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Decade with Desteni - Featuring Tormod
What is it like to walk the Desteni proceess as a person diagnosed with schizophrenia? We get to hear from Tormod who has been walking his process for many years and was born with schizophrenia. How did the Desteni process assist and support him to not only 'cope' with his condition, but find ways to understand it and work with it?

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Day 357: DIP Tip: Pushing through resistance to finally resolve the past

Sometimes I really resist a DIP assignment because I experience it as being 'not relevant to me anymore', but - where I recognize that I haven't 100% cleared the point that the assignment is dealing with and so I do see that this experience is a justification / postponement. When I see these points I push myself to investigate different words and memories until I finally break through with identifying the specific memory to work with, and walk through it in writing and see dimensions of myself / a reaction pattern that I had not yet seen before where, I see so specifically my point of Self Responsibility and Self Honesty in how I contributed to creating a certain event in the past - that I'm finally able to Resolve this past event within myself because I finally see how to move forward with self forgiveness and Solutions in redefining how I will now approach such moments in the future - where, the memory no longer exists as a lingering emotional charge that pops up from time to time - but where I can stand Clear in that memory and not react - not 're-live' the reaction - because I've effectively taken self responsibility for who I was in that past moment and I'm no longer 'stuck' in a point of justification, blame, judgment towards what happened. [Continue Reading]


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