Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 11/07/2007

Maggots as large as your hand, rats that are able to climb into bed with you and cockroaches that might just chew off a limb…these are the beastly creations that are currently circling the drains and sewerage systems around your neighborhood. I have been taking a closer look at all the creatures that have started changing since the shift within how nature has responded to man's overpopu­lation as well as man's abstinent nature with regards to facing ourselves. Gosh how much more do you want it in your face than having all the friendly little critters that usually passed their time rummaging in the sewerage, actually start with an underground overthrow of the human sovereign! They seem to be literally quite ruthless in their approach. Unless you haven't noticed there are bugs and slimy things out there that scare even the bejeesus out of Stevo (that is if I were to fear me). Merely from the perspective that I have never seen creatures take such drastic measures to ensure that we question our own morality. Rats in our food, maggots hidden in canned goods and lets not forget the maggot fesses in places that you don't even want to know about (in your food ha ha ha).

Seriously I have been monitoring how far each animal species is willing to go in showing us that the animal kingdom is the nasty, the wild and the dangerous part of what we currently have to face in this world (our minds). They show us by attacking our children in camping tents, eating our beloved pets and shitting in our food. Sometimes I have to laugh because while humans blissfully ignore the plight of the starving mangy dog standing next to the stop street, there is a huge maggot depositing you a message where I am sure you will not have a clue. Oh, the sweet yet somewhat ruthless justice that exists only in the animal kingdom.

So my point here of course is to show you why we are having these usually quiet and fairly unobtrusive creatures come out of their hiding spots to interact with us….or shall I rather say to share with us their body functions or bite of our noses if we want to spite our faces. The rats from about two decades ago that use to live mostly undetected in our sewerage systems, are now huge! They harbor enough maggots, just under their own fury skins to fill the average household's monthly food supply and one bite from this carnivore and you'd better find your way to your nearest hospital. They seem to have somewhat advanced themselves or shall I call it mutated into creatures that carry dangerous bacteria colonies. It is a doggy, eat dog world out there. Everything is evolving and by evolution I refer to bacteria unscathed by your disinfectants because of how everything that is allowed to manifest and manipulate. Allowances, allowances. The rats provide restitute for entire maggot colonies beneath their fur as well as let's not forget the really sinister part of rodent evolution: their advance in intellect. Yes I realise that it sounds somewhat sci-fi but the rodent colonies have expanded by large numbers, due to the mess that we leave behind when we are so busy destroying the world. Yes the more we destroy this world, the more we feed the rats. We create waste because we are consuming at an alarming rate and the rats are breeding because they are so well fed. They have gone from merely existing in sewerage drains, (the unspoken colony living where man does not have to see them), to coming up onto the surface. Perhaps they realized that a deficiency in vitamin D is harmful to ones immune system …or perhaps they just don't care to hide no more! They realise that indeed they are able to out smart even the ‘higher ‘so called intelligence of man by mimicking, evading and confusing the human. How many complain that they hear something in the roof, yet when you go up there you find nothing. Rats are intelligent from the perspective that they have the ability to change their habitat in your house from one week to the next, just in case you become suspicious. They also have many escape routes and have developed a keen sense of hearing, detecting the human voice from about two kilometers away (about one and a half miles), so yes ‘sneaking up' on them is perhaps not so easy! Rat colonies move from suburb to suburb, just so that they remain undetected. Even though rats are not out to ‘get people', they are indeed clever about going undetected. These rat and mice colonies now live within housing complexes where people are over crowded or the sanitation not up to scratch. They carry their young for miles, just to re-locate so one moment your rat problem might transfer itself to one mile down the road, all because they are quite swift movers, not afraid of humans, dogs or even cats.

The reason?

