Sharing Daily Activities: System Removals

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Date : 00/05/2009

• The Physical-Manifest Mother-Matrix Removal – (08/03/2009)

• The ‘Higher-Class / Lower-Class’ – manifested monetary polarity-system Removal – (15/03/2009)

• The manifested system-design of the Family-Tree constructRemoval – (21/03/2009)

• The ‘Consciousness Sound-Frequency Design’ System Removal – (24/03/2009)

• The ‘Desire-System’ Removal – (27/03/2009)

• The ‘Energy-Channeling-System’ Removal – (28/03/2009)

• The ‘‘Equality’-network-System’ Removal – (10/04/2009)

• The Mind Consciousness System’s Uncon­scious-Mind Self-Preservation System Removal – (18/04/2009)

• The Veil-System of the Mind Consciousness System has been removed – (18/04/2009)

• The ‘Energetic-Encoding Design’ within the DNA Removal – (18/04/2009)

• The Mind-Self Compartmentalized-System Removal – (02/05/2009)

• The Time-Cycle System Removal – (07/05/2009)

• The ‘Electrical-Current Purifier-System’ Removal – (08/05/2009)

• The ‘Self-Predetermination Life-Cycle System’ Removal – (08/05/2009)

• The ‘Tree of Life’-System Removal – (13/05/2009)

• The Manifested ‘Energy-Automation System-Design’ Removal – (21/05/2009)

•The ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System Removal – (08/08/2009)

•The Mesmerizing-System Removal – (20/08/2009)

The Physical-Manifest Mother-Matrix Removal – (08/03/2009)

The Physical-manifest mother-matrix system-design has been removed – all layers of this construct, from foundation, to network, to essence – since its origin up to now. Just because it’s been removed, doesn’t mean you’ve been ‘relieved’ from having to face that which you’ve become. Each one will still face it individually, because it exist as each one as what each one has accepted and allowed to exist within and as self. The ‘removal’ merely assist and support in ‘brining’ the construct from – ‘out of physical-manifest suppression’ – to be faced clearly by each one, equally to be transcended.

The ‘Higher-Class / Lower-Class’ – manifested monetary polarity-system Removal – (15/03/2009)

The ‘Higher-Class / Lower-Class’ – manifested monetary polarity-system has been removed. The higher-class section of this system was situated in the chest-area and the lower-class section situated within the pelvic-area. Human beings’ ‘positioning’ within these sectors were pre-designed, pre-programmed placed which ‘protected’ their security (higher-class) or demise (lower-class) within this world – to remain so until they die. With this system being removed – no being is ‘secure’ within their position in this world, meaning that this ‘positioning-system’ no more ‘protects / secures’ anyone’s particular placement in the world-system. Within this – beings will realise what has been taken for granted and realise the actuality of self-responsibility: That I’m directly responsible for where I am, who I am, what I am and what I experience within me and my world = which will be an actual physical-experience.

The manifested system-design of the Family-Tree construct Removal – (21/03/2009)

The manifested system-design of the Family-Tree construct within the ‘growth/expansion’ of the ‘blood-line’ through the passing-on of generations – has been removed. This design’s platform was manifested within the veins of the human physical body – with its primary-design manifested within the Lungs of the human physical body. Its structure-design was in the form of a Tree – yet vein-like in design. This Tree-design of the Family-construct encompassing all generations that has gone before self as the ‘manifested Family-Tree’ existent within each one manifested in and as the Physical. See in the word FamILY = LYFE (Life) – which is the ‘life-design’ of the world-system, wherein ‘life’ is defined according to having a family, existing in a family-construct and one’s experiences within this family-construct. Also ‘life’ defined according to the ‘growth/expansion’ of a Tree for example – as with the Family-Tree construct – ‘life’ defined according to the growth/expansion of society as all ‘Family-Trees’ locked into one system as the world-system. Within this system being removed – all definitions of self that this ‘Family-Tree-System’ supported within the defined-existence of self through the Mind – will reveal – as it will no more be suppressed – but step forth for self to see how self has defined life and self according to/as

The ‘Consciousness Sound-Frequency Design’ System Removal – (24/03/2009)

The ‘Consciousness Sound-Frequency Design’ System has been Removed.

Its foundation-structure was manifested within the entire physical-body within the muscle-tissue of the human physical body. It consisted of metallic ‘three-dimensional triangular designs’ which ‘emitted a frequency’ as you speak words. The metallic triangular-designs was manifested on the surface of the muscle-tissue, with all of a beings’ emotional and feeling energetic-systems connected to these triangular-designs as threads running within and throughout the muscle-tissue itself. Each triangular-design existed as a ‘manifested word’ – containing the emotional/feeling energetic-charges self has created/manifested as that word. Thus – every time one speak words – what is ‘activated’/ ‘charged’/ ‘powered’ within and throughout the physical of the mind consciousness system – is emotional/feeling energetic-charges as what the words exist as of Self. Thus – when we speak – the words contain the ‘sound-frequency’ of the ‘energetic-charges’ as emotions and feelings that the words exist as within ourselves. Thus – the frequency of the sound of the words we speak – exist as consciousness-sound = and not actual Sound as Life equal and one. With this System being removed – the emotional/feeling energetic-charges ‘activated’ when speaking words – will no more be ‘channeled’ through into the Mind Consciousness System to be suppressed within the physical – but will ‘compound and intensify’ within self and self’s world – to face all definitions/ma­nifested constructs and emotional/feeling designs self has created of words in separation of self – to within this process, stand equal and one as words within the principle of equality and oneness and live words as self equal and one – to stand as Sound, actual Sound.

The ‘Desire-System’ Removal – (27/03/2009)

The ‘Desire-System’ has been Removed. It encompassed the entire human physical body – through and through – as a manifested system, integrated, infused and amalgamated with and as the human physical body as a literal ‘embodiment’ of/as Desire itself as a system-design of the Mind Consciousness System. This Desire-System Embodiment – consisted of its ‘own source’ – situated within the chest-area – that functioned as a ‘fountain’ from which the ‘energetic-feeling’ of and as desire itself manifest – constantly, continuously flowed and emerged. Thus – ‘desire itself’ consist of/exist as a specific ‘pre-designed energetic-feeling’ of which the substance is a ‘flowy-watery movement’ – yet ‘electrical in nature’. It is desire itself as this ‘pre-designed energetic-feeling’ – manifested as a ‘flowy-watery movement’ – that constantly, continuously moved within and as its embodiment – manifested within and as the physical of the mind consciousness system – through its primary source-point situated in the chest that literally functioned as an fountain – constantly, continuously ‘spewing water’ – also, for example, like a volcano, spewing lava – ‘neverending’. Therefore, ‘desire itself’ is not defined according to/as anything/anyone specific – it is each one, individually, that through the mind consciousness system – define ‘desire itself’ as the ‘original design as desire itself’ to/towards something/someone within one’s world/re­ality – according to how self programmed self’s personal likes/preferen­ces/wishes/dre­ams/wants/need­s, copied/duplicated from those that have gone before self e.g. parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc. For example – a child has a father that is a Pilot – within the child, is already existent this ‘Desire-System’ of the mind consciousness system consisting of/existing as the ‘original-expression’ of/as desire itself as a ‘pre-designed energetic-feeling’ that is not yet defined to/towards anything/anyone – it is simply still just an ‘energetic-feeling’. In a moment – when the child ‘idolizes’ their father, connecting this idolization to him being a pilot – ‘wishing’ that he could be ‘just like his father’ – the desire of him (the child) of the mind consciousness system – is within his mind, connected to a formed picture of his father as a pilot manifested in his mind – and from this picture – start picturing himself as a pilot, just like his father. Now – the child, programmed his ‘personal-desire’ to becoming a pilot – through connecting desire itself as an ‘pre-designed energetic-feeling’ – to a picture of him of being pilot – now ‘his desire’ is ‘created’. And so we created/programmed our own ‘personal-desire’ – through ‘connecting/de­fining’ desire itself as its ‘original expression’ of but a ‘pre-designed energetic-feeling’ – to/towards something/someone in this world/reality as a picture in the mind. And so we’ve trapped ourselves within and as and through our own self-created desires. With this Desire-System being removed – which was the ‘original-platform-design’ of/for ‘purpose’ – meaning, wherein one’s self-created desire became the purpose/reason for existing, through which self was then directed within the mind consciousness system – as we would follow/live according to this/our self-created desire as reason/purpose for existing: Beings will be experiencing a change within that, within all that was previously believed/expe­rienced ‘was always wanted’ / ‘always wanted to do/have/be/ex­perience/expres­s’ that was always defined/connected to/towards something/someone in this world/society in separation of self. Thus – to ask self the question: Am I doing /chasing /searching/ex­periencing/par­ticipating in/with certain beings/situati­ons/environmen­ts – because it’s me as who I am, equal and one here in expression within self-directive principle of self honesty equal and one with/as what I’m participating within – or am I accepting/a­llowing myself to be directed by, and thus following my own self-created desire?

