The Organic Robot: Part One (Section Two) by Jack

Transcribed and typed by Jack through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 17/10/2008


To Review:

We have discussed within the Introduction Document now placed within the Forum, the structure of the human physical body designed according to the design of the mind consciousness system.

The human physical body manifested from existence itself as a ‘live organism’ to embody the mind consciousness system as a system.

The ‘live organism’ as human physical body, ‘accommodates and maintains’ the mind consciousness system and you the being, the ‘operating power’ for the mind consciousness system to function and exist as and within the physical as the ‘live organism’ that is of this existence, manifesting in this existence one and equal, wherein the designed structure of the ‘live organism’ as human physical body is created in the image and likeness of the mind consciousness system itself to ‘embody’ the mind consciousness system perfectly.

The designed structure of the Human Physical Body as ‘live organism’ one with and equal to the ‘designed structure’ of the mind consciousness system, wherein each organ of the human physical body as specific structured designs – represent a ‘part of’ the manifested structured design of the World System as and within this Reality, this World within which you exist as yourself as the mind consciousness system in and as the Physical.

Therefore, the ‘live organism’ as the human physical body with all its particularly structurally designed organs – manifests the ‘Live Systematic Organism’ as mind consciousness system within – creating and manifesting the World System, this Reality as ‘Live Systematic Organism’ without, within and as which you exist both in the physical as the human physical body and this physical manifested reality as the world.

We have discussed within Part One (Section One) (as it is placed within the Forum currently) how the Money-System as the ‘Heart of the World System’ continues to function and exist in this reality consistently as is. Constantly continuing as is through the movement and generation thereof through human beings engaging in sexual intercourse. Within which the generating of the orgasm and the movement of the blood – is one with and equal to the generation of money and the movement of money within the money-system itself as the generation and movement of the orgasm and blood in the physical within and through the heart itself.

The entire Heart-Organ in itself, represents the entire Money-System in itself.

The generating of the orgasm and the movement of the blood expressed through the circular-structure that form through the two beings during and within sexual intercourse – wherein they connect as one with the circular structure running through both the male and the female’s heart, is the generation of money and the movement of money within the money system.

Now into the ‘detail’ with regards to the Money-System’s corre­lation and direct connection and very existence, one with and equal to the Heart-Organ in and as the human physical body as the structured design of the mind consciousness system within – to create and manifest the ‘Live System Organism’ within and without:

The Money-System exists within ‘value,’ ‘debt,’ ‘exchange,’ ‘giving and receiving’ and ‘ownership.’

There are seven primary ‘sectors’ through which the Money-System Operate:








The Banks exist as the ‘Head(s)’ of the Money-System

The Corporations exist as the point from which the Money-System distributes itself into and as and throughout the world globally

The Industries exist as the ‘back-allies,’ the ‘unseen’ through which/ as the Money-System produces its fruition from the ‘under-class’ citizens that is not ‘part of’ the ‘visible societal system.’ It is such Industries that support the Corporations, that is in essence ‘behind the scenes’ yet the most prominent ‘part of’ the existence of the Money System

The Institutions exist as the point within which the human beings are Institutionalized by/through/within the System in its entirety

The Manufacturers exist as the point which make it possible for the Money-System to engage and entertain the population through want, need and desire.

The Businesses exist as a point within a select few stand to ensure the ‘stability’ within the continuation and consistency of the generation and movement of money through creating/esta­blishing ‘purpose.’

The Workers hold the ‘responsibility’ to move and generate money – as money in itself cannot ‘move or generate’ itself. It requires a ‘vehicle’ which is the workers as human beings working within one of the above sectors of the Money-System to ‘maintain its existence for it.’

The Institutions, Manufacturers, Businesses and Workers primarily exist to keep society within a controlled construct – have a look:

Institutionalizing (Institutions) Man within the Factories of Man that (Manufacturers) Busy (Business) Man as Whores (Workers) to ‘mind their own business’ (Business) as they are manufactured (Factories) to prostitute themselves (as Whores/Workers) through the Tuition (Education as branch of the Institution) given to them for the Instant Fruition (that the Institution makes possible) of the Money-System – wherein all are Institutionalized within the Money-System as they are controlled through the Factories of Man (Factories) Busying (Businesses) the Whores (Workers) that are Manufactured as prostitutes to only exist and live for the Instant Fruition of the Money-System through the Tuition (Education) given to them within and by and through the Institution of Education and so Institutionalized (Controlled/En­slaved) within the Money-System.

Trapped in this ‘sub-system’ as the Institutions, Factories, Business and Workers-defined through Debt – wherein you come into this world, ‘owing the system money’ – having to ‘prostitute’ yourself to the System as Whore (Worker) to ‘repay’ what is ‘owed’ – the ‘value’ you exist as is the amount of Debt you Owe.

To exist in the System and for the System: You must be taught the exact ‘way of the worker.’ This done through an Institution that is Education – wherein you are educated and trained as the purpose given to you by the System, which is to be a person that is counted in the Money-System to be accountable for what you’ll eventually owe as Debt. This Debt which becomes the driving force of your purpose as being a worker defined through the power of that driving force as greed that you exist as; to continue your existence as worker-defined for the System as Money-System to continue Working and ensure its own existence.