Well if you had incisors the size of a cigarette butt you would also give old Fido a run for his money. These rats also make the most interesting sound. The more I studied them the last couple of ‘months' the more I realized that they have taken on very interesting characteristics similar to whichever character is portrayed in their enemy. Let's say that they live and move in a neighborhood where they might come into contact with dogs. Soon these rats take on and develop an uncanny ability to mimic the sound of a dog's bark or more closely – the growl. I have heard a rat that was walking past a house where the sewerage pipe gave them access to the main road. The dog's kennel was situated close by the entrance of this pipe. This house was located in the suburban area that is rather over populated therefore pipes run close by doors and the properties are very close to each other and the road. The rats used this as an access point to gain access from the busier parts of the city to a more industrial part where they rummage for food dumped by food producing factories. The rats came out of this pipe; all in a row, like they were playing follow the leader. Next minute the dog stands up from his nap, smelling the very distinct (even to the human nose) scent of the rats. Rats smell like a combination between cold pressed fish oil and dead meat – nice. The dog starts growling deep down in his throat, like you would expect from a slightly mangy mutt in a scary movie. The one rat that was close by the end actually stood still with his head cocked as if to smell the dog and his potential for danger. He straightens his tail which of course represents a very distinct danger stance and low and behold growls!

Well that had me laughing hysterically of course as in all my years of working with the most veracious beasts I have never not even while staring a tiger in the eyes heard such a thing, emanate from such a fury face. Its' whiskers quivered with intensity–all bravado and stance yet he also meant it. I am able to tell you that rats will never hesitate biting, which of course is why I wonder why people even bother keeping them on as pets. So many kids get their tiny fingers munched or their cute little noses nipped. This particular rat growled from deep within his throat. The dog of course look at this as one surprised dog would. One would almost have expected the dog in that moment to have said – blimey!

This rat is from a newly evolving strain that takes nothing for granted, in this rat eat rat world that we have created for the animal kingdom. These animals that are forced to live hidden beneath our cities demonstrate how we have discarded them. They are now taking back the streets. They move into building's eating babies whenever they get the chance. Really! In some cases people have woken up in the morning to find their babies missing chunks of flesh. Or themselves being woken up in the middle of the night with one large mean eyed rat contemplating lunging for a major artery (while nibbling on a toe).

Maggots and many small insects have recently started evolving, into smarter, larger, speedier creatures. Since almost everything we have created in this world has now effectively compounded into a manifestation of deceit, it is no wonder that creatures are adapting too. What does this mean? Well, I have asked myself why the animal kingdom would duplicate and mimic human ‘behaviour' and take on devastating traits (directed at man kind). Well when the world is upon its own demise, would it not be appropriate for evolution within many species, to gain from the world changing? If the world's focus has shifted from smallest now standing up then perhaps the smallest of creatures are making ‘BIG STATEMENTS'.

So what statements are being made? Firstly when I speak of rats I also refer to all small fury rodent types that are seen as the ‘underdog' within this world's hierarchy (creatures that humans consider more important in the animal kingdom vs. the ‘pests'). All mice, rats and similar rodents have been adapting themselves by growing, multiplying and placing themselves according to the process in this world.

Let us look at the process that is life. All within this world is changing. Trees and plants have taken responsibility by support us (humans) through assisting. They assist with the ‘holding' of the foundation for each being. The trees and plants represent:

1. Stability


3. Consistency


5. Change

6. Expression

7. Trust

Standing as each human, the trees and plants therefore represent each human in the becoming the above mentioned. How is this done? Well when on understands the principle of oneness and equality, you will see that each that inhabits and exists within this world, stands within a placement, or representation that will bring forth equality in this world. Each rodent and each tree therefore represents within their own expression a point that is to be understood/tran­scended by humans. As with my previous articles I have mentioned that each animal ‘stands' as a point to be grasped, if humans are to become one and equal with all of existence. So look at the animal kingdom from this perspective:

Before humans became aware that they are not really of consciousness, the animal kingdom provided us with food and companionship, understanding this role according to what agreement was made within consciousness. Now that awareness steps forth and the animal became aware of how to support themselves, they are changing accordingly. From mere food supplies and companionship – animals now stand as equality and oneness to support humans accordingly and appropriately as one with themselves. What does that mean? Rodents that are seen by humans to be pests now stand before humanity as ‘peace'. What do you ask is peace when it does not exist in this world? Peace when in full manifestation as each within this world looks like this: The continual rambling that occurs within the human mind takes on the 3D manifestation we are currently witnessing. Not a pretty picture hey? What does peace have to do with this manifestation? Peace is only possible within each being, as the manifestation of each being when they are sound and each standing as this stability into infinity. By standing I am talking about – no more enslavement, no more allowances. No more creations that WE have not directed and created within full understanding and awareness of what creation is within and as oneness and equality. Please understand that peace is only the idea created by the mind to give all the impression that peace exists – therefore nobody stands up.

