Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 19/03/2007

Hi there all animal, creatures and nature lovers! What I’m doing on a weekly basis is have an interview with a different animal species whereby we study the ways of the animals as they are now so that I may give you the feedback from the animal kingdom and their relationship with people on earth! All of the animal kingdom is assisting and supporting man as well as busy preparing for all the changes that are taking place, as we experience the process of self-awareness and realization as equality. From these interviews I am aiming for you as readers to get a better bird’s eye view of how animals have through eons of time actually been assisting and supporting people on earth during the process of global awareness, and still are. From the smallest bumble bee to the grace of an African Elephant, I am show you the magnitude found within their presence, expressions and specific applications. So, let’s begin with the tiniest creatures to step forth this week: The Bumble Bees.

Their originally not from the Eastern hemisphere as people on earth has been led to think and perceive. The original discovery of the Bumble Bee colony in about 1612 was in actuality the last remaining colony of what appeared to be flying bees. These ‘winged’ bees all appeared to be the shape (from the original documentation) and size of the common African bees. Truly when you understand the natural evolution of bees, you’ll see that neither bumble nor sting ever existed. Mainly the stinger situated within the ‘dock’ area of the tiny bumble bee is in fact the original male sex organ. These organs of the bumble bees, dating back as far as the prehistoric era were in fact rounded, not straight. The straighter the organ the less able the insect is to remain balanced, during the penetration. The bumble bees today all have rounded organs (the males) as well as very large belly’s that came from the overcompensation to be able to carry more food. Hence the fact that bumble bees have very little aggression is actually as the desire to over feed is more prevalent!

With a little bit of insight I acquired during my journeys of communication with the Bumble Bee’s I’d like to with this insight bring forth awareness of the change within the Bumble Bee. Due to the course of evolution the facts however have changed somewhat about the Animal Kingdom. It used to be common knowledge amongst the die hard animal freaks that animals are highly evolutionised as well efficiently designed, so it may now come to a shock for you to hear the following; Animals are no longer designed to carry or alleviate human suffering or support anything less than who each being are. They are no longer our guinea pigs (excuse the pun) or there for our personal entertainment and amusement. We (in the dimensions) are now becoming very aware that animals have changed their spots! They now allow for their evolution to be the creation of their own design. The Animal Kingdom, as the Bumble Bees have been changing their appearances, applications and self-expressions to now become the foundation of support for all people on earth who are becoming aware of who they are as equality. All animals, creatures – from the smallest microscopic to the largest beasts are equally standing as one, supporting and assisting each other to support and assist people on earth in understanding and becoming equality and oneness. Before if you look closely at how animals designed themselves they either enhanced human functionality (as well as protection) to show us our weaknesses or they would mimic the faults of man. However well intended few of man’s descendants actually saw what the animal kingdom was showing them! Let’s show the example of the Bumble Bee to reiterate this point: The Bumble Bee in essence was the money system of all humans. Some would believe that if a Bumble Bee landed on you, you’d become rich and was a sign of prosperity to come! What people forgot to see within this though was that the Bumble Bee would actually carry the energetic intended to be interpreted by the human to assist them with the understanding of money. With this understanding of money, the people would then assist themselves in application with their daily lives to maintain or support themselves through the income provided by money. So hence forth the animals have been shown through the ignorance of the human ego that no such thing exists as that of a free will where humans are concerned. Animals won’t support slavery and control anymore and are now releasing themselves from the bonds of the slavery and control that they have played a big part in for so long! They are standing up as the people on earth will soon stand up, assisting and supporting people on earth with standing up and setting themselves free from slavery and control allowed by systems on earth. So, we’ll now start seeing major changes in the animal kingdom from behaviour to actual physicality’s. Their previous physical appearance was so that they could hold the energetic for a particular application. Now they assist those that assist themselves. You see within the animal kingdom all is equal and therefore they cannot support the desire for inequality in man. They, the Animal Kingdom stand as equality, as freedom, and so must each one on earth to realise their equality with nature and the Animal Kingdom.

Back to the inner chatter of the bumble bees. They informed me that within their specific application and self-expression is the truth that each being is indeed free and equal and that the animal kingdom have always assisted and supported this. True, I must admit. You cannot change something that has always been freedom to that of…freedom. We may only make each other aware that freedom and equality indeed does exist. Well now, we (the Animal Kingdom) and myself as one and equal with the animals and nature are certainly showing people on earth that freedom and equality is indeed the essence from which all creation and existence on earth sprout. I suggest all people on earth return to nature, to the Animal Kingdom one more, once again as they are setting an example of equality, of freedom and of creation – who we are and how we are supposed to live. Where have you ever seen such wisdom? When last has anyone given themselves a moment to walk amongst the trees and the plants, in nature, enjoying and observing the multitude of individual and unique expressions of each beautiful and magnificent creature on earth? I suggest each one do so – maybe you will notice how much have been taken for granted and gone unnoticed in the specific application and expression of the Animal Kingdom and nature. Allow yourselves to observe the marvel of life that is nature and the Animal Kingdom – as a representation of who you are and each one is – as I have come to understand and experience myself!

The animals have informed me that they have many more answers and are willing, excited and enthused to share with you. They have now finally the opportunity to communicate with all on earth who are willing to unconditionally listen and hear, who the Animal Kingdom and nature really is, what they stand for and as and share insight and wisdom upon the events and experiences of people on earth. So let’s agree that the Bumble Bee’s message, as the Animal Kingdom’s message for today is nothing less than brilliant. Let’s all walk together, man, animal and nature as equals as freedom as one, let us never turn our backs on each other and once again realise our equality, our support and unconditional love so represented by the Animal Kingdom and nature. Then the b(h)umble bee will present to us our new gift.

Cheers from the animal kingdom and Stevo.

Please feel free to ask anything animal (or human/dimensional) related on this web site because we’re all looking forward to hear from you. So I as the Animal Kingdom may come forth and express and explain the true relationship between people on earth and the Animal Kingdom and nature as one. To through the interviews and communication once again mend the equality within people’s rela­tionship and the Animal Kingdom’s rela­tionship. We all in the Animal Kingdom, as I have, realised that no-one in existence had ever really understood the true nature of the Animal Kingdom and nature’s support and assistance here on earth – now I am here standing as the Animal Kingdom, as nature to clarify this everlasting relationship into equality.