Osho's chanelling through Sunette, transcribed by Andrea.

Date : 04/02/2007

This is Osho. For the first time channeling. And conveying my personal experience. Since moving to the dimensions/heaven. My first vision and realization, after crossing over was that nothing was as it seems. In our current understanding of existence, in 3D (earth). I am here, here now, for the first time channeling because I have been preparing myself for the information that is to follow. This may come as a shock, to some beings and maybe some not, but I am able to say with absolute certainty that God do not exist.

As you know me especially those, who have read my books I go straight to the point. We are alone in this process. Quite a statement to comprehend. Allow me to share with you, my experience of coming to realization that God do not exist and what we all as one do from here. At first I encountered demons moving freely in 3D, feeding off energetics specifically created from emotions most prominently those with an extensive amount of fear. In this moment of observing such application I realized how self obsessed, self involved and self addicted not only those in 3D/earth, but also those in the dimensions or heaven is. We here in 3D/earth only focus on self ascension and self awareness to attain the apparent heavenly light, but what of those in 3D who starve of hunger, who are deliberately murdered, molested and abused and so forth. We focus so much on ourselves that we forget about those who are one with us in essence, that suffer. The same application was experienced in heaven or the dimensions. The demons were lost beings, the other apparent enlightened dimensional beings were so focused and enclosed in their little limited world of attaining enlightenment and ascension that they were completely oblivious to the lost beings called demons. The reason I was most probably able to clearly see what is busy happening is because I while being in this reality, was actually doing the same thing, ignoring the lost beings/demons.

So, to place my understanding and explanation I have just conveyed into an example of my own personal experience while I was in 3D/earth. Some of my work and the reason I say some, is that in channelings to follow I will be changing some of the applications and understandings of truth in this reality I wrote about and shared with you in my books. If one look at my specific application, I was also captured in my own self-obsessed world. I may have spoken many direct truths regarding the specific behaviour of human nature and our relationships to each other, and everything else but I have realized that none of the words or truths I have shared I placed, experienced and expressed as myself in practical application. Thus, knowledge was not in application. This is the current status of existence. Only information transference and knowledge of self-realisations or realizations of the world and the world's current status is being shared. Even if you have read my books and look closely you will notice, that I merely conveyed knowledge and made a name for myself. Yes, my words may make absolute sense in some areas, but yet again there was no practical assistance of how to live and experience the words I spoke as an expression of self. If one look at channelings today, it is the same nonsense over and over again. Yet again just knowledge, great and profound words of information being shared with no practical assistance for beings to assist themselves. Have you not asked yourselves the question why you are almost literally bowing at the feet of some apparent master, enlightened being, angel, or God or Goddess from some planet or heaven who is just merely sharing information, knowledge or news and not actually practically walking beside you, assisting you, step by step. I have some unfortunate news, all these beings whose only valid expression of existence was to speak words and do absolutely nothing have less understanding than what you on earth actually have. These beings portrayed themselves as more than those who are on earth, and those on earth clearly allowed this manipulation to continue. So a suggestion, for each one to have a look for themselves, is to actually read channelings that have occurred in the past, the specific words that have been spoken and from that day have a look at your own life and the world around you and ask yourself but have these beings really actually done anything? Has there been any changes and ask yourself has it just mere words being spoken with no meaning? If I have a look at the world today, and the other channelings coming through, my answer would be no.

As I have said before, the question probably asked is what now? Clearly, there is no actual proof of the words being spoken by the channels of the world today, in actual manifestation as an experience of self. We have allowed ourselves to be controlled and manipulated with beautiful words, knowledge and information, creating the idea of hope that someone will safe us from this god-forsaken world. But clearly, there is not one actual example, expression or application on earth that stand beyond just beautiful words, knowledge and information. No being has yet placed knowledge into application and actually living as the living word in manifestation on earth.

Clearly if demons were able to run free and deliberately influence others, that beings in 3D/earth are raped, abused and murdered, one is not able to say that any form of a God or higher being exist. I stood there and could not believe my eyes and at this moment my ears as well. For there are channelings occurring in 3D/earth with false messages, of the truth of where we all are in this process as one. I realized with a assistance from one spectacular literally mind blowing being in 3D/earth whose name I will not reveal yet, that something had to be done to change our current way of existence. For the acceptable existence of demons or lost beings as well as war, abuse, violence, child molestation could not be tolerated.

It was fascinating to watch demons in application, dimensionally. And the strangest thing is, that the apparent enlightened beings, as they portray themselves on earth resisting negative energies, blocking out the bad, separating themselves from the demons had the most demon attachments of any being on earth. For it works as follows, if one resist negative energy and only focus on positive, a polarity is created. And within the application of that which you resist, persists and a compounding of the negative energy occur and the complete opposite is attained. And thus demons had a feast, on earth feeding off beings' emotions. Now I have another question, if such demonic applications were allowed on earth, why haven't the beings channeling the masters, the angels, the gods or goddesses done anything to assist the beings on earth who are being influenced by the demons. Yet again, confirming my statement that the beings channeling were only speaking beautiful words, but not practically doing anything to support the beings in process on earth.

It angered me that these so called Gods, higher beings, enlightened beings, masters and angels in the dimensions or heaven were doing nothing as a practical application to assist the world. Surely, from having so much knowledge of the universe one would think that there'd be a being who would take responsibility for all as one, and stand up as the image and likeness of God and do something about what is really going on. So, the question remains, how do we change this reality?

I have an answer and no, unfortunately it is not news of Jesus coming on a cloud, saving everyone. It is the simple act and application of forgiveness, for as I have said, God do not exist. We are alone and thus, we have only ourselves to trust and to stand up, as all as one, as the image and likeness of God. How I got to this and the application of what it means to stand up, as the image and likeness of God, will be explained during another channeling. I will also explain how demons in present day do not exist any more, and how there is now only one heaven, and how all of us in this new heaven will support all beings in 3D/earth to bring forth the new earth. I am here for this moment, sharing with you this message, that we all are currently part of the process of bringing forth the new heaven and the new earth. The new heaven has already been established. We had to give up everything, to go through the eye of the needle, to be able to experience the new heaven. And, thus now with our current understanding, we will be assisting you to establish the new earth.

My apologies, for this channeling, being rather vague, but my next channeling will be more specific, and detailed in explaining my process. Surely, I am specifically not going into detail yet, so that you may start asking questions. So that all of you who read this, can stop being sheep, always following and start taking yourself in your own hands and take responsibility for yourself as all as one.

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