The ‘Energy-Channeling-System’ Removal – (28/03/2009)

The ‘Energy-Channeling-System’ has been Removed. The structural-design of this system was exactly as the structural-designs of roads/paths in this world on which cars drive. For example – when flying in a helicopter over a town – and seeing all the roads from above – exactly as the roads are paved within its structural design – leading towards buildings – so was this ‘Energy-Channeling-System’s’ structural-platform designed within and as the human physical body – wherein the pipelines – formatted exactly as roads leading towards buildings in this world – lead towards certain specific Organs within and as the Human Physical Body. This structural-platform-design of the ‘Energy-Channeling-System’ as pipelines leading towards Organs within the human physical body was an exact duplicate-imprint of the structural-design of roads within this world leading towards buildings. Now – the energy flowing within and through these pipelines towards Organs within the human physical body – was one and equal manifested within this physical-world as human beings driving in their cars upon the roads towards Buildings within the World-System. Thus: The Pipelines = Roads The Energy moving within the Pipelines = Humans in their Cars (as the Energy) driving upon the Roads (the Pipelines). The Human Physical Body-design in relation to the Mind Consciousness System = World System The Organs = Manifested equal and one to/as Buildings as Structures that Keep the World System going (such as Banks). So – the function of this ‘Energy-Channeling-System’ was to ‘channel energy’ towards/into specific Organs of the Human Physical Body – constantly and continuously – to ensure the existence of the Mind Consciousness System-design of the World-System within and as the Human Physical Body – to so ensure the constant, continuous existence of the World-System within the Physical-Reality as the unified consciousness field. Thus – The World-System within as manifested within the human physical body through the mind consciousness system – manifest/crea­te/continue the surety of the existence of the World System without as the Unified consciousness field within the Physical-reality. The World-System without as what this world functions/operates as/within – is an exact imprint of the World-System design within and as the physical human body of each human being within and as the mind consciousness system. For example: Within the Heart-Organ exists the Design of the Money-System of the World System. Now – energy was constantly channeled through the pipelines into and as the Heart-Organ – fueling the Money-System existent within the World-System without, through human beings ‘channeling themselves’ to work through driving their Car – keeping the Money-System going of the World System. Now, with this ‘Energy-Channeling-System’ being removed – the World-System design, manifested within the Physical Human Body of the Mind Consciousness System within specific Organs of the Human Physical Body is collapsing – because it’s not being fed ‘Energy’ – thus – because the World-System within (as designed within the human physical body through the mind consciousness system as the actual origin-point manifestation of the World-System without as this Reality within which human beings function/exist) is collapsing – the World-System without will Collapse. Thus, realise – that reality is not created ‘from the outside’ within what you participate in ‘there’ – but in who you are and what you exist as, as/within the physical human body. This world, this reality – as it exist now – was created/is being created/manifested – through how we exist as – as/within the mind consciousness system within and as the human physical body. It has been us, as the mind consciousness system within the physical – that through/within and as the physical human body within = created this physical-reality without. This will be further explained/clarified as Jack continue with The Organic Robot – with regards to how we through the mind consciousness system within our human physical bodies – as what we exist/existed as – created what is currently here as this physical-world/reality.

The ‘‘Equality’-network-System’ Removal – (10/04/2009)

The ‘‘Equality’-network-System’ has been removed. (10/04/2009) This ‘‘Equality’-network-System’ existed in/of the Unified-Field. The Unified Field which is/was the manifested ‘Oneness-System’ – defined as ‘Oneness’ because all are ‘unified’ into and as One System. Then, the ‘interconnected­ness’ of all that was ‘unified’ within the Oneness-System as one in the Unified Field – wherein all and everything was ‘connected’ through and as the Mind Consciousness System as the Unconscious-Mind = this manifested ‘interconnected­ness’ that ‘connected’ all – was the manifested equality-network-system. This was the Design of Oneness and the Design of Equality in/as/of the System, wherein equality and oneness is individual-separate manifested system-designs.

The Mind Consciousness System’s Uncon­scious-Mind Self-Preservation System Removal – (18/04/2009)

The Mind Consciousness System’s Uncon­scious-Mind Self-Preservation System has been removed. This System was specifically designed to preserve ‘parts’ of the Mind Consciousness System design. Such parts of the Mind Consciousness System, was manifestation­s/designs/sys­tems of the Mind as components of its design that Self has become, become meaning – what self has lived of the Mind to such an extent – that self had become the actual manifestation of such parts of the Mind – manifesting self as the Mind itself through becoming/tran­sforming self into and as such parts as components it exist as. So – for the Mind to not ‘lose itself’ – within the becoming of self as the Mind – the Mind preserved the parts of itself that self become/eventually exist as – to remind itself of its own existence. This was done through crystallizing the parts self merge/transform self as of the Mind – wherein the crystals contained the blueprint-design of the system-design of the Mind that self had become. This crystallization-system existed within the framework of the physical-body as a system-manifestation that was ‘connected’ to the physical – but not manifested within and as the physical itself, as it was not necessary to manifest this system of crystals that crystallize the systems’ blueprints that self had become within and as the physical – because the crystals merely contained the ‘blueprints’ – the actual system itself – is merged as self and infused into and as the physical in the form of a ‘presence’. For example – let’s say self ‘believe’ self to be inferior – inferiority a system-part of the Mind – and when self live this belief of inferiority and become the living-expression of inferiority – wherein inferiority becomes the nature of self = the blueprint-design of inferiority as a system-design as part of the Mind – crystallize within the crystallization-system – and the inferiority-system becomes a constant, manifested ‘presence’ as self as which self transformed self to be. So, the systems of the Mind that self become – transform into a presence as self that permeate and infiltrate the physical in its entirety – to ensure self remain existent as a presence of the Mind, as the nature of the Mind – then, the systems’ blueprints that are transformed as presence of Mind as self, now manifested in and as the physical – are manifested within crystals to ensure the Mind doesn’t lose itself within its own complexity of all that it exist as and self become = but to maintain control of itself, both within self and the physical within and as which it exist. Within this – it is suggested to assist and support self in observing intently and specifically – within identifying self’s own presence of Mind = what of the Mind, as the Mind self actually live within the belief that it is self = when in fact, it’s self as the Mind, not self Here Equal and One. This is done through seeing traits/behavi­ours/thoughts/man­nerism/living actions/reactions and the nature of such designs – because that nature will reveal what of the Mind self has become and exist as. For example: Constantly having thoughts of anger towards others, reacting in anger towards situations, acting within anger within situations/towards others = observe/identify self’s own nature that’ll reveal within how self participate and experience self within one’s world/towards others as self – as for example the nature of anger = wherein the anger itself, that exist/reveal in all of self within thought/word and deed = reveal that self has become the presence of anger of the Mind = and to push/force self to not exist in it/participate in within practical living application.

The Veil-System of the Mind Consciousness System has been removed – (18/04/2009)

The Veil-System of the Mind Consciousness System has been removed. This Veil-System was a deliberate ‘Pre-Occupation-Design’ – wherein Self was kept within Pre-Occupation within the confinements of only the Conscious-Mind and the manifestation of this Pre-Occupation-Design presented itself within the Form/Formation of Ego/Personality – possessed/obsessed within / with our own Ego’s/Personality locked completely and entirely within absolute Self-Interest as the Veil-System = while, all the while – the Mind Consciousness System within/as the Sub-Conscious and Un-Conscious functions within its complex designs, constructs and systems – directing, controlling and functioning for Self ‘behind the scenes – without Self even being aware of it, or knowing of it – because Self is trapped within the Veil-System, believing that all that exist is Self as Personality as the Design of Ego, consumed in Self-Interest within the confinements of only the Conscious-Mind of thoughts/feelings and emotions. Never Questioning – the thoughts, the reactions, feelings and emotions, voices that manifest within the Conscious-Mind with regards to why they exist, where they come from, what’s their origin etc. – because self has defined self as the Conscious-Mind to such an extent – that all that is simply just accepted. This Veil-System existed as an actual ‘divide’ / ‘barrier’ the was manifested within the Physical between the Conscious Mind and the Sub-and Un-Conscious Mind- while the Mind Consciousness System ‘handles self and self’s life FOR self’ ‘behind the scenes’ within the Sub- and Un-Conscious Mind – while self exist ignorantly oblivious within the Conscious-Mind. So, for example: Self would exist within/as Pre-Occupation – constantly deliberately pre-occupying self with many, unnecessary things – chasing dreams and desires for example and changing self within self-compromise to ‘get what self want’ as the dreams and desires that exist of Mind – preoccupying self within self’s desires and dreams – instead of Questioning the Reason, the Why self is accepting and allowing self to pre-occupy self with dreams and desires, existing in a constant-chase towards something/someone – and thus not realising that pre-occupation has to do with self ‘running away from self’, not wanting to be alone with self here in facing self here – but attempting to, through pre-occupation – busy self with unimportant things – instead of focusing on self here, realising that self is here and that dreams and desires for example, simply indicate what of self self hasn’t accepted as self here, but is looking for ‘there’ in something/someone else. So – the Veil-System within the design of preoccupation such as being pre-occupied with dreams and desires and simply chasing them and accepting their existence and self’s existence as a constant chase after dreams and desires – is an example of a facet of the Design of the Veil-System = wherein self is so pre-occupied within the Conscious-Mind of Dreams and Desires and being pre-occupied with them, as them – that self never realise that dreams and desires indicate aspects of self self hasn’t stood equal and one here as self in self-expression. And so we’ve lived within a Veil – barring ourselves from ourselves – existing as a complex-designed system as the Mind – without even knowing/realising it or even our own existence – because we’ve been lost within a confined-space as the Conscious-Mind within constructs such as dreams and desires with which we’ve pre-occupied ourselves. So, to assist and support self within removing the Veil-System for/as Self within self’s process of self-realisation – it is suggested to identify that which self is preoccupied with, through observing re-occurring thoughts and simply not accept/allow self to participate in them or be directed/controlled through them – dissemble all habits, as habits are designs of Personality as Ego – that trap self within the Conscious-Mind – to not see the root of the cause/problem that is manifested within the Subconscious and Unconscious Mind. Don’t accept/allow self to exist within pre-occupation – but actually assist and support self to face self as all that self exist as and has separated self from that the entire Mind Consciousness System reveal as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind – to finally stand equal and one as Self Here as the Physical.

