that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as within and as separation of who I am HERE, which consist of and contain, all the manifested constructs within and as which all my self dishonesties exist.

We’re at the ‘point of no return’ – and it is because of this point, that no change or alteration can be done – only self transformation within and as self realization here as and while we walk through the manifested consequences of and as ourselves manifested here.

I have found that we’ve become so inherently self dishonest – that in ‘change’ or ‘alteration’ of ‘that which has already been done and manifested’ – would exist in self dishonesty, as we’d only again create another way/means to not have to face the consequences of our words and deeds throughout our existence here, it’s what we have become = we’ve become creators, existing in fear of the inevitable of ourselves as the self dishonest nature we’ve become, creating a reality/world in manifested separation of ourselves to attempt to hide within it – lol, though now our manifested created reality/world within which we exist or existed as a manifested means or way to attempt/try to hide within – has become and is the manifested reality/world as ourselves within and as which we’ll finally face ourselves within and as manifested physical experience = no escape, no hiding – as everything and all of ourselves will be right here in our face.

Fascinating how we created a place, a manifested existence/reality – believing that we possibly can hide within it, by designing everything in separation of and as ourselves – has now become the only place from which we cannot escape/hide – not even in death – as when you die, you return straight back here to face yourself – lol, within amalgamation as the self directive principled standing statement of self responsibility here, or reincarnation wherein you’re directed by and through your own shame and regret and fear for not standing up and self realizing self responsibility here, but made a statement that more suffering and pain is required within you and your world for you finally self realize what it means to STOP.

So within us resisting the inevitable – through attempting to hide from the inevitable – we manifested the inevitable within the very manifested creation, we created in attempt to hide from the inevitable.

And here we are –within and as our creation as this world – to face ourselves, as each and all self dishonesties we’ve accepted and allowed in every moment of our existence.

We’ve already created what is to be faced, what must be faced – this goes for each one individually, understand that each one will have manifested experiences take place, that is to come, within you and your reality – most unexpectedly, definitively unimaginable – realize that you created such experiences for and by you yourself, it was and is and has been always already here – by your will as the very nature or beingness of and as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be.

This world will plummet into the darkness of misery, sorrow, shame, regret, anger and despair to name but a few primaries – as all hidden secrets and suppressions within contained constructs in and as self will rupture and tear and break – as controls will cease – because the protected containments that contained all self dishonesties can no more be contained through the means of control – and within this, a madness will consume man – as all the contained dishonesties seep out into the open, inverted into and as self – to manifest as self within and as manifested experiences in and as this world to be faced once and for all.

It’ll either be the final stand – or the fall of man.

Though you cannot change or alter what is already here manifested – you have the ability to prepare yourself, though even within preparation there exist no certainty – as your final test and proof of you as you as who you are here standing – will be in the manifested walking through, while and as you practically walk through – the manifested consequence of and as you yourself.

This self preparation for what is to come, for what is already here manifested – through which you will walk as the manifested consequence of and as yourself – is done through self forgiveness, self corrective action, breathing and writing. I will describe why and how such tools will assist and support you here:

Self forgiveness to assist and support you in self realizing self honesty – self honesty from the perspective of assisting and supporting you to give you the opportunity to for yourself see and realize how exactly and where exactly you’ve accepted and allowed self dishonesty to exist and manifest as you. Thus, self honesty emerge through self forgiveness applied absolutely within no half measures, as there exist no ‘in between’ within self honesty or self dishonesty = you will either remain self dishonest or become self honest within and through applying self forgiveness.And I have found a fascinating point within self forgiveness = that you know when you’re not absolute within and as your self expression within self forgiveness, and when your self forgiveness is applied to control and manipulate yourself to remain self dishonest, it is fascinating. That is why beings will have excuses/reasons/justifications for why not to apply self forgiveness – because a part of them know, that when they would apply self forgiveness for themselves, they would see the truth of themselves before themselves, no more hidden or suppressed – and that frightens beings much, the point of actually for themselves seeing themselves right before themselves, because it is that experience, from which we’ve for so long attempted to run, and so beings would attempt to ‘buy time’ – finding any and all other methods to not face the inevitable – yet they know it’ll come…

Beings that simply refuse to apply self forgiveness to establish self honesty – will have more extensive experiences manifesting within themselves and their world – because they will then through more extensive experiences – be forced to finally give themselves the opportunity to apply self forgiveness.

Realise, that those who apply self forgiveness – self forgiveness does not ‘take away’ what must be faced as the manifested consequence you have created because of who and what you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to be as the very beingness/nature of / as you. Self forgiveness simply ‘short-circuit’ your process, so that you don’t first have to go through extensive ‘processing’ to get to the exact same point as finally realizing you must start within yourself with self forgiveness to establish self honesty and so face you by you for you yourself.

