Psychics and channels were the manifestation methodologies as human beings used to encourage hope within others as themselves so they may remain enslaved.

The pope was pre-programmed to give you words of religious encouragement – conceived from pre-written scriptures that are followed like sheep by human beings, your president now elected spoke words of safety and security, specific words you required to hear which will sway your voting decision and who better than your local channel to give you direction.

I mean, apparently psychics spoke to some divine source, almost more impressive than the pope himself! Unfortunately people who relied on psychics as a direct link to the divine or some passed over beloved had no better chance of getting good news that you would get going to church.

All pre- written scripts as dimensional beings within communication to psychics and channels – were designed by the White Light to send unworthy human beings messages of divine light, hope, love and peace – communicating words in exact nature of what human beings are required to hear. Who else knows their creation better than the creator himself – thus the design of the specific pre-written scriptures as dimensional beings as messages from the divine through channels and psychics was quite simple to design and place.

If you take the priest on top of the altar communicating from the Bible or any other religious pre-written scripture book following the words as a belief – in the case of psychics and channels they would for instance be the priest and the dimensional beings would be a live pre-written scripture book becoming the words required to be spoken as exactly that which human beings want to hear. Their belief placed in dimensional beings as pre-written scriptures sending them messages of light, hope and love.

What ensued was the following: The White Light could not have beings coming over from the other side informing you of who you really are beyond consciousness. That you are indeed God as here in awareness within and as equality and oneness because they have not found Him or the existence of any God for that matter as experienced by human beings on earth! That would have created mass hysteria and possibly freedom from their enslavement and control from consciousness systems.

Wait – this is the same on Earth right? Where religions continue and disregard the truth of themselves actually being God as who they really are with existence within them as them – if the truth dare come out religious establishment across the world would fall and all will be released from the enslavement and control of the religious systems.

So they placed into each channel and psychics mind a basic dialogue, directed and transcribed as required by no other than the White Light. Other than a specific information ‘box' that sat within each channel and psychic you would also have specific White Light beings present (Angels, Guides, Masters etc) whenever a reading was done, this done to prevent anything happening that was not White Light directed to specifically enslave human beings.

Now sometimes the White Light would allow for channels and psychics to give specific information therefore you would have specific channels and psychics telling you about world events and so forth. Some even told people that heaven was stuck! That I might tell you did not happen often as the White Light had constant control, yet on occasion you would have intuition proving to be quite effective and channels and psychics would be able to ‘pick up' that there were irregularities within their own information. These channels and psychics would usually then be ‘bestowed' with a new gift or something that would distract them from the possible further questioning or investigation into the status and truth of heaven.

If your channel and or psychic was particularly good it usually had something to do with how much they knew about what was going on and therefore given more gifts to basically ‘shut up'. In such a case you either spoke the words they wanted you to, or they shut your channel and psychic abilities.

Now of course heaven directs all channels and psychics yet you will have mind construct playing old information over and over. Just be aware that this is still allowed by the channels and psychics because they don't understand what it is they are doing because they don't know about the information control. So basically when you ask a channel or psychic about heaven now being on earth and they give you mumbo jumbo about heaven is still locked neatly in place as remembered in the past then you know what they are in fact telling you.

Thus information coming through channels and psychics in the past was controlled by the White Light – always. Now – this is no longer occurring – heaven is standing as oneness and equality here on earth in every moment supporting human beings through the process of here in awareness.