The ‘Energetic-Encoding Design’ within the DNA Removal – (18/04/2009)

The ‘Energetic-Encoding Design’ within the DNA has been removed. These ‘energetic-encodings’ existed as literal manifested ‘patterns’ of energy – individual patterned energetic-formations, of which there were innumerable-amounts, that was ‘connected’ to each other with ‘electrical-sparks’ manifested inbetween the individual-patterned energetic-formations. These individual-patterned energetic-formations was encoded with the thought-emotional/feelings design of self within the Mind Consciousness System – thus, for each thought and its emotional/feeling-charge as which self exist – there was a equal energetic-formation encoded with the design of the thought and its emotional/feeling-charge – manifesting an particular ‘energetic-pattern’ according to its encoding-design of the particular thought and its emotional/feeling-charge. The purpose of the energetic-encoding-design within the DNA was to ‘maintain self within self’s existence within thoughts, emotions and feelings’ – it functioned as a ‘stability-factor’ that maintained the surety of self existing within particular thoughts and their emotional/feeling-charge = keeping self’s existence within thoughts, emotions and feelings ‘in tact’ – ‘balancing’ self within the movement and design of thoughts, emotions and feelings to ensure self remain contained within thoughts, emotions and feelings to so ensure that ‘Madness’ doesn’t ensue wherein self get lost within multiple thoughts, emotions and feelings at the same time – but remain ‘consistent’ within experiencing only one thought at a time – instead of many/all thoughts at the same time with their energetic-charge of emotions/feelings connected to them. Within this ‘energetic-encoding design’ within the DNA being removed – thoughts, emotions and feelings will become ‘erratic’ – it’ll no more follow a controlled-sequence that the ‘energetic-encoding design’ within the DNA managed – thus, within some within this world – a certain Madness will ensue as that which had been placed trust within, instead of Self – Fall – to reveal the truth/see the truth: Self is not the Mind/thoughts, feelings and emotions. Thus, it is suggested to assist and support self to remain/stand/be here as Breath – wherein self stand as Stability and walk in the moment as the moment = and simply not participate in/as the Mind or become lost within it – as one will find that one can no-more depend/trust on thoughts/emoti­ons/feelings of Mind – but that self must stand up in Self-Trust and live and be the directive-principle of/as Self.

The Mind-Self Compartmentalized-System Removal – (02/05/2009)

The Mind-Self Compartmentalized-System has been removed: This system was manifested within and as the structural-design of the human physical body – meaning, it was ‘structurally designed’ equal to the structural-design of the veins, the organs, muscle tissue etc. of the physical – thus, it ‘shaped itself’ within and as the ‘shape’ as what the veins, the organs and muscle-tissue exist as of the physical. This system was ‘electrical’ in nature and resonated a ‘blue-white’ colouring which varied – from the perspective of some areas of this system within the physical would be very dark-blue – other areas/pars of the system in the physical would be light blue to white = this colouring-scheme of this system dependent on the intensity of the construct of the Mind as which the Being exist = it must ‘manage/maintain’. The designed-function of this system was to ‘maintain the being existing in/as/through the Mind’ within and as their pre-programmed life-design as what they created themselves to be as ‘what they are’ as the Mind as ‘personality’ and the ‘living’ of that ‘personality’ as ‘habits’. Thus – this System was designed to ensure that the being continue existing as the Personality of Mind and the expression of that Personality as their ‘living-truth of Mind’ manifested as their Habits and Behaviours. This System was Compartmentalized specifically according to the detail of what one’s personality consist of and what one’s particular habits/behaviours consist of/exist as – so, for each personality-trait and for each particular habit/form of behaviour there was a specific ‘compartment’ allocated within this System. Such compartments existed so that the System could then ‘assess’ what personality-traits, behaviours and habits of Mind self ‘access’ frequently or has actually become entirely and completely as a living-existence of self and what personality-traits, behaviours and habits self only access/become ‘on occasion’ = then, according to this ‘assessment’ – the System then ‘strengthens itself’ through intensify the ‘electrical-current’ within those particular compartments that self, for example access/become frequently or constantly exist as within self-definition. Through ‘strengthening’ these compartments as personality-traits, behaviours/habits – it literally constantly powers these mind-constructs manifested in/as the physical – keeping self as these personality-traits, behaviours and habits ‘alive’ so to speak and so ensure that self always exist as these personality-traits, behaviours and habits of Mind self created self to be through the Mind. Because, understand that – what self believe self to be of the Mind and then within this belief actually start living what self defined self to be through the Mind – creating within this ‘personality of Mind’ that transform into ‘behaviour/habits’ – all this manifest as system-constructs in/as the Physical that this System ‘absorb’ – and categorize and then accordingly support with electrical-currents to ensure that self continue existing within self-definition of Mind. Therefore = this System ensured that no actual, real self-change occur and that a being remain the same within personality-traits, behaviours and habits as what they created themselves to be through the Mind for the remainder of their life unto death. Understand – one cannot ‘blame this system’ for why self isn’t changing/haven’t changed – this System simply exist as a reflection of the refusal of self not wanting to trust self, but continue depending on the Mind as what self defined self to be as personality/be­haviour/habit to exist for Self/direct self for self instead of self taking self-initiative within consideration of all equally as one in commonsense self-honesty and standing-up and actually really changing. Thus – suggested, to consider actual self-change in moments that is here as self participate in one’s world – the ‘windows of opportunity’ are always here – the simple step to take is to simply actually change in the moment, immediately and not ‘follow the known-path’ of Mind as depending on personality, habits and behaviours of Mind self believe self to be to control/direct self = but become the directive-principle here as self in self-honest commonsense = living thus self-trust instead of Mind-dependency. This system-design of ‘not changing’ within existing as Mind-dependency is to be transcended by each one, individually – which is done through actually changing in moments here, immediately and not accept/allow self to ‘go into the Mind’ accessing/becoming behaviours/habits as personality of Mind – but stand-up, breathe and see what opportunity presents itself in the moment for self to consider self and another as self – instead of wanting to validate self’s definition through/as the Mind.

The Time-Cycle System Removal – (07/05/2009)

The Time-Cycle System has been Removed. This System was manifested as numerous small ‘Pillar-structures’ within and as the Human Physical Body. Around each Pillar-structure was ‘wrapped’ a ‘thread’ of Energy which moved around the Pillar-structure – constantly and continuously – in an up-down motion. Each Pillar was encased within a cylinder which maintained the motion of the Energy moving around the Pillar in an up-down motion – constantly and continuously. Now, each thread as Energy, wrapped around a Pillar-structure that was encased within a cylinder-manifestation within and as the Human Physical Body – consisted of and existed as a ‘Memory of the Past’ that had an great effect/impact on Self within one’s life-experience. Such ‘Impactful experiences of the Past’ – within which great/extensive amounts of Energy was involved as emotions and feelings – was ‘captured’ within these ‘Time-Capsule Time-Cycle’ Manifestations. So, the thread of Energy moving around the Pillar-structure in an ‘up-down motion’ was the Memory transformed into manifested-energy stored in the Physical within these ‘Time-Capsule Time-Cycle’ Manifestations. The ‘purpose’ of this System was to ensure that the Being ‘recreate’ events within their life-experience – wherein through this, a form of control was possible to be maintained over and of the being to ensure they remain enslaved within and as the Mind – because their life-experiences within their future is able to be pre-determined = because they’re simply / will simply re-create the exact same experiences they’ve had in the Past – because the past-experiences exist as manifested Memories within their Human Physical Body within these ‘Time-Capsule Time-Cycle’ Manifestations. So, with Past Memories that had a great impact/effect on the being, being contained/stored within these Time-Capsule Time-Cycle’ Manifestations – this ensured that the Being remain within a particular ‘time-cycle’ as they recreate the exact same ‘cycles of experiences’ within themselves and their world and within these cycles, within recreating these exact same cycles = being stuck in the Past, within the experiences of the Past within themselves – constantly and continuously re-creating the exact-same experiences. This is how human beings was maintained within ‘Cycles of Experiences’ – to remain in the Past through recreating the exact same experiences over and over and over again – pre-determining themselves, their experiences of themselves and their future = by themselves. Therefore suggested to Stop existing within Memory/as Memory through simply not accepting/allowing Self to participate in them – for the Moment self accept and allow self to participate in Memories = self ‘feed’ that Memory manifested in the Physical ‘Energy’ – which eventually compound within Self and one’s World as Self – compounding it into Manifestation and thus – recreate exact same experiences of the Past = existing as Memory. Suggested to not be of the Past existing as a Memory – but live Here in every moment of Breath.