Thus, self forgiveness is the application and you the expression within it – wherein you start taking self responsibility for you. You will either take self responsibility immediately within common sense through self realizing the necessity and importance of self forgiveness for you yourself by merely observing what exists within you – or you will take self responsibility by force – wherein everything in you and your world will start going wrong, will start falling apart – until nothing else is left but you, and all that exist is you and thus all that you can turn to is you, yourself – and so only realize, when standing completely alone within this world, with no-one else – with nothing more to blame, no more excuses/reasons/justifications left, no more purpose or reason for existing – and in the absolute darkness of misery and despair – you will realize: But all that is left is me – if all that is left is me here alone, then I must be the cause, I must stand up.

Or beings will within this experience remove themselves from the world – though understand that such an act is of giving up on yourself – which is the most regrettable experience within all of existence, though such a point exist within all, a point where you can just break and in that breaking = give up on yourself. Beings that deliberately remove themselves from this world – they will start from scratch, meaning that you will be stripped from all and everything that you have ever been and existed as throughout existence and start from the exact same origin point from which you originated within this existence. Understand though that such beings will be responsible for the lengthening of this process for all – as all must wait for them to walk billions of years of process – which takes about 7 to 18 years within the interdimensional existence, based on the beings’ nature. And those that deliberately remove themselves from this world = will remember this point where they have given up on themselves before the greatest transcendence of themselves, and instead of walking through it – decided to give up…

Understand that each will walk through this point, each must – the point where you will experience the greatest misery, sadness, pain, regret, anger, fear and despair – in the darkness, the evil of yourself – you will become and stand all alone within it – with no-one to help you or save you, where you will either stand absolutely or fall a great fall = this is facing yourself, and it is for this point, that you are preparing yourself through self forgiveness.

Thus those that experience within themselves as though there exist no reason or purpose to continue your existence, wherein you believe that ‘death’ is the only way ‘out’ – you’re at the exact place where you want to be, because it is within this experience, that you for you yourself will see what you’re really made of – it is from here, that you will either ‘kill your idea of yourself’ through self corrective application in standing within self honesty – or die physically = which will only prolong your process further and that of everyone else as you.

Understand that you will either ‘kill the idea of yourself’ for and by yourself through the tools suggested as self forgiveness, self corrective application, breathing and writing – or you will die physically – though within dying physically, you made the statement that you ‘cherish’ and ‘love’ the idea of yourself of mind ‘too much to actually give it up and stop existing within it’ – that you prefer existing in separation of you as all as one as equal as life – that you prefer existing in continued suffering and pain - and so what will occur is you manifesting one and equal the statement you have made of yourself as yourself and continue existing in separation and suffering and this suffering will intensify and greaten in every moment until you stop and start taking self responsibility and apply self forgiveness to establish self honesty.

Thus – the first point to establish for yourself is self forgiveness ABSOLUTELY – no half measures, otherwise your self forgiveness is useless, meaningless – and you know when you apply self forgiveness absolutely or when it’s just mere words spoken in justification – because if self forgiveness is applied absolutely – you will actually really change within your self expression here within word and deed – if all is still exactly the same – your self forgiveness exist in and as the starting point of justification, justifying your idea of yourself in an attempt to remain in control of how you’ve always existed and continue hiding and suppressing the truth of you.

Self corrective application I’ll keep concise as this is a self honest point for each one alone within their own processes – as you will find that you cannot actually apply self corrective application as the statement of the change and transformation of you in self honesty – which you established for and as you within and as and through self forgiveness.

Thus, self forgiveness and self corrective action must stand as one and equal as you in and as you – it’s the point of establishing oneness and equality in self expression here as you. Because when self forgiveness is applied absolutely, self honesty will emerge and within self honesty – you will absolutely live the self correction of and as that which you’ve self realized in self forgiveness – as what and how you must change and transform you in and as how you live and speak in self expression here as and while you participate in and as this world.

A point to consider: If there exist still habits and behaviours within you and your world which you ‘seemingly suddenly fall into without awareness’ – know that your self forgiveness is not effective, there exist no self honesty, because there is no self directive principle as you in every moment here in self awareness – because in self honesty, you are self aware – and when you in self honest self awareness see a pattern emerge in a moment – by god you will stop immediately and stand = which is self corrective application as making a self honest statement of who I am here.