The Sub-Systems which exist as the Institutions, Manufactures, the Businesses and the Workers-defined – exists to ‘formulate’ society into and as a structured ‘form’ through which to maintain control of the people.

The Sub-Systems are the ‘ground-foundation-structure’ of the entire Money-System Design, as well as the World System. It is within and through the Sub-Systems that the Main-Division Systems as Banks, Corporations, Industries and other Institutions ascertain their required assets to exist – which is Money in itself, produced and generated and moved through/within the Sub-Systems by and through the Workers making the Sub-Systems’ existence possible.

People in sound: The insignificant pole, wherein those that exist as workers exist as the ‘insignificance of the system,’ because one worker can replaced by another instantaneously within the sub-system as there are so many ‘readily available.’ Therefore, to the System in itself, an individual worker means absolutely ‘nothing.’ Zero, zilch, you’re just a spec in the greater spectrum of it all.

Person in sound: You’re through the will of the son (the Money-System is one of the ‘sons’ of the System) given the purpose to exist in the System as a worker. ‘Person,’ as a worker-defined, working for and as the system: That is your purpose as a person-defined.

Therefore: As a ‘person’ is to be a part of society; it is to be a worker for the system which is your purpose in the system within which you’re given a right to exist through the rights given to you by the System.


Each Sector within and through which the Money-System exists, has become and is an Entity by itself.

Meaning, that there is no one individual ‘behind the existence, operation and manifestation’ of each Sector, as it is and has become Entities operational in automation that exist within the entire Money-System and World System and each human being is but a person within it all.

A person that ‘works’ within each Sector, ‘gives life’ to the Entity as each Sector to exist and thus for the Son of the System as the Money-System to Operate and maintain its existence in its entirety. All human beings are controlled and enslaved by/through the Entities that manifest the Money-System that is operating automatically.

Because the Money-System has become a System that operates by itself within Entities that exists by themselves as each Sector – an individual person is meaningless, as they are superfluous to a System that is Super-Charged through Man that is driven by Greed – wherein the certainty of the Money-System’s existence in itself stands.

What drives, what is the driving force of the purpose; as being a worker for the System by the will of the Son as the Money-System, to remain a working worker for and as the System?

Debt that manifests the polar-opposite within and as a being as Greed. This is what drives you and this is what drives the Money-System’s existence in itself as you.

This is the only way to ensure the human being must work and the certainty of the human being continuing to work; through giving them a ‘value’ as the amount of Debt they owe to the Money-System to continue the ‘drive’ ofthe human being within controlled discipline to be obligated to work.

The entire Money-System, structured according to and as Man’s ‘original nature,’

Self-interest in the form and expression of and as greed.

Greed as but one of the many forms of self-interest as starting point from which many of the Systems of the World-System are structured, according to and as Man’s ‘original nature’.

Therefore, ‘give Man the value of nothing, the worth of nothingness and their nature as manifested greed within, and the beingness of self-interest will ‘flourish.’ They will do whatever it takes to ‘have to get’ to give themselves ‘worth and value’ to no more be determined or defined by the worth or value given to them through and by the System itself.

Therefore, in giving human beings a ‘value’ as the amount of ‘debt owed’, experiencing themselves as ‘valueless’ and the worth of themselves as being ‘nothing’ or ‘insignificant’ to the system, they will experience themselves as ‘worthless’ – as discussed above.

At the same time, defining ‘value’ according to the ‘amount of money you have, own’ and ‘are worth’ according to the ‘position you stand within in the System.’

What human beings will do, to ‘redeem themselves’ in giving themselves ‘value/worth’ as determined according to the System to no more be ‘valueless or worthless,’is to ‘work for money, to have money to ‘redeem their value’ by not ‘owing debt but owning money’ and giving themselves worth through ‘working towards a specific, particular position in the System’ to no longer ‘be nothing/signi­ficant,’ but to be ‘worthy.’

And so, the human being’s ‘purpose’ is being a worker in the System. For the System is maintained to and as an absolute certainty. They will do whatever it takes within the starting point of ‘greed’ to ‘get to redeem’ their ‘worth’ and ‘value’ for themselves within the system through money and position of themselves in this world – and will so continue working within the starting point of Greed and ‘payback’ of and as Debt. Trapped and enslaved and controlled always – until death – existing but only as a worker-defined.

The Banks and the Workers are the Two Primary Entities that exist within the Entirety of the Manifestation of the Money-System as the Heart of the World System. The System within which the World-System exists, that ‘holds the World System together’ and which is ‘The Life of the World-System.’

The Corporations, Industries, Institutions, Manufacturers and Businesses are Parts of the World System ‘held together’ through the Money-System that stands primarily within the Banks and the Workers as Primary Pillars, and from the Primary Pillars ‘run through within and as’ the other Parts of the World System and maintains the World System’s existence as all the ‘Parts’ it exist as, as all the other Sectors.

Within the next document, we’ll continue with the ‘Infinite-System-Design’ of the World-System, described and discussed from an illustration that will be presented, within which you’ll see for yourself the existence of the World-System, being ‘held together and maintained’ by the Primary Points of the Money-System as the Banks and the Workers.