The ‘Electrical-Current Purifier-System’ Removal – (08/05/2009)

The ‘Electrical-Current Purifier-System’ has been removed. This System ‘purified’ / ‘renewed’ the electricity of the Mind Consciousness System that permeate and infiltrate the entirety of the Mind Consciousness System as all that it exist as – the electricity that form ‘part of’ the ‘power’ / ‘charge’ that manifest the ‘life-force’ of the Mind Consciousness System. As this electricity move within and throughout the Mind Consciousness System as an ‘electrical-current’ that constantly ‘charge’ / ‘rejuvenate’ / ‘power’ that which the Mind Consciousness System exist as – it ‘build-up’ Memory within itself – as the electricity ‘absorb’ that which it permeates through, wherein the electricity’s’ ‘absorption-function’ acts as an ‘remembrance-database’ for itself – to know through what/which parts of the Mind Consciousness System it already has moved through to power/charge/re­juvenate those particular parts. Thus – the electricity ‘programs-itself’ through ‘absorbing the information of the Mind Consciousness System of where its been’ and so manifesting its own remembrance/memory-database. Once its permeated and infiltrated within and throughout the entirety of the Mind Consciousness System successfully = the electrical-current then ‘leads itself’ through into the ‘Electrical-Current Purifier-System’ – wherein it ‘release’ that of the Mind Consciousness System it absorbed which compounded within it – and so ‘renews’ itself = to start its process again of moving within and throughout the Mind Consciousness System – functioning as a ‘charge’ / ‘rejuvenator’ / ‘power-point’ for parts of the Mind Consciousness System that require it. There were three Main ‘electrical-currents’ that was manifested within and as the Mind Consciousness System – The First one responsible for moving within and throughout that which Form and is the Conscious-Mind, the second one responsible for moving within and throughout that which Form and is the Subconscious-Mind and the third one responsible for moving within and throughout that which Form and is the Unconscious-Mind. The ‘Electrical-Current Purifier-System’ was manifested within the centre of the Chest-Area – structurally-manifested as Three thick Cylinders – neon-yellow and black in colour. The thickest-cylinder was in the centre – through which the electrical-current responsible for moving within and throughout the Unconscious-Mind and all it exist as of the Mind Consciousness System – ‘purified/renewed’ itself. The other-two cylinders allocated on either-side of the Centre-Cylinder was through which the electrical-currents responsible for moving within and throughout the Subconscious and Conscious-Mind – purified/renewed themselves. The entire-system design – the electrical-currents – the three Main strands and the Electrical-Current Purifier-System – functioned as one system-design in its entirety that has been removed. The ‘effect’ the removal of this particular system will have on human-beings – is that – because the Mind Consciousness System will no more receive its ‘Energy-Charge’ / ‘Power’ through these three Main electrical-current strands – beings will experience themselves as ‘tired’ / ‘listless’ / ‘unmotivated’ = Realise within this that – when self experience this – experience tiredness, listlessness or feeling ‘unmotivated’ = realise that your experience of yourself as being ‘motivated’, ‘driven’ or ‘up and going’ – was all based on ‘Energy’ as the ‘electrical-current’ of the Mind Consciousness System that power/charged the Mind’s Energy to keep the ‘Human-going’ within their experience of themselves in the Mind. And thus = the motivation, being driven and up and going – was not Real, because the Mind provided you with that experience through Energy that was charged/powered through Electricity. Therefore, now – with the Mind no more providing you with that ‘feeling’ / ‘experience’ of Energy defined as feeling/experi­encing ‘motivation’ / ‘being driven’ / ‘up and going’ – the key is to stand up equal and one and be the directive-principle of Self Here and not be defined/dependent on Energy of Mind or constructs such as motivation / being driven / up and going to be able to apparently ‘live’. So, when tiredness, unmotivated or listlessness ‘arise’ – STOP, do not accept/allow self to participate in it, realise that if self accept/allow self to participate in it – self is making the statement of ‘waiting for something or someone else to be self’s motivation etc. – instead of self standing up in/as self and living self-directive principle within self-movement and pushing self through it to not accept/allow self to be dictated by energetic-experiences or lack-of energetic-experiences. Breathe through the experience of tiredness, unmotivated or listlessness – don’t accept/allow self to ‘give into it’ – as one breathe through it – there come a point where the experience simply disappear, because self is not giving it its ‘feed’ to exist/be able to exist.

The ‘Self-Predetermination Life-Cycle System’ Removal – (08/05/2009)

The ‘Self-Predetermination Life-Cycle System’ has been Removed. This System Manifested as/within/from the Nature of Man within the context of Human Beings’ experience/re­lationship towards their ‘life-experience’ in this World in relation to the Future of their life-experience in this World. Wherein, for example – Human-Beings would ‘experience’ their Future in this World to be ‘Solid’ and ‘Certain’ from the perspective of what they Have in relation to Money, Security and Materialistic-Possessions = and because of this – ‘Predetermine’ their own Future within their ‘life-experience’ in this World as continuing their existence within such a Life-Cycle of Money, Security and Materialistic-Possessions unto Death do them Part from their ‘life-defined’ in this World. Or, for example with Beings that live on the streets – that experience their Future in this World to be ‘Solid’ and ‘Certain’ from the perspective of what they Don’t Have – but ‘at least do have as enough to at least be able to survive in this World’ – and thus, because of where they are, how they are and who they are = they ‘Predetermine’ their own Future as Being exactly the same – never-changing – always remaining within the acceptance of what, where and who they are – because they exist within the act of Justification as Spitefulness within the Statement: “At least I have enough to Survive”. That’s why there exist Human-Beings that are ‘so certain and solid’ within their own self-predetermination of their life-experience in this World in relation to their Future = is because of this ‘Life-Cycle’ system manifested within and as and of them in and as the Mind Consciousness System which dictated and directed their ‘life-experience’ for them, based on pre-programming. Wherein the Being believe – that, what they have now, what they are now = will always be so and will always remain so = and thus, because of this = the Being themselves will never actually really change – because of them believing, because of this ‘Self-Predetermination Life-Cycle System’ = that what they have now, and what they are now = is all they’ll ever have and all they’ll ever be. Which, in essence is Manifested-Spitefulness as the Nature of the Being believing that they’re being ‘cared for’ / ‘taken care of’ because of what they currently have/own or ‘at least have/own as enough to survive in this world’ and because of that – they experience their Predetermined-Future as being exactly as what they experience now – as continuously having and being what they have now and what they are now = and will thus never be, change themselves from that. Therefore, realise = that with this System being Removed = No Beings’ life is Certain or Solid – and the out-flows of each one’s experience in this world, each one’s life-experience in this world – is dependent on the Being, themselves – alone. As each one will determine their life-experience in this world as the experience of themselves in this world. Self will be the determining factor according to who/what self accept/allow self to be in every moment of Breath here. No more will self be harnessed within a Life-Cycle System of Predetermination wherein Spitefulness as the nature of man was harnessed within submitting to an acceptance of who/what self currently is.

The ‘Tree of Life’-System Removal – (13/05/2009)

The ‘Tree of Life’-System has been removed. This System was manifested in and as the Human Physical Body – with its Roots manifested in and as the muscle-tissue of the Human Physical Body with its Primary ‘source-point’ of this System allocated within the Left-Knee – interlinking with self’s ‘Who I am’ Ego-Persona-Design of the Mind Consciousness System. The Structural-Design of this System was manifested as multiple thick Metallic strand, metallic-silver in colour with a white-resonating glisten – that intertwined within and around each-other, almost ‘pasted together’ – to form a ‘Tree-like’ manifestation within and as the Human Physical Body. The Primary Source-Point manifested within the left-knee was a ‘system-interlinking device’ that ‘connected’ two Systems together – manifesting a ‘symbiotic-relationship’ wherein both are dependent on each others’ existence, design-procedure, forming-procedure, functioning and manifestation that ‘complete each other’ within the Manifestation of the Mind Consciousness System within its entirety. This ‘system-interlinking device’ – connected the ‘Tree of Life’-System with the Personality-System of the Mind Consciousness System that manifest the Ego-Persona as Beings as ‘who they believe they are’ as ‘who I am’ of the Mind Consciousness System. Each individual ‘thick Metallic strip’ of the ‘Tree of Life’-System – existed as each individual in self’s generation that has gone before self – wherein all of the individuals, as the generations that has gone before self and all individuals within that generations’ life-experiences, was manifested within each individual ‘thick Metallic strip’ that form the Manifested-System as the ‘Tree of Life’, manifested within and as Self’s Human Physical Body. This ‘Tree of Life’-System was manifested so – so that each Individual Human-Being that exist, that is currently in this World – remain exactly the same within their ‘Individual self-definition’ that manifest as their Personality of Mind, as ‘who I am’ and thus, within that ‘who I am’ that is lived as Ego-Persona of Mind = follow the exact-same Patterned/Pro­grammed life as all individual-beings within the generations that has gone before them. Thus why the ‘Tree of Life’-System was ‘interlinked’ with the ‘Personality-System’ – as the Personality-System formed a ‘total-deduction’ of the Personalities and Life-experiences of each individual-being of generations-passed manifested within the ‘Tree of Life’-System within each individual thick Metallic strand – and so, formed an equal-copy – uploaded into and as the Personality-System itself, infused into and as the Physical – which the Being then ‘exist as and live-out’ as the definition of ‘who I am’ as ‘Ego-Persona of Mind. It is referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’-System – as it is all the lives-lived of those that has gone before self as all generations-passed – that ‘created the existence that is self through/as the Mind’ equal to all the individuals that has gone before self within generations-passed = thus, it is the ‘Tree of Life’-System that bring ‘self of Mind’ to ‘Life’ – through Personality of Mind, lived as Ego-Persona of Mind. Thus, in essence – the ‘Tree of Life’-System ‘bringing to life the programmed-individuality’ of the Mind Consciousness System – that beings believe is ‘who they really are’. This System was transferred to beings through Birth – wherein the Mother and Father’s ‘Tree of Life’-System would merge during sex, liquefy into the Child – and when/while the Child’s Mind Consciousness System Form – the ‘Tree of Life’-System would manifest, as all information automatically ‘conjure-together’ and manifest as ‘individual thick Metallic-strands’ of individuals’ existence within personality and life-experience of all generations that has gone before both parents. From there, the ‘Tree of Life’-System would interlink with the Personality-System and the Personality-System of the Mind Consciousness System would design itself as the platform of itself equal to the personalities and life-experiences of all individuals manifested within each individual thick Metallic-strand that form/manifest the ‘Tree of Life’-System within the being. Understand that – to assist and support self within stopping the existence of self within the definition of ‘Life’ being that of having a Personality that define self as being ‘Individual’ within the living of self as a Ego-Persona of Mind – the definition that is infused/amalgamated within/as self through this ‘Tree of Life’-System = is to investigate and identify ‘personality-definitions’ self has accepted as self within the definition of ‘who I am’ that is lived as self through the Mind Consciousness System. This is done through observing/remem­bering one’s grandparents and parents – that will reflect to self personality-definitions self has copied from them, that self is currently existing as. Personality will be seen within, for example behaviour, mannerism, physical-actions, speech, body-language etc. – all such traits which form the entire definition of self, self exist as through the Mind, reflected from one’s parents and grandparents. To stop existing as such habits of manifested personality-traits defined as ‘living’ ‘life’ – but manifest self equal and one as all here as self-expression and actually live as Life equal and one as all.