Therefore if peace exists within each standing up to and quieting the mind – how does the animal kingdom support us in this? Simply put – as with the example of rodents and small (unseen) creatures, which consciousness deems ‘unnecessary and pestering' – where they now deem themselves the right to……pest. Why? Well your conscious mind tells you that as long as you destroy rodents, you will have lasting peace. Consciousness actually created the ‘concept' of the rodent to continually push each person into the manifestation and mind set of ‘hide', destroy', ‘eliminate' rodents. Be it other humans that are pests or actual creatures. Yes, interestingly rodents and humans were all created from the same LIFE essence, the same expression of life that merely represents different aspects of the same point. We are all equal. Just because a rodent is placed in the body of something that ‘bothers' you, it does not give anybody the right to consider that creation less than or unnecessary. Imagine for a moment if rodents were bigger then humans, perhaps then the tale would sit on the other creature? The animal kingdom was placed in a lower category when man was given a mind and was enslaved into thinking. Thoughts are very ‘dangerous' and now each is able to re-look at how we see these creatures that are our equals. Nobody in the universe is more important than another, it does not support us to even make such a statement. To make such a statement separates you from yourself, as you are one with all of creation. So, humans when you treat an animal ‘less than' you are separating yourself from who you are (as one and equal with all of existence) and you will bear the fruits of separation. Consciousness is the mind creation that is separation from self. Consciousness will keep you there, in this separated mind set as long as you accept what it tells you. What does consciousness tell us about the animal kingdom?

What am I talking about when I say that rodents and small creatures represent peace by allowing themselves to infest and petrify is: How better to understand that peace is in fact an illusion created by the fantastical mind, then have the creatures that are the pests come from beneath and infest your world. Does peace exist when all of humanity is plagued by creatures? So when will each see that consciousness does not and is not able to create peace out of ‘good thoughts' and clever ideas? These rodents are manifesting themselves in the millions, spreading up from the ground in swarms of collective process. The process: ‚Oh God what if we have no more control over the animal kingdom?‘ Oh God what if we are truly never in control of ourselves or others?' Oh God what if there is no way out but to accept ourselves as the baby's of the universe, eternally wetting ourselves and hoping that God will wipe our bottoms?' So what if we are now faced with creatures that are taking over fields, towns, houses and buildings? What do we do? How does one comprehend that we are to act within actual understanding before we react. We react by killing these creatures, yet the point is missed somewhat. Let's look at what nature is manifesting in our world. We are indeed lost and humanity has no way out but to face its own creation. The creation literally biting us in the but as we blissfully act obstinant and without a clue. So let's get a clue shall we…..

Creation is what we have manifested as our reality. The rodents and small creatures are showing us that we fear them and we create fear with our minds before we ask why. Now there are million of creatures that are paying the price to show us that we are not this fear that is everything we perceive we are not able to handle, control or direct. Instead of humans standing equal to creation and not blaming the rodents for existing or being uncontrolled. Does it stand into infinity to punish the manifestations that are small and without defense in this world? Is that how we are currently expressing ourselves towards OURSELVES by destroying these creatures? We deem it necessary to separate ourselves and call ourselves ‘higher then' all life forms that don't fit our mind sets. Now these creatures show us that peace does not exist this way…it is a lie and we are now facing the lie. No longer do we hide this and sweep the creation of inequality ‘under' the rug. Our creation has come to bite us in the but until we sort out the starting point. Consciousness. The mind is a machine that (until you give it direction), directs you and manifests in this world what it has been taught to do. Is it really what you would like to create for yourself? If you have to trade places with that rodent for a day and you watch you killing yourself, would that be your ultimate expression? Would you choose that again? Are we going to continue allowing our minds that are pre-programmed machines to dictate how we exist as equal and one to all in existence – that is ourselves? We are therefore thanking the animal kingdom for showing us to ourselves by showing us that we are destroying ourselves. We have called ourselves vile, pestilent and unnecessary and we are governed by the idea that as long as we follow others who destroy life…we will have peace.

Stevo, the rodents, cockroac maggots.