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21 June 2017 - New Website Launch
We celebrate 10 years of Desteni with a brand new look!
21 June 2017 - Foreign language forums
The Dutch forums are momentarily offline for maintenance - we apologize for any inconvenience.
8 June 2017 - Lullaby
Humanix released its first original song: Lullaby - enjoy it here!
8 June 2017 - Desteni on Vimeo
Don't forget to check out Desteni on Vimeo. We are currently re-uploading the complete History of Mankind series.
20 April 2017 - EQAFE Subscription!!
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22 March 2017 - Public Chats    
Every wednesday we publish a Group Chat on the Desteni Forum - be sure to gain a variety of insights around inspiring topics. Stay up to date!
Decade with Desteni - Featuring Viktor
How much can a person change when they begin walking their process? We have a chat with Viktor who has been a Destonian for many years and discuss his transformation on this segment of "Decade with Desteni"

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574. Embracing Maturity

Or deciding to accept the fruits of self-work as a consistent self-created quality in me

In the recent weeks I was able to notice some petty things that I still would ‘get me out of my center’ so to speak, where something as simple as rolling my eyes about a certain comment or situation that I would physically – by rolling eyes – judge as either ‘bothering’ or ‘too obvious already’ or in a moment of being shown my limitations became a playful moment where in seeing myself through another’s eyes, I became aware of this pattern that I’ve been living as a form of reminiscence of the ‘teenage me’ that is represented by having to ‘oppose’ something, being antagonistic or judgmental of things that aren’t standing in alignment with a particular personality I am embodying in a moment. Sounds a bit complex so, an example: if someone is bringing up a subject in me that I have created a strong opinion on, and that other person expresses something that goes ‘against that belief’ I have on it, then rolling my eyes would be a way to kind of say ‘ah well I disagree/that’s you not me/yeah whatever’ and in that moment I am not really being the considerate and understanding me, but I am instantly putting on this ‘suit’ of personality where I have limited myself quite a bit in a particular ‘way of thinking,’ which I was able to see with more clarity recently. [Continue Reading]


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