The Manifested ‘Energy-Automation System-Design’ Removal – (21/05/2009)

The Manifested ‘Energy-Automation System-Design’ has been Removed. This System was ‘dark-grey’ in colouring with a slight black-resonance and occasional light-grey resonance with its ‘structural-format’ manifesting as a form of ‘formidable yet solid Metal’. This System was Manifested within the Solar-Plexus of the Human Physical Body as its ‘Base-Source Platform’ with its Entire-platform – permeating and infiltrating the Entirety of the Human Physical Body. The Base-Source Platform of this System within the Solar-Plexus of the Human Physical Body – consisted of, primarily, six ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ – ‘formidable yet solid’ within its structural format-design. These ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ were situated upon a ‘circular-structure’ as its ‘base-foundation’ that stabilize the designed-function of the ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ of and as the ‘Energy-Automation System-Design’. Now, the ‘circular-structure’ functioning as the ‘base-foundation’ – was positioned ‘laying flat’, exactly in the centre of the Solar-Plexus – so that the top of the circular-structure face t/he throat and the bottom of the circular-structure face the pelvic-area. / The Six ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ – was divided into two-placements of Three – wherein three of the ‘pillar-shaped cylinder’s was situated within one-half of the circular-structure and the other three ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ was situated within the other-half of the circular-structure. The ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ did not ‘touch’ the circular-structure as ‘base-foundation’ of the System’s design – but literally ‘hovered’ above it. This was done through ‘polarizing’ the pillar-shaped cylinders in relation the circular-structure. Now – the three pillar-shaped cylinders on either-side of the circular-structure was positioned as follows: One of the three cylinders – was positioned in the centre of the other Two – wherein the centre-positioned cylinder would ‘hover above the circular-structure’ more than the other two, so that the cylinder positioned in the centre appear to be ‘longer’ – yet, all three was the exact same in size and length. Thus, within this, the other-two cylinders would be positioned slightly ‘in front of’ and thus ‘lower’ than the cylinder positioned in the centre = Not one of the cylinders would touch each-other. This was also done through polarizing the three cylinders in relation to each-other. The ‘polarizing-function’ was placed-in together with a ‘magnetic-current’ that stabilized the positioning and formed-shape of the pillar-shaped structures and circular-structure as ‘manifested energy in constant-motion’ and thus formed/manifested the Structure-Layout of this entire Design of the System and ensured that the Energy generated through/as Energy-itself remain within the Human Physical Body. Thus, the ‘magnetic-current’ placed within this entire System-Design – formed a ‘lining’ around, yet within the human physical body and surrounding the polarized cylinders and circular-structure so that they remain within their structure-design as being circular and cylindrical in nature and remain stable within their placed-positioning. And also to ensure that the energy, generated through energy-itself = remain within/as the human physical body. When observing this System from ‘afar’ – it appears as a stable-manifested solid-system – as though it is ‘standing-still’. However – it’s actually moving so ‘fast’, that one cannot see it move within its motion from ‘afar’. One has to actually be in and as it and experience it for and as self to realise, see and experience that it’s actually moving, and moving very fast. ‘Very’ thus being an understatement – its moving extremely fast to the extremity within which ‘fastness’ can be defined as, within the context of the unified-field Mind-design. The ‘function’ of the ‘circular-structure’ is to ‘stabilize the positioning’ of the Six ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ hovering inches above it – maintaining the ‘pillar-shaped cylinder’s’ ‘placement of positioning so to speak. That which the cylinders are ‘in-fact’ is ‘manifested-energy’ – manifested within/as its structural-format as ‘formidable yet solid’ – formidable, because energy within its nature is ‘formidable’, is ‘thick-liquid’ in nature – almost like tar and ‘solid’ due to its speed of/as movement/motion in itself within the context of its current-manifestation as the pillar-shaped cylinders – presenting the appearance of ‘solidity’. This explained above, placing into perspective the structural-design of the System as its ‘Base-Source Platform’ Design within/as the Solar-Plexus. Now, the Entire Platform-design of this System permeating and infiltrating the entirety of the Human Physical Body consisted of/manifested as ‘liquefied-energy’ – ‘solid’ in nature due to the extent of the energy’s ‘compaction’ within and as the Human Physical Body – that Energy-itself ‘Generated’ as manifested as the pillar-shaped cylinders within the Base-Source Platform within the Solar-Plexus Thus – this Entire System-Design, was Energy Generating itself as Energy – with a Magnetic-current existent within/around its manifested-parts forming a ‘lining’ to ‘encase’ the ‘polarized-parts’ as ‘manifested energy in motion’ – to stabilize/maintain all its parts as the positioning and structured-format of all its parts. Thus, manifesting a ‘automated Energy-System’ – an (according to the System) infinite Energy-Source. This is how this Entire Energy-Automation System-Design of/for ‘Infinite-Energy’ was created and thus, how it Operates: One Energy-particle was taken – and ‘spinned’ – very fast within a ‘clock-wise’ spinning-motion. Thus, each ‘pillar-shaped cylinder’ ‘started-off forming’ from one energy-particle spinning within its exact-same position – extremely-fast – within a clock-wise directive-motion. Within the centre of the energy-particle, a ‘nuclear atom’ formed – due to the energy-particle spinning within and as its exact-same maintained-position – a ‘centre-point’ within itself ‘manifested’ as its ‘source-creation point’ as the ‘nuclear-atom’ of ‘creating energy’ in and as itself due to the extent of the motion it spin-within. The ‘nuclear-atom’ manifesting as ‘new clear energy’ contained within a ‘source-point’ of and as the energy-particle as its formed ‘centre-point’, due to spinning within extreme-speed within one exact-same position wherein the nuclear-energy is created through the speed of the spinning of the energy-particle in itself = Thus – Energy Creating Energy / Energy Generating Energy. Now, with the individual energy-particle being maintained within a specific-position as it’s spinned – it ‘duplicates itself’ to ‘disperse’ the ‘compressed and continually-expanded’ ‘new clear energy’ within/as/of itself as manifested within the ‘nuclear-atom’ formed within and as itself as its centre source-point of creating/mani­festing energy within/as/of itself. This ‘dispersement’ of itself as the ‘new clear energy’ that is building-up and manifesting within/as itself is done through ‘spiralling’ the ‘new clear energy’ ‘out of itself’ from within/as the ‘nuclear-atom’ positioned within the centre source-point of/as the individual energy-particle. The individual energy-particle literally manifests a ‘thread’ as ‘spiral’ that emerge from within and as the ‘nuclear-atom’ that contain/exist as the ‘new clear energy’ itself – and in that moment of spiralling the ‘new clear energy’ ‘out of itself as the individual energy-particle’ – a new individual energy-particle form that exist as/consist of ‘new clear energy’. Now, the New energy-particle, is constantly being ‘fed energy into/as itself from the other ‘original’ energy-particle, through the original energy-particle, spiralling energy into/as the new energy-particle. The New energy-particle will also ‘spin’ in the exact same directive-motion as the original energy-particle – due to the original energy-particle ‘transferring’ energy into and as the new energy-particle through continued spinning that spin the spiral equal to the speed the original energy-particle itself, thus – the spiral ‘spin’ equal to the speed of the original energy-particle. Exactly as a pot being stirred with a spoon, for example – wherein the pot is the new energy-particle and the spiral is the spoon as energy that is transferred/e­xistent within/as the new energy-particle and the stirring of the spoon is the spinning-motion of both the spiral and the original energy-particle at the same time as the one stirring the spoon is the original energy-particle. Now, the New energy-particle is spinning – generating energy within/as itself, forming a ‘nuclear-atom’ due to spinning within one constant direction within one-position ‘receiving energy’ from the original energy-particle through the manifested spiral as energy from within and as the original energy-particle = thus, an exact-copy/duplicate as manifested-expansion of the original energy-particle is created/formed as the manifested ‘way/method’ energy ‘disperse’. And so it continues as the original energy-particle create/manifest more ‘duplicate-expansions’ of itself through ‘spirals’, the new energy-particles created/manifested from/of the original energy-particle create/manifest in turn duplicates/ex­pansions of itself – all ‘connected’ through a spiral, that form many spirals as individual energy-particles ‘interconnect’ through the energy spiral-thread that feed each other ‘energy’ as all energy-particles continue to expand/duplicate itself. Herein how the ‘infinite-design’ / ‘creation’ of Energy was manifested/created as energy-particles interconnected through spirals – in essence – manifesting Fibonacci-Spirals spinning in all directions with the Beginning of the Fibonacci-spirals existent within/as the ‘nuclear-atom’ of/as the energy-particles. As all the energy-particles continue to spin, continue to generate energy within/as itself contained within the nuclear-atom formed within itself due to spinning in the exact-same position within the exact-same speed – that manifest its stability in maintaining that position of spinning. And within this, thus – spiralling-out ‘new clear energy’ constantly and continuously within/as/of itself to expand itself into re-creations of itself to ‘transfer’ the built-up/compounded energy within/as itself. This then – the manifestation of the ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ – that existed as/consisted of myriads of energy-particles generating energy within/as itself and expanding/dupli­cating itself within/through this. Now – how the myriads of energy-particles was ‘contained’ to form a ‘structured-format’ as ‘pillar-shaped cylinders’ with the energy-particles maintained within/as their speed and motion to continue within its function of producing energy of/as itself as explained above, ‘infinitely’ = is through the utilization of polarization and magnetic-currents. This was done as follows: Energy-particles were ‘sectionalized’ to form into ‘Groups’ within one focussed-area of/as