Through self forgiveness, establishing self honesty – self corrective action expressed in and as self directive principle in and as self awareness here – here you’re becoming self sufficient, self independent, self standing alone here, establishing you here as who you are here one and equal with and as you as all. SELF HONESTY is the key. And when you walk HERE as expressed above – you will realize that you’re actually walking unconditional self forgiveness, the REAL self forgiveness – where self forgiveness becomes the manifested expression of and as you – because then you realize the brutal reverence of actual real unconditionality for all as one as equal as life.

Understand that this is a tough road ahead for all of us – and it will remain so, until all stand HERE one and equal as life.

Understand that you will apply self forgiveness for seven years minimum, any being that state that they are done with self forgiveness before then = is really self dishonest, because of the extent of the self dishonest nature we’ve become, it takes seven years minimum of absolute applied and express self forgiveness together with self corrective application in self honesty established as self for self by self – until you’ve proven to you absolutely that you can walk for seven years minimum straight – without falling, without giving up.

Thus, understand – your process actually only start – when you walk self forgiveness and self corrective application in self honesty one and equal as you in every moment here, before then – you’re still only in a process of first establishing absolute self honesty as you here.

Self forgiveness, breathing and writing – are the first points you walk with as you – to establish self honesty, to self realize you within the manifested separate design that you have defined yourself as, as but an idea of yourself you have become. And to from here be able to walk the self corrective action as you one and equal with and as self forgiveness in and as self honesty as you.

Understand breathing – assist and support you to self stabilize you as you actually start seeing you for the first time and to within the mess of it all, the fuss of it all – have a self stability point from within which to stand to assist and support you in and as the self forgiveness process. And when breathing becomes you – you will self realize that breathing become the absolute pillar as with which you stand one and equal to actually walk through this process = breathing will become your ‘saving grace’ so to speak within what is to come – lol, you will see…

Writing the same with breathing – though breathing is the self stability self assistance and self support within structural self stabilizing whereas writing is the self stability, self assistance and self support within expression self stabilizing – thus you have an ‘inner and outer’ self stabilizing point to assist and support you within and through the phase of facing you HERE through and as self forgiveness to establish self honesty for and as you absolutely.

Thus, in writing and breathing and applying absolute self forgiveness within and as it as you walk in every moment – will monumentally assist and support you within and as the phase of establishing self honesty and carry you through to the phase of living self forgiveness and self corrective application one and equal as you here within and through and as what is to come.

Realise that those who resist the process – will only eventually get to the exact same point of self realizing for themselves that they have to, for themselves, start with self forgiveness, breathing and writing.

HEAR me – the tools as I described above, is but to assist and support you to ‘prepare the way before you’ for what you, as all equally as one, will face within and as this reality, this world as the manifested consequential experiences that is already here – playing out. This is not a solution and is not the saviour of the manifested consequential experiences that are already here that all will walk through, equally as one – but is the solution for and as you to stop the nature we’ve become and stand up and walk through absolutely with no shame, no judgment, no regret, no sorrow – what we’ve done as we face ourselves absolutely within and as this manifested reality/existence.

Until all stop and all that remain is HERE.

Again: You cannot change and you will find for yourself that it’s impossible to change what has already been done – yet we can change our experience within it, through and as living and expressing one and equal the tools provided as you here.

Thus realize, that each will inevitably self realize the self responsible stand to take for and as self within the expression of starting with self forgiveness, breathing and writing = I’d suggest doing so through self directive common sense, than to prolong your process and that of others exponentially – because you were too arrogant and selfish to consider you as all as one as equal as life here, but preferred ego above all – which only imply further suffering and pain, for you and that of all.

Understand this is how it is – this is how we’ve all equally as one accepted and allowed this process to be – because we wouldn’t unconditionally let go of and release the past and walk in unconditional absolute self forgiveness in self honesty as the living expression of who we are here.

We decided, through the very statement of the nature of our self dishonest existence – that we’ll only through much pain and suffering stand up and take self responsibility = and so it is and will be = until all equal and one, has finally stood up in self honesty, actually stopped and actually changed and proven this for and as themselves absolutely.

Though understand, what remain is the principle that you will equal and one manifest, experience and be what you accept and allow yourself to be one with and equal to through accepted and allowed self definition.

Thus realize – that we determine this process for and as ourselves, each one alone – either much, much, much more pain and suffering than what is already here as a prolonged process because of no actual unconditional self forgiveness to establish self honesty, or a ‘faster transcendence’ with not so much unnecessary pain and suffering – and walk through and stand through that which must and will be faced ‘faster’ by actually really applying unconditional self forgiveness here.

So we begin and so we walk until this is done.

Lao Tzu