Written by Sunette

Date : 04/03/2008

What has recently (a few moments ago) opened up is: STOP! And it ‘works’ as follows:

We have come to define ourselves, ‘who I am’ as the mind – this includes words, behaviour, mannerism, experience, ideas, pre-conceptions, perceptions, belief, how we see things, how we interpret things, how we experience things, how we understand things, our entire ‘outlook’ unto ourselves, this world and others – more so related to ‘how we would define words and our experience and understanding within it’.

The ‘problem’ here though is that our very definition and experience / understanding / interpretation of words is and has always been of the mind – each being has a different understanding, interpretation, experience, perception, idea, assumption with regards to words and definitions thereof to the next being – and thus, based on each beings’ differentiation with regards to words – each one’s particular experience of and within themselves as themselves = is different.

This differentiation with regards to self, each beings’ self experience is manifested within and as the mind – the mind of each being consisting of each being’s inter­pretation, perception, idea, belief, understanding etc. of words according to their ‘individual’ definition of words – herein, because of this differentiation that exist with regards to words existent within and as each being’s mind – each being’s ‘self’ – the experience of ‘self’ as self – will be different – because you experience you as the mind, because you’ve defined you as the mind and the mind consist of all the words which you ‘know’ and ‘understanding’ according to your particular knowledge and understanding of words with regards to your particular interpretation, perception, idea, belied, understanding etc.

So, we have billions of human beings in and as this world – each human beings has a mind to which they have defined all and everything of themselves – as ‘self’ as ‘who I am’. Each being’s mind consisting of words with definitions that are different or ‘unique’ to everyone else’s because each being has their individual unique interpretation, understanding, idea, perception, belief of words within and as their mind, which they accordingly experience and manifest ‘as themselves’ – and herein is where the differentiation within and as humanity exist – why each human beings is seemingly ‘different’ to the other = because each one’s mind is ‘different’ with regards to each one’s different relationship and experience with words within self which becomes self.

Therefore – literally, the entire experience of ‘Self’ = has and is the mind, and this is literally everything and all of you, everything existent within as, the ‘how’ of ourselves, the ‘how we operate’, the ‘how we do’ = mind. The mind the very infestation within and as everything we do, speak and experience – both within and without.

So – we have self forgiveness and self honesty – to so within all of what we have become as the mind infested (invested) within and as us – discover the purity of self as self within it all.

It’s interesting (a point I notice) is that we invest ourselves in the bank as we invest ourselves in the mind – the bank literally ‘running our lives for us’, we’re literally dependent on the bank representing money for our very existence for our very lives here in this world. No different to the current situation within and as beings – investing all and everything of self in and as the mind – believing that without the mind = we will cease to exist. So – we’ve come to define the mind as ‘life’ – money in this world representing ‘life’…interesting.


Now – if we continue as is, if we continue participation in what we have always defined ourselves to be as the mind – within the mind, each one defending their right to exist as the mind to seemingly protect their ‘individuality’ – when the ‘individuality’ of each one is manifested as the mind as each one’s mere relationship towards words in separation to which we have defined ‘self’ – we will get nowhere – noHERE, no HERE = no SELF for SELF is HERE.

Therefore – the key is to STOP, STOP every and all participation in the mind of ourselves – and as I have explained, the mind has become everything of ourselves so therefore it is literally stopping everything of yourself. Because it is in our very permission of participation within and as the mind to which we have defined ‘who I am’ / Self that the mind exists. Therefore in stopping participation in it – it cease to exist and I is realised.

I understand this sounds ‘vast’ so I’ll specify:

I STOP – within this, you STOP, you literally just STOP everything within yourself and breathe. In other words in this moment here as you read the words – just STOP within yourself and breathe. Speak out loud: I STOP. Now, whenever anything but even moves the slightest within you – you know it is your mind, because you, I, have stopped.