all the energy-particles together – wherein each individual sectionalized- ‘Group’ of energy-particles was ‘polarized’ in relation to other formed-Groups of energy-particles surrounding each other within the specific focussed-area. Through this ‘polarization-method’ – the energy-particles was polarized within sectionalized-grouping of itself – to form the structure-format of/as cylindrical pillar-shaped structures. Now, to ‘maintain’ the ‘shape’ of/as cylindrical pillar-shaped structures – that consist of/exist as energy-particles in constant-motion of extensive-speed – with the ‘sectionalized-groups’ of/as energy-particles polarized to form the structured-format design as cylindrical pillar-shaped structures – was to Manifest a ‘magnetic-current’ that ‘surround’ the cylindrical pillar-shaped structures and the circular-structure beneath it. Thus magnetic-current surrounding the pillar-shaped cylinders and the circular-structure – ‘contained’ the ‘polarized’ ‘sectionalized-groups’ of energy-particles that form the structure-format design of/as cylinders and the circular-structure – to remain ‘in tact’ and ‘in-place’ as its structure-format design. A Magnetic-current was utilized – due to the consistency of magnetic – that is stable in its existent-nature, whereas energy requires a ‘directive-notion’ as ‘speed’ for example, to maintain its stability = wherein magnetics maintain its own stability and in this – within its existent-nature can ‘contain energy’ so to speak. This is how the Base-Source Platform of the Energy-Automation System-Design within/as the Solar-Plexus of/as the Human Physical Body was Created. Now – the six-cylinders ‘upon’ the circular-structure – was this entire Systems’ ‘main source energy-generation point’ – the ‘Source’ from which all ‘new clear energy’ is Produced for/of the entire Mind Consciousness System within/as the Human Physical Body = and thus was contained/mani­fested as pillar-shaped cylinders upon the circular-structure as energy-particles of Polarized ‘sectionalized-groups’ maintained and contained within/as a Magnetic-Current. Now-realise that = even though the energy-particles constructed into/as pillar-shaped cylinders was contained within a Magnetic-current as the entire Systems’ ‘Source’-manifest – The Energy Produce a Resonance. And this is where the entire-platform of/as the Energy-Automation System-Design, that permeate and infiltrate the entirety of/as the Human Physical Body – ‘come into play’ together with the magnetic-current that form a ‘lining’ within and around the Human Physical Body to ensure that the Energy do not ‘disperse’ beyond the Physical-Body its generated within. So, a magnetic-current was placed within and around the human-physical body – to ensure that the resonance of the Energy-produced within/as the Base-Source Platform as Cylinders – do not ‘escape’ the Physical – but manifest a ‘containment’ within/as the Physical Human Body itself – to ‘capture’ the resonance – that is ‘compressed’ – to from Resonance, manifest as Energy-particles which is then ‘Consumed’ by/through the Mind Consciousness System in its entirety. The ‘compression’ of the Resonance produced from within and as the Cylinders as energy-particles spinning rapidly continuously – constantly, releasing resonance of energy-itself = was done as follows: Due to the resonance being ‘compacted’ within a ‘contained-environment’ within and as the human physical body that is formed due to the magnetic-current lining within, yet around the human physical body – the ‘compacted resonance’ – due to the ‘amount produced and the speed its produced by’ – would ‘merge’ to form individual energy-particles once-more – wherein due to the ‘amount’ of ‘new-formed energy’ – would ‘merge’ to form a liquid-substance that is consumed through absorption by/through the Mind Consciousness System manifested within/as the Human Physical Body entirely. Now – because the ‘Entire-Platform’ of this System in/as the entirety of/as the Human Physical Body was not ‘Polarized’ – but only contained within/as a Magnetic-current lining within, yet around the Human Physical Body – the Resonance manifesting as energy-particles form a ‘liquid formidable substance’ – as energy-particles that are ‘free’ within its contained-environment – wherein this ‘liquid formidable substance’ of/as energy is consumed through ‘absorption’ by/through the Mind Consciousness System in its entirety. This then, how this Entire Energy-Automation System-Design of/for presumed ‘Infinite-Energy’ was created and thus, how it Operates. Now – Observe a fascinating-thing with regards to the energy-particles manifesting Fibonacci-Spirals within/as them as the ‘new clear energy’ ‘spiral-out of’ the one energy-particle’s 'nuclear-atom’ to disperse the ‘new clear energy’ – and in the dispersement – manifest a duplicate/copy of itself ‘outside itself’ – as another individual energy-particle that form a nuclear-atom within itself due to its speed of spinning, generating energy within itself = wherein, within the nuclear-atom of the new energy-particle – the beginning of the spiral within the original energy-particle = End: The Fibonacci-Spirals has a Beginning and an End – its Beginning is the same as its End = as the Fibonacci-Spirals’ Beginning start within the ‘nuclear-atom’ within/as the energy-particle and End within the ‘nuclear-atom’ within/as a energy-particle. Thus – a Fibonacci-Spiral has a Beginning and an End – wherein the End is the exact-same as the Beginning. Realise that = whatever has a Beginning – has an End – this revealed/shown within the greater and the smaller. For example within the ‘Smaller’ as the energy-particles wherein the Fibonacci-Spirals that connect/inter­connect all energy-particles has a beginning and an end within/as the ‘nuclear-atoms’. And for example within the ‘Greater’ – wherein the Beginning of the Produced-Energy is manifested within/as the Energy-Automation System-Design and the End of the Produced Energy exist within/as the Mind Consciousness System consuming the Produced-Energy through Absorption. So, due to the Fibonacci-Spiral (formed within/as the energy-particle originating from within/as the nuclear-atom) Spinning so Fast – it reach its End ‘instantaneously’, so to speak, from the moment of its Beginning – returning to its Beginning as the End = as its End is the exact-same as its Beginning. Thus, moving from 0-point to 0-point – wherein the 0-point is manifested as the ‘nuclear-atom’, which is also in the form of an ‘oval’ as 0. So – the Mind Consciousness System created a Source that has Constant-Continual Beginnings and Ends that is Interconnected/Con­nected as so to Create/Manifest Infinite-Cycles of Beginnings and Ends that Infinitely (infinity defined as ‘constant-consistency’) Produce/Create Energy. Thus – it’s not ‘infinite’ – as even ‘infinity’ has a beginning and an end – ‘infinity’ is merely a ‘term’ to define something that recreate/reproduce the ‘same thing’ over and over and over again within a constant-continual productive-motion/expression. Presenting the ‘illusion’ of being ‘infinite’ – yet it’s not, as all its parts that present the entirety of the Design as the Illusion of Infinity has beginnings and ends – existing in constant-continual motion/movemen­t/expression within what it produce/manifes­t/create = as with the energy-particles as the Fibonacci-Spirals – spiralling from within/as the energy-particles from its Beginning to its End. Yet = the Presumed ‘Infinite-System’ producing Energy within/as the Base-Source Platform – created ‘Resonance’ wherein the ‘Beginning’ of the Formed-Resonance exist as the energy-particles from which it resonate – wherein the Resonance originating from the energy-particles as its Beginning – ‘return to its End as existing as a Resonance to re-manifesting once-again as Energy-Particles due to/through Compression. Thus – its Beginning, the same as its End. From energy-particle to energy-particle. Thus – the Fibonacci-Spiral as Beginning and End in/as what it exist = Feed itself – as it ‘Recycles’ itself within its Beginning and its End – ‘recycle’ meaning, that it becomes – from its Beginning, an exact-same copy/duplicate of/as its Beginning – within/as its End and so ‘Feeds its own existence’ within/as its Beginning and End. We, as Humans, can’t see the End of the Fibonacci-Spiral we’re currently existent within/as – due to us moving so ‘slow’ within the current space-time continuum – that we’re standing as the ‘fractional-beginning’ of the Fibonacci-Spiral, ‘way down at the almost-beginning’ – ‘looking up’ so to speak. Thus we’re seeing only the ‘current-continuation’ of the Fibonacci-Spiral us as Humans as all of Existence is manifested as and existing within – not yet the End. The End which Exist. Because – we have a Beginning, the ‘point’ from which we came/originate as ‘Source’ and we’re within/as the Fibonacci-spiral of/as existence as ourselves on our way to our ‘End’. For as has been stated: Everything that has a Beginning – has an End – that includes us as Existence. We as Humans within and as our ‘individual-existence’ exist within/as a Fibonacci-Spiral as follows: Our Beginning exist as the Interdimensional-Existence – the moment we’re Born into/as this World, our Fibonacci-Spiralling Begin. From both a physical-perspective and a ‘beingness-perspective’ as, from the physical-perspective – the Fibonacci-spiral of our individual-existence ‘spirals out as we age’ and the turning-point to the End begin when our physical-body grow older until we from a physical-perspective and beingness perspective ‘return to our End’. Our End from a physical-perspective is our Beginning as our physical-body come from/of the Earth and end within/as the Earth and our End from a ‘beingness-perspective’ is our Beginning as we return to the Interdimensional Existence. We’re existing as Fibonacci-Spirals within Fibonacci-Spirals – constantly continuing our existence/existence from beginning to end in seemingly infinite-cycles = Infinite-Cycles which has a Beginning and an End and thus Not infinite = infinity do not exist, only constant-continual cycles with/as beginnings and ends. So – within this System being Removed – the Mind will become more ‘brutal in Nature’ – to so ascertain sufficient-energy for/as itself to be able to continue its survival/existence through/as the Human in/as the Human Physical Body. Thus – it’ll use what it already exist as / is manifested as, as system-constructs/designs created through self, by self as the Mind – to ‘lure self’ into participating within it/becoming it in living-expression – to so produce energy for the Mind Consciousness System in its entirety. So – beings actuality will manifest as the actual true/real manifested-nature of/as Mind, because they no more will be able to hide in/as Energy of Mind in mind-dimensional illusions created through/as energy. Thus, the actuality of self as mind will step-forth or self will Stop self as Mind here in every moment of Breath and emerge as Life equal and one Here as the Physical. Therefore we suggest – be diligent within self-specificity in every moment of Breath in assisting and supporting self to walk Here in/as Self Honesty – Stop self as Mind and live self Here. Sunette

The ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System Removal – (08/08/2009)

The Following System-Manifestation has been removed: Within the Physical was Manifested a ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System. This ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ was Manifested within the Skeleton of the Human Physical Body and the Plasticity of the Cells, and thus ‘formed-itself’ alongside the framework of the Human Physical Body as the Skeleton, and within the Physical-itself as the Cells. Thus – this ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ formed an actual manifested ‘Embodiment’ that was completely merged and emerged into, within and as the Physical Human Body. The ‘colouring’ of the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ was ‘off-white to light grey with a very slight resonance of light-green, light-pink, light-yellow and light-blue’ that ‘meshed’ into and as each-other. The ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ was ‘Plastic’ in-Nature, meaning that its ‘manifested-structural design’ was that of ‘Plastic’. The Manifested-Nature of the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ as ‘Plastic’– is due to its ‘Programmed-Design’ consisting of and existing as 50% Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality and 50% Physicality. The ‘purpose’ of the Creation of this ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ consisting of and existing as 50% Interdimensio­nality/Multidi­mensionality and 50% Physicality – was for the Physical to Survive ‘Eternally’. With the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ consisting of and existing as 50% Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality and 50% Physicality: It within the 50% Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality contained all Information of-itself in the Form of ‘energy-threads’. And within the 50% Physicality contained all Structural-Designs of itself in the Form of Blueprints. This-done, so that if the Physical-Reality / the Physical-Existence ‘cease to exist’ as the Physical-Manifested Reality/Existence we’re currently existing-within: This ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ will ‘remain’ due to the 50% Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality it consist of and exist as – and will thus, be able-to – when the Physical-Manifested Existence/Reality cease to exist – Re-‘Substantiate’-itself from Interdimensio­nality/Multidi­mensionality to Physicality through re-merging the Information as Manifested-Energy with the Blueprints that contain all the structural-designs, -patterning’s and -formations that Formed/Created Physicality into and as Manifestation. Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality and Physicality exist as Manifested-Polarity – as Polarity-Opposites of and as each-other within ‘Substance’ as Physicality and no-Substance as Interdimensionality / Multidimensio­nality. Though – understand, that this ‘Substance’-mentioned – is not the Actual Substance that is Life, because Actual-Substance as Life Stand – as it is Substantiality in-itself. Within the Physical-Existence / -Reality requiring a System within and as itself as the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’ to ‘exist-Eternally’ – wherein ‘existing-Eternally’ is defined according-to and as ‘Surviving Time’ – Proves that the Physical is not Life and thus is not Actual-Substance as Life that Stand as-itself Eternally, Here: Because the Physical can ‘cease to exist’ as Manifested-Physicality as ‘Substance’ to Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality as no-‘Substance’, yet re-‘Substantiate’-itself into ‘Substance’ as Physicality from Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality as no-Substance through utilizing a Manifested-System, consisting of and existing as Information, Energy, Patterns, Designs and Formations. The Physical is a System – Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality is a System – two Systems that exist within Polarity of and as each-other: For the Physical to be able to exist – Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality must exist AND For Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality to exist – the Physical must exist. This Proven within the ‘Programmed-Designed Substance’-System = for the Physical to be able to ‘continue-existing’ if/when Physicality would cease to exist – it require 50% Physicality (for re-structuring manifested-structure) and 50% Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality (for re-programming manifested design/function). Thus why – the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System required to consist-of and exist-as 50% Physicality and 50% Interdimensionality / Multidimensio­nality. This why – the Belief of Self ‘existing-Eternally’ is a Deception, as one’s ‘Eternal-Existence’ is/was dependent on a System as the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System, manifested in and as the Physical Human Body. Wherein the actual-‘Definition’ of ‘existing-Eternally’ was ‘Survival’ – ‘surviving the ‘End’ of Physicality’ if/when it were to occur. Understand what happen in Death – ‘Self’, the Being – that is currently existing separate from and as the Physical (which is proven in-Death, when ‘self’ Cross-Over and ‘leave the Physical Human-Body behind’) is that:‘Self’ ‘move’ from One Manifested-Polarity as Physicality as ‘Substance’ to the Other Manifested-Polarity as ‘Interdimensi­onality / Multidimensio­nality’ as ‘no-Substance’. ‘Death’ – is the ‘Separation’ between that which is ‘substance’ as the Physical and that which is ‘no-substance’ as ‘self’ = the Physical ‘return to itself’ as the Physical-Reality/Physical-Existence of ‘substance’ and Self ‘return to self’ as the Interdimensional / Multidimensionality Reality/Existence of ‘no-substance’. Just because ‘self’ as ‘no-substance’ now exist within the ‘Interdimensional / Multidimensionality Reality/Existence of no-substance’ and ‘cannot die’ = does not mean ‘self’ exist Eternally, because ‘self’s’ ‘existence’ within the ‘Interdimensional / Multidimensionality Reality/Existence of no-substance’ is dependent on the continued-Existence of and as the Physical Reality/Existence of ‘substance’. Because the Physical and the Interdimensional / Multidimensional exist in/as Polarity of and as each-other and thus depend upon each-other’s continued-existence. And to ‘ensure’ each-other’s ‘continued-existence’ of and as Survival as the current-Definition of ‘Eternal’ – the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System existed within and as the Physical as its own ‘back-up’ System to ensure that both Physicality and Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality continue existing – so that both can Survive, because the one cannot exist without the other. Understand: The ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System was a Manifested-‘Back-Up Device’ to ensure the Physical and the Interdimensional / Multidimensional’s ‘continued-existence’ for Survival – containing the manifested-relationship as ‘interconnection’ between Physicality and Interdimensionality / Multidimensio­nality. What is ‘currently’ ‘maintaining’ the ‘Stability of Balance’ within the ‘continued-existence’ of this Physical-Reality / -Existence of ‘substance’ and the Interdimensional-Reality / -Existence of ‘no-substance’ = is Beings of ‘no-substance’ existing-within Physical-Bodies of ‘substance’ = The 50% – 50% ‘interconnected-relationship’ of the Polarity of ‘substance’ and ‘no-substance’ being balanced and maintained within the ‘smaller’ as Human-Beings for the ‘greater’ as the Physical-Existence and the Interdimensional / Multidimensional Existence. Thus – Human-Beings as Beings of ‘no-substance’ within Physical-Bodies of ‘substance’ – is that which is ensuring ‘continued-existence’ of the Realities of ‘substance’ as Physicality and ‘no-substance’ as Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality and all-else that exist within-it. Understand that – within this ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System being-Removed = the Surety and Certainty of both the Physical-Manifested Existence and the Interdimensional / Multidimensional Existence’s ‘continued-existence’ as ‘Survival’ that depended solely on the ‘Designed-Programmed Substance’-System = is No More. This mean that – if/when the Physical-Manifest Existence Cease to exist: All cease to exist = both Physicality and Interdimensionality / Multidimensio­nality, and all that exist within and as-it = because both require/need each-other = to ‘continue-existing’ as both existing as Polarity-Opposites of each-other, Manifest. Because when/if the Physical cease to exist – the Interdimensional / Multidimensional Existence will be completely separated from its Polar-Opposite as the Physical-Existence / part of-itself its Survival depended-upon, and thus = Simply cease to Exist as-well. Because one Polarity-Point cannot stand by-itself, it requires its relationship/in­terconnectedness with the other Polarity-Point to be able to exist / continue existing: The One cannot exist without the Other. The Physical and the Interdimensional / Multidimensional as the ‘greater’ is currently-existing within its Manifested-Polarity relationship/in­terconnectedness as ‘substance’ and ‘no-substance’ due to Beings’ of ‘no-substance’ relationship/in­terconnectedness with the Physical-Body as ‘substance’ within the ‘smaller’. This the only ‘reason’ why beings ‘continue-existing’ within the Reality/Existence of ‘no-substance’ as Interdimensionality / Multidimensio­nality – their existence/survival is dependent on the continued-existence of Human-Beings in and as the Physical. ‘Continued-Existence’ as Survival do not imply Eternity or mean that Self is Eternal – because self’s existence is ‘subject-to’ and ‘depended-upon’ something / someone-else. There exist the ‘Second-Death’. The First-Death: Is simply when you as the Being ‘return’ to ‘yourself’ as what you exist-as, as ‘no-substance’ as the Interdimensional / Multidimensional Existence, wherein the ‘continued-existence’ of the Interdimensional / Multidimensional Existence of ‘no-substance’ is dependent on the Existence of the Physical as ‘substance’. The Second-Death: Is when the Physical-Existence of ‘substance’ cease to exist – and the Interdimensional / Multidimensional Existence of no-‘substance’ cease to exist along with-it, as it cannot exist without its Polar-Opposite as the Physical-Existence of ‘substance’ = and Self of and as ‘no-substance’ will thus also cease to exist as-well, because self of ‘no-substance’ – continued-existence as survival depended upon the continued-existence as survival of human-beings in and as the Physical. We’ve separated-ourselves into Polarity of:‘Substance’ as Physicality, this Physical-Existence as all that exist within-it that is Physical as Nature, the Earth, Universe and Animals , our Physical-Bodies AND‘No-Substance’ as Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality as all that exist within-it as all other-beings of ourselves of ‘No-Substance’. Within this manifested-separation of Ourselves into and as Polarity of ‘substance’ as Physicality and ‘no-substance’ as Interdimensionality / Multidimensionality = our, the Beings’ existence is ‘dependent-upon’ the Physical and the Physical’s exis­tence is ‘dependent-upon’ us, the Beings. This ‘dependency’ proven within the ‘First-Death’ – when the Being ‘separate’ from the Physical. The ‘Physical’ cease to exist and the Being cease to exist, from a certain-perspective = as, ‘who the Being was’ in and as the Physical, no-more remain. (NOTE: Why and How beings’ ‘change’, and no-more exist as ‘who they were’ in the Physical in-‘Death’ is explained ‘in-depth’ within documents and interviews-done on and desteniproductions YouTube) Within this accepted and allowed Separation from all that exist within, as and of Existence – as the Physical, Interdimensional / Multidimensional and us, Ourselves – we’ve existed within neglect, inconsideration and ignorance towards all that exist within, as and of Existence. The Manifested-Consequence of this accepted and allowed Separation is what has become of this World, the Earth-Today and the Condition it currently exist-within (Global-Warming, Pollution, Deforestation, Drought) and the Conditions we currently Face within and as-it (War, Starvation, Poverty, Abuse, Famine, Violence). The Condition of the World and the Conditions we Face within-it = is Escalating and slowly, but surely – with certainty – becoming ‘out of Control’ as us, Beings’ of ‘no-substance’ have no-‘Power’ over and of the Greater as the Total, Manifested Physical-Existence of and as ‘substance’; as we are Facing the Manifested-Consequence of our accepted and allowed Separation and what we have done, and still do within neglect, inconsideration and ignorance towards all that exist within, as and of Existence. With this – we’re slowly, but surely – with Certainty = Destroying the One and Only Manifested-Resource upon-which our current-Existence is dependent-upon, which is this Physical-Manifested Existence, and we’re Destroying-Ourselves with-it. If we Continue – we’ll Certainly Manifest our own Eternal-‘End’, and exist No-More = Eternally. This Being the actuality of ‘Eternity’ and ‘Eternal’ = that which cannot Change, and when we exist No-More – it’s DONE, no-change from this is/will-be possible = and thus we will for Eternity: Eternally exist No-more. Because we’re in and as a Physical-Existence – our ‘experience’ towards the End, the ‘Exiting’ of ourselves from Manifested Existences to Nothing = will not be ‘gracious’ – but disastrous, horrendous. The Path to our Eternal-End will be gruesome and tormenting with suffering and pain that is currently inconceivable, unimaginable by Man. This is CommonSense – as we will slowly, but surely with Certainty – destroy-Ourselves, together with the Physical through the Conditions within this World Escalating together with the Condition of the World-itself. And beings’ return to this World, life after life after life, remaining in the ‘cycle’ of Life and Death – returning to a World of suffering and pain that continue to escalate, and escalate and escalate life, after, life, after life = until eventually, inevitably there’s Nothing, until there’s No-One. To be Eternal in Actuality – is to Stand as that which is Actually Eternal; which is LIFE. LIFE as Actual, Real Substance Here. Substance as Life that is Eternal, Here – do not exist within ‘dependency’ and do not ‘alter-itself’ from ‘substance’ to ‘no-substance’ and is thus not of Polarity = because Substance as Life, is Life-itself and thus ‘Live’ and is within this = Eternal. It do not require a ‘separate-point’ to be able to exist. ‘Substance’ as it exist as the Physical = is not Actual, Real-Substance of and as Life, but part of a Polarity-System within and as which we’ve separated ourselves, that is dependent on a ‘separate-polarity-point’ to continue its existence, within through and as Survival. Life as Actual, Real Substance Here – do not yet exist as a Living-Expression of and as ourselves and as a Living-Reality as Existence of and as ourselves. Life is Equal and One – and currently, all that exist is Separation = therefore, Life do not yet Exist. We must become the Living-Existence of and as Life as all as One as Equal to Stop the current-Inevitability of Manifested-Consequence we are creating and manifesting due to accepted and allowed separation, and our neglect, inconsideration and ignorance towards all that exist within, as and of Existence because of it. It is thus up to us, each one individually, as all-together – to Birth Life and Manifest ourselves as Actual, Real Substance Here. The Only Way – we’re going to Stop-ourselves continuing Self-Destructing and Experiencing this Self-Destruction ‘in-Time’, through insurmountable suffering and pain: Is each-One assisting and supporting-themselves to Actually Really Stand as All that exist in Fact, as One with All that Exist in Fact, as Equal to All that exist in Fact, Here. To within this – stand Equal to and One with Life; as Self stand as Equality and Oneness that is Life and so be Eternal, Here as Life as Actual, Real Substance. To be Eternal in Actuality = is to be Life, to live Equal and One as All in Fact as Actual, Real Substance. Currently – we are not that, thus: We are not Eternal. To be Eternal, means to Live-Eternally = and currently, we are not Living – we are surviving and continuing existing only because of dependency, wherein our survival as continued-existence is/has been ‘entrusted-to’ a Polarity-System of and as ‘substance’ and ‘no-substance’. The one-Polarity as ‘substance’ as the Physical that we’re currently destroying. ‘Time’ to Trust-ourselves if we’re going to See this through. We’ve deceived ourselves within our own Self-Deception, as we’ve deceived-ourselves into and as accepted and allowed Separation of and as ‘substance’ and ‘no-substance’ – ‘believing’ that its ‘real’, that its ‘actual’ and that we are ‘eternal’. When = within accepted and allowed Separation – we are not, as I have explained within this document. A Course is being Introduced by Desteni called: Structural Resonance Alignment, that is being Developed as a Practical Process, through which Self can assist and support Self within the Process of Standing Equal and One Here as All, to Birth Self as Life to Stand as Actual, Real Substance. Through Structural Resonance Alignment – Self utilize the Physical, through Muscle-Testing Responses (the Physical that is currently the most ‘stable-measurement feed-back System’, as the Physical contain all and everything of Self as existence), to identify all of Self that is of Separation and Re-Align Self from existing as separation – to standing as Equality and Oneness, Here. Through Structural Resonance Alignment – each-One will be able to assist and support-themselves, individually, effectively, sufficiently and to the utmost precision and specificity. Because Realise – each-One Walk this Process ‘Alone’, for themselves as All, as One, as Equal, Here – yet, we Walk this together WITH each-other as All. Let’s get this DONE.

