Daily Interdimensional Diary 28 September 2008:

Who I am, who I am HERE:

by Winged

Date : 28/09/2008

Who I am, who I am HERE

Me HERE encompass all that exists, as it exists.

Me as HERE stand one and equal with and as all that exists, as it exists – in this moment HERE.

Meaning – that nothing of what currently exists in existence as it exists in existence is denied or resisted or judged – I am not separate of it – I am HERE as it. Within this – I take direct self responsibility – to no more exist as what I have become and existed as – by changing/tran­sforming me in every moment of living expression as I walk in the moment, every moment here – and so I change/transform all that exists as me here in every moment as every moment of self change and self transformation in self honesty HERE.

Standing one and equal HERE as everything as me as HERE, as all that exists as it exists at this moment of existence – imply in itself,

No separation, I am everything HERE, one and equal as me HERE – nothing of me as me HERE is missing or lost as everything as all is HERE one and equal.

No relationship, because I am HERE one and equal AS everything HERE – all is HERE as I am HERE – this imply that no desire is possible, because I cannot desire myself – because I am HERE. Desire can only exist if a part of you is perceptually missing or lost, then desire emerge to ‘get the part of yourself back that you are missing or that is lost’ then the endless search for self ensue in a projected manifested physical reality that exist perceptually outside of yourself – when it all actually exist here as ourselves within ourselves one and equal. Thus – you can never be lost or missing – this is but perception/belief – for how can you be missing or lost when all and everything of you as you is here one and equal – this must simply be self realised.

No fear, because I realise HERE that all that exists is me HERE – and I cannot fear myself – this would be stupidity – how can I fear my own creation – that is all me – fearing myself would imply that there exist a separate self that is apparently ‘more than’ myself – lol.

Here is not me – I am HERE. Incorporating here as ME – is defining here according to how I perceive me to be, according to what I perceive me to be, which is self-interest – which is not the absolute self realization of what HERE actually is as one and equal as all that exists.

Every breath I take as every moment I walk – is HERE as its fullest expression of authenticity – authenticated expression is only able to exist – as a moment, as a breath – every ONE breath, every ONE moment is authentic – consistently stable – as all that exist is every ONE breath as every ONE moment = and self standing equal HERE as it with and as all that exists.

So I walk equal and one as HERE as all HERE – the magnificence of HERE – no more missed, nothing missing or lost – but LIVED in the LIVING FLESH that is me HERE as the human body as the breath, the symbol of life – as I give life to me HERE as I breathe in – and give life to me HERE as I breath out – as within, as without – one and equal HERE – I breathe life as I live and express life HERE.

I express the living words – as I live HERE, as I live HERE – all that is HERE LIVE – so also words – because I live HERE – words that are me here, one and equal as me here – LIVE.

Such are the living words of HERE as here – see HERE, be HERE, live HERE, express HERE – nothing else exists HERE but HERE – and HERE IS all and everything as it exists as what it exists as and how it exists, which is me HERE – I have come to an understanding with myself HERE – that I will not exist as what I have been existing as, as what I’ve always existed as and what I exists as, as this existence I have become so precisely illustrate.

I realised there is no escape from HERE – HERE IS HERE – and I am HERE – there is no escaping yourself – because you are HERE as all is HERE as you.

I walk, breathe and live – the HERE as LIFE – where all stand equal and one as HERE – where all LIVE equal and one as HERE – and so I walk the moment, walk the breath, live the moment, live the breath that is HERE = until this is DONE and all are ONE and equal as me HERE.