For instance – you ‘want to look at something inside of you’ = the is the mind – I see direct, if a point is not seen immediately, instantaneously here in the moment = it is the mind. The moment you ‘want to look at something inside of you’ – that ‘movement’ is not I move, but the mind ‘wanting to do something’. So when this is experience – you immediately STOP, DELETE or REMOVE whatever ‘moved within you of the mind’ – breathe and be here.

The mind will always ‘want to do something’ – the wanting to do is a perception of movement of the mind. It is this ‘wanting to do something’ within yourself that is the mind – and you will know what is the mind within this application of I STOP, because you’ve STOPPED, I STOPPED, and if I stopped, whatever else moves within me or comes up within me must be the mind – because I stopped.

So, literally, really – when there is any movement of a thought, an application, an experience within you – you STOP IT IMMEDIATELY, because it is not you directing you or you ,moving you from within the starting point that is you – and how do you know this? Because I stopped – I stopped, and because I stopped – anything and everything else is mind.

And this STOP includes all definitions, ideas, beliefs, perceptions, experiences – your entire ‘way of being and participating within your method of being’ must be stopped – stop everything! Even the reactions towards the experience of stopping as you will find many thoughts, reactions, ideas and perceptions coming up within you – just STOP, just STOP everything in every moment as you breathe – just STOP.

Though – also to take into consideration that the stop, I stop whenever there is a movement that occur – is an absolute self directive, I direct, STOP. So for instance when a reaction comes up within you as a resistance – within and as the breath – you STOP it immediately. And there will be many layers of one reaction – so if it still continues – just STOP – do not participate within it in any way whatsoever.

Herein this application you will find and realise and see for you how much one has defined the mind as self and how much of what we do and apply and participate within ourselves is the mind – together with this, I Move will be realised – where it is you that is the starting point of you moving – you’re not being moved by something within you that is experienced or occur suddenly and unexpectedly to which you react which cause movement.

This will be an interesting experience!

Therefore – in having a look at words again. The words to which we have defined ourselves in separation manifested as the mind as our relationship towards words, which has become the very manifestation of ‘who I am’ which we experience ‘individually different’ – as each one’s mind as relationship and experience towards words are ‘different’ – it is for each one to stand one and equal as life within and as words.

Meaning – where each one’s starting point is SELF, is I as Life – not the mind. Herein each one stand one and equal within and as themselves as the living word – I live, I speak, I express, I experience, I move = herein self expression is individual within and as life – BUT, there is no ‘differentiation’ within and as ‘separation’ with regards to words – with regards to SELF, because all ‘I’s’ is one and equal as life.

But first – we must STOP, STOP literally all and every single ounce of participation in that which we have defined ourselves to be as the mind, because the mind only exist because of our very participation within it.

So – STOP, I STOP here in this moment. I breathe – anything else but moves an inch from here as me in breath = it is the mind and therefore = I STOP it immediately and do not accept and allow me to participate within it.

What is ‘I move’ – how is ‘I move’? This is experienced when I is realised, SELF, who I am – not as the mind, but as I as life. This I as who you really are is realised within and as this STOP, self forgiveness and self honesty – I STOP, in the moment here – it is this I that STOPS that is the self directive you – literally stopping. And as you continue with just STOPPING, everything else will stop, the illusion will drop and I remain.

Here are some experiences of STOP! with regards to the interdimensional experience hereof and then also how practically you are able to assist and support yourself within and as this STOP expression of you:

There are beings who experienced themselves as literally going completely insane – because the moment the being stopped, I stop – it was realised to what extent we have existed within separation and that everything and all we participated in, within ourselves and our environment – has not been SELF, I, ME. But we moved and directed and expressed and applied in separation through ‘having to move’ or ‘must move’ or ‘moving because of this and that’ – movement was based on reason and cause instead of I move – and so the same with direction, participation and expression. Movement, direction, participation and expression was based on a must and have to as requirement and need – no SELF within and as the movement, direction, participation and expression.

The entire definition of self was in separation, SELF, I – was not HERE.