The Mesmerizing-System Removal – (20/03/2009)

The following system was removed: Within and of the Mind Consciousness System, existed a manifestation with various-different attached psychedelic shapes and forms of psychedelic-colours in various-positions, motioning and moving in various different-ways. This was the Mesmerizing-System of the Mind Consciousness System, through which the Mind could constantly, continuously ‘see-itself’ and so, constantly, continuously be ‘self-mesmerised’ with/by-itself within the ability to ‘see-itself’ as though ‘looking’ at-itself within a Mirror that reflect-itself. The ‘purpose’ of the Mesmerizing-System was to ensure that the Mind Consciousness System, within ‘seeing-itself’ constantly, continuously through and within the Mesmerizing-System – remain Self-Mesmerized as the Mind Consciousness system it exist-as. And to – within the Mesmerized-System, remain ‘Hypnotized’ within-itself, to ensure its continued-existence as the Mind Consciousness System it exist-as, and so remain controlled and enslaved to its own existence to ‘never want to change-itself’ – because it’s so ‘hypnotized’ within its own Self-Mesmerizing State – eternally mesmerized by/through itself as it exist, as it ‘see’-itself. Currently – Human Beings live this Mesmerizing-System as ourselves, as we constantly, continuously ‘see’-ourselves both within and without, as what we exist as within self-definition as the Mind. And within ‘seeing’-ourselves both within and without – as what we exist as, as the Mind, we remain Self-Mesmerized, as we remain mesmerized with and as what we ‘see’ of and as ourselves of the Mind as what we exist. Within this constant, continual Self-Mesmerized State – we remain Hypnotized by-ourselves, within-ourselves as the Mind as what we exist-as – controlled and enslaved to remain as ‘what and who we are as Mind’ – never-changing, never actually ‘wanting-to change’, because we’re so Mesmerized into Hypnosis with and as what we are and who we are, as we are within the Mind. Thus, realise – whenever you can ‘see’-yourself – you’re existing in Self-Mesmerized Hypnosis of Mind, and is constantly, continuously ‘re-instating’ / ‘re-confirming’ the existence/defi­nition of you as Separation of Mind – exactly the same as what was existent within and as the Mind Consciousness System-itself. This Self-Mesmerized state of Self-Hypnosis is what is ‘enhanced’ when using ‘drugs’ for example – as self ‘enter’ the Mesmerizing-System of and as the Mind and actually, thus experience the Mind mesmerized with-itself – ‘seeing’-itself. Thus why, the experience on drugs is ‘psychedelic’ in-Nature, because the ‘nature’ of the Mesmerizing-system is ‘psychedelic’ as the forms, shapes, symbols and colours the Mesmerizing-system consist-of and exist-as to keep the Mind Consciousness system Mesmerized with-itself and so remain as it exist, eternally through being Hypnotized within its own Self-Mesmerized state. Therefore – whenever you ‘see’-yourself, with any-‘experience’ within that – for example, within ‘seeing’-yourself in the Mirror or ‘seeing’-yourself in thoughts, memories/pictures of Mind – know that this ‘self’ that is being ‘seen’ is ‘self of and as Mind’ and within constantly, continuously accepting and allowing-self to exist in such a self-Mesmerized Hypnotized state – self is only re-affirming, re-establishing self’s-definition through and as the Mind. To stop this self-mesmerized state of hypnosis – is to stop the Mind, live here equal and one as all = for its only within the Mind of separation within self-interest and ego that self-mesmerisation exist. Sunette