Date : 11/10/2007

Question: I've been reading the article from Kryon about the no longer called Indigo children! I must admit it made me cry..... I have been a reader of his for a while now and to read him asking for forgiveness for all the previous channels that were untrue just made me cry. I wiped my eyes and gave forgiveness and kept on reading! I have to take a break from it as it is a lot of information to take in! Wanting to assist my children the best that I can. I was wondering about his current channelings..­..........if all the previous stuff was not true.........­...what about the stuff still coming out! I have a subscription to Sedona magazine which has a regular channeled article by Kryon through Lee Carrol. I'm wondering do I disregard any of those channelings???? Should I chuck the whole magazine if all channeled information is programmed BS??????? Just wondering! Thanks!



Yes – there will be some human beings that still ‘continue' – though their ‘channelings' are of the pre-programmed mind consciousness system within them – ‘channeling' pre-programmed knowledge and information which exist within and as their unconscious mind.

This has become so much of their mind consciousness existence within and as which they have defined who they are – as their entire unconscious mind is manifested and designed as per definition of ‘channelings' programmed within and as their entire unconscious mind. Here's a thread within which this is explained on the Forum:…iewtopic.php?…

Though – it's also to use common sense and self honesty with what is presented – does what is said stand for all as one as equal – taking all as one as equal into ‘consideration' of a practical example/method for each human being to stand up and take self responsibility?

Here are also perspectives given by Kryon regarding the question you have asked if you have not yet read it: (Kryon: Entity Creations) (Kryon: Pre-programmed Channels)