The insanity came when I stopped, when beings stopped and still there existed ‘requirements’ to have to, to must move, direct, apply and express – your entire being not knowing what else to do, or be without having to must move, direct, express and apply.

The realization came that there was an actual addiction of obligation with regards to expression, application, movement and direction – everything was forced – it wasn’t a natural SELF presence hereness of being as ‘who I am’ – we had constructed and designed SELF and how self must be, how self has to be…

This included the realization that the very understanding of self, of movement, direction, expression and application was an idea, was a perception and not real – because it was all done in separation of self – no SELF within and as our entire experience of ourselves!

So, when the beings stopped – and there was still desires, requirements, musts and addictions within and as self to want to and have to move, direct, apply and express according to all and everything we’ve defined ourselves to be = all this had to be stopped. Literally within and as self – the entire want, must, have to, requirement, definition, construction, design perception and idea of movement, application, direction and expression had to be stopped – and the very methods of application, movement, direction and expression that had been applied had to be stopped – because it was all done in separation – it wasn’t SELF movement, SELF expression, SELF direction, SELF application.

The starting point with I STOP – what opened up as well is how we have literally consisted of ‘sections’ – of ‘pieces’ that was ‘fit together’ to ‘complete’ the presentation of and as self – and when the I STOP expression as self began in one moment – the ‘completeness’ of self as the pieces that was placed and fit together as categories and section as that which we have designed and formed and constructed ourselves to be – literally started revealing itself. One could see how you entirely consisted of ‘sections’ or ‘pieces’ fit and placed together to form a perceived completeness of and as self. How each section was a point or aspect of self definition which one ‘experienced’ – within the ‘experience thereof as self’ = believing it to be real – when it was but a piece, a section a part or an aspect of self to which one has defined self in separation – not standing as SELF HERE – whole, ONE.

When this occurred – when the sections and pieces of self started revealing – the insanity came – because right before, right here within you – you see and realise that all and everything of you as that which you participated in, applied, expressed, moved and directed was not self – but an illusion.

Now to within this experience of ‘insanity’ – where everything within you and your environment is literally going haywire – you just STOP and you don’t STOP stopping – you continue no matter what – through it all you continue. Not accepting and allowing self to participate in anything you’ve ever participated before = because your very experience within the participation – the ‘how of you’ within and as that which you’ve participated in = was not real, but done in separation and thus not SELF.

Another experience that was realised is how the entire interdimensional existence in itself started fragmenting – because we realised how we were controlling the very interdimensional existence, meaning the state and form and way within which it exists, because we have controlled the very existence of SELF entirely. Everything was done in a certain specific manner or way to maintain some form of stability, some ‘acknowledgment for self that we’re doing it the correct or right way’ – within the maintenance of stability = control manifested – both within self and the environment as the interdimensional existence. Everything was ‘looking okay’ and ‘perfect’ with regards to the interdimensional existence and the beings participating within it – but within and as this STOP expression – it has been realised that the entire placement of the interdimensional existence was as controlled as we controlled ourselves to be, apply, express, experience in a certain specific manner or way.

The experience has and is as though we’ve existed within a ‘world’ an ‘existence’ which seemed so real – so true – and now for ourselves actually seeing, realising and understanding that nothing that we have ever done, ever participated in, every expressed, ever directed = has been real, because our starting point wasn’t SELF, but everything was constructed and designed by ourselves in separation. So one can just ‘imagine’ how the experience is – just STOPPING literally everything!

Completely detaching from an existence and experience without and within – the seemed so substantial, so absolutely certain – to see the ‘truth’ of SELF as what we have accepted and allowed to exist within and as to be able to realise SELF HERE.

Now for the WHY? and HOW? of I STOP!

The question obviously is why STOP?

Because it is within and as I STOP – that you for yourself will be able to realise, see and understand in an actual manifested experience how much of you as ‘who I am’ has been and is of the mind – especially with regards to your experiences within you and your world and what exists within you and this world. And within and as I STOP – you see, realise and understand directly and clearly how much of you within and as you has been directed for you, moved for you, expressed for you, experienced for you in separation – that has not actually been SELF, I, ME.

With regards to self forgiveness and self honesty – you understand that your mind is not you and within this assisting and supporting you to realise yourself, I, me – now applying self forgiveness and self honesty together with I STOP, wow, – you will really, within and as an manifested experience of you see, realise and understand for yourself – how much of you has been the mind – if not literally everything.

For example: I STOP, now you’ve stopped within and as breath. Now you clearly understand that if anything were to move within yourself = that it is not you, but the mind – because I stopped. From here – take into consideration that this ‘STOP’ is not the ‘I am not going to participate in the thought STOP’ – that particular STOP-application is not an actual complete, entire, total STOP – the stop of stopping thoughts is but a statement of ‘I am not going to participate’ – which is not to actually STOP, because you’re only saying that I will not participate.

This STOP I speak of ‘works’ practically as follows:

Again with I STOP. Now, in and as breath – thoughts, reactions move – which you, I, are not moving/directin­g/expressing/ap­plying within and as self awareness – ‘something is moving from somewhere within you’ without you actually moving it.

So, the first step is to stop participation = self forgiveness.

The next step is self honesty = in observing this thought or reaction – you have to source the origin, the cause, the point of where and how this thought or reaction originated from in the moment here within and as you.

In applying this in self honesty – you will see the source, the origin, the cause here instantaneously in the moment. Then come the STOP – the complete and total stop of the entire construct and design from which such a thought or reaction within you originated from in the first place – and by stopping its existence at its source, its cause, its origin – you STOP it’s existence within and as you – by literally removing the entire construct from within and as you. This done by applying effective self forgiveness again, at the point, the core, the source the origin of the original thought/reaction that came up and release it within you entirely within and as the effective, absolute self honest self forgiveness application.

How will you know if you stopped it = if it does not re-occur again within and as you AT ALL. A STOP is complete – meaning that the entire construct from which the thought or reaction originated from – does no more exist within you at all – it is gone, obsolete. And it does not come up or reoccur again within and as you at all.

So, when a thought or reaction come up within you and you cannot see where it’s coming from – why the thought or reaction exist within you and why you’re participating within it = know you’re being self dishonest, trying to hide the point within you to in such a way still justify the reason why you’re still continuing to participate within it.

And if you have discovered the source, the origin and you’ve applied self forgiveness and it still reoccurs, it still remains – you have to ‘re-look’ both ‘points’ as the origin and cause and also your effectiveness with regards to self forgiveness at the origin and source of the thought or reaction.

Therefore – you have guidelines for you with regards to when you’re being self dishonesty or self honest within and as you as you assist and support you practically within and as your individual process.

No self judgment or self ridicule acceptable when the exact same or similar thought re-occurs towards you or something or someone – because this is also self dishonesty, because self judgment pave the road to ‘wanting to give up’ which is another method the mind use for you to justify the reason why you’re not simply again realising within and as self honesty: Alright – I have not applied effective self forgiveness or I have not accessed the actual core and source and origin of this thought/reaction within and as me – so I will look at this point again until it is done and no more exist within and as me as I set me ‘free’.

And here is also the WHY? of I STOP = because in just stopping participation in a thought or reaction in a moment = is not enough, and it will constantly and continuously re-occur and actually compound and not stop and also leaves room for self dishonesty, where you merely only just stop participation in a thought or reaction and not actually really absolutely looking within and as you with regards to the origin, source and core of where it originated from to finally, once and for all cease the existence of the entire construct within and as you.

So, within and as I STOP – you will assist and support you with absolute self honesty with you and discover, see and realise the truth of you for you.

More practical examples here for each human being to assists and support self within and as this STOP expression with regards to participation within and as this world:

What is required to be stopped within you and your world is that which stimulate reactions of mind within you in any and all forms – where movement, direction, expression and experience within self is driven and forced by a cause or a reason outside separate from you – instead of you moving you, you directing you, you expressing you, you applying you as I move, I direct, I apply and I express.

Therefore, a suggestion would be to for a moment – stop participation in that which ‘generate the system of the world’ which we have come to define as ‘life’ and ‘self experience’ – until you, within and as you, stand absolute as ‘I’ – and ‘I move’, ‘I express’, ‘I live’, ‘I direct’, ‘I participate’ – where you are certain within and as you that nothing and no-one outside of you stimulate reactions within you to cause you to be something you are not.

Here are some examples:

STOP buying magazines – within which contains the gossip and grandeur of the illusionary ‘glamour-world’, stimulating all forms of ‘mind-related reactions’ within and as yourself such as ‘beauty’, ‘money’, ‘sex’, ‘desire’, ‘want’, ‘comparison’, ‘judgment’ = it is so entirely unnecessary to buy magazines with useless information that has become a commodity of entertainment within and as this world.

STOP buying unnecessary foods that cross the line of consumption. Buy what you require to nurture your human physical body effectively and efficiently – definitely buy your treats that you enjoy for yourself also! But from the perspective of buy what you require – you will know.

STOP buying unnecessary clothing and garments – have clothes that are comfortable for you, so with the shoes also – unnecessary products are for instance jewelry, merely existent to entertain the ‘Look at me, look at me’ – picture-presentation industry within and as this world. And when buying clothes and shoes – clearly self honestly observe your starting point within and as you with regards to the particular clothes/shoes that you purchase – are you buying because they ‘look nice and others might accept’ or are they comfortable and practical for and as you.

STOP buying stuff – shit you really do not need or require.

STOP watching / viewing unnecessary films or movies that has become a ‘Oh – I must see that movie’ – meaning to watch a movie just because it’s there to watch. Observe the reason, the why you are watching the movie or film – are you watching it from the perspective of supporting the entertainment industry within and as this world – because ‘it’s something to do to keep you busy or relaxed for a moment’ – or are you watching the movie or film simply because you’re directing you to watch the movie or film – there is absolutely no outside separate reason or cause for why you’re watching a movie – you’re clearly directing you to watch the film or movie for you.

READ MORE – to assist and support your vocabulary together with the vocabulary purifier.

STOP drinking alcohol as alcohol exist within and as this world to subdue human beings’ common sense and follow the masses like sheep in the most subtle of ways and assist and support the mind consciousness system integration within and as you and alcohol in itself has no purpose whatsoever.

STOP buying or wearing make-up as it assist and support the entire system manifestation within and as this world with regards to the ‘outside projected presentation of and as self’ – herein also assisting the illusionary definition of you of the mind for the world. Make-up really destroying the natural expression of skin than anything else. Any reactions towards this within and as you = MIND.

STOP abusing drugs as drugs assist and support the integration and manifestation of the entire mind consciousness system within and as you and any seemingly profound experience you have on drugs is an illusion and is not real – because drugs in itself assist and support the activation of the unconscious mind, brought to your conscious mind – so your entire experience when on drugs is that of the unconscious mind – not you, no matter what the experience. So – those who claim to have any experience that was seemingly real when or while on drugs – you’re screwing with yourself to the extent where you’ll completely ‘lose yourself’ and within that decide for yourself that you will not make it here on earth within and as this process.

Try and have that experience just here with you in and as breath in the moment: IMPOSSIBLE – therefore = it is not real. All that is real is who you are here in every moment of breath – anything more or less than that is a mindf**k.

So, here are some examples – therefore, you have to look at all your participations within and as this world, with regards to everything existent within and as your world and within and as absolute self honesty – observe your starting point with regards to everything you participate in within and as your world – to ensure that you do not assist and support the system of mind and the system of world – to be enslaved and entrapped within and as the system within and without. But you give you the opportunity to realise I, who I am – so that I direct, I stand, I express, I move, I participate.