Questions and Perspectives: Nephilim; Giants; Sodom & Gomorrah; Martyrs; Saints; Archangels

Questions & Perspectives – Nephilim; Giants; Sodom & Gomorrah; Martyrs; Saints; Archangels

As transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 24/10/2007


Marduk and Enki experimented together (without Anu’s consent) with sex between races and the creation of Man – thus – Marduk and Enki retrieved ‘subjects’ from their own race – the Annunaki – and ‘hypnotized’ them, ordering them to go down to earth and have sexual intercourse with Anu’s human race experiment on earth. They wouldn’t have agreed to in any other way.

And so it was – beings from the Annunaki race had sex with the Human race.

Anu discovered this and was exceptionally angered – because he wanted his Human race creation to be ‘pure’ – only the genetic design may be of reptilian (also Draconian,the Draconians are of the Reptilian Race) origin – Anu didn’t want his creation as the human race to be ‘cross-pollinated’ with the Reptilian race through sexual intercourse – human race must have sex with human race and birth a perfectly ordinary human – THAT’S IT.

Thus Anu was profusely dissatisfied – though the ‘subject’ of human race having sex with reptilian races was intriguing to only Enki and Marduk.

The reason though Anu was angry was because he was afraid that Marduk or Enki would ‘take his place’ as creator – and Anu knew there can be only one God – already decided by him that it could only be him (that’s why God in the Bible is depicted as Male). Thus – when Anu discovered this – he manifested the ‘Great Flood’ – destroying everything – all human race design and reptilian beings that had sex with the human race and also the ‘babies’ that were born of human race and reptilian race ‘crossed’. Anu said that those of the Reptilian race that allowed themselves to dishonour themselves will be punished and will have to see the same fate as the human race – because they shamed their own kind – all must be cleaned so that no-one else of the Annunaki race may know that the same kind has done such shameful acts – as it would dishonour Anu and the Annunaki for which he stands.

Anu – kept only a select few information DNA strands of the human race and everything else he designed to establish the first human design – (therefore Noah’s ark story) – then Anu started over – this ‘time’ ensuring – that no other dimensional being has access to earth and human race without his permission. This was assisted with by Kryon – creating a magnetic gridline structure within and as the world – later to become the unified consciousness field – the gridline structure would only allow access to a specific signature (though which was also counteracted by others and got through to earth without Anu’s permission)

Marduk became angry at Anu – Enki remained silent – he was scared of Anu and thus a loyal servant – since then – the relationship between Anu, Enki and Marduk was never the same.

Giant Skeletons:

A race design of the Annunaki – ‘giants’ did exist – it was these very first creation that Marduk and Enki allowed interdimensional beings to have sex with and birth babies – as explained above.

They ‘fell’ because they couldn’t return to interdimensional status and thus also why Anu had them destroyed along with the first human/giant race – through the Great Flood – using water as a symbolism of the purification of his own ‘creation’.

(That’s why Nephilim is in the book Genesis – which was the beginning – the ‘first race’ designed and destroyed)

Since then – human beings were designed smaller, Anu wasn’t satisfied with the size of the first human race anyway – they were designed in his ‘image and likeness’ as size and brutality (Giants were the size Anu and them in ‘real life’ were) – Noah’s Ark was but the species Anu ‘saved’ to from here re-design human form again and re-establish human race on earth along with animals – as mentioned above.

Sodom & Gomorrah:

There was a ‘war’ waged between two cultures: The on of God and the other of Sin.

The ‘story’ of Sodom & Gomorrah was transcribed by a 17 year old boy – of a human race who believed in ‘God’ – who were the race of God.

The race of God – waged war against those who they believed was of Sin, of the Devil/Satan who lived in the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah. The race of God believed that God had placed the Devil/Satan ‘amongst’ them to ‘test’ their faith – to show ‘Him’ (God) that they honour and worship him. Thus – to do this – they must destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah along with all, each and every single human of the race of Sin who reside in Sodom and Gomorrah.

And so it was.

The race of God – destroyed all the cities and all the humans of Sodom and Gomorrah – killing every single one of them – the race of God ‘won’. And because they won – the ‘tale’ was so written, by the 17 year old boy – that God through them did it – thus – the ‘story’ in the Bible that God ‘damned’ Sodom and Gomorrah

The war was waged because Sodom and Gomorrah was seen as the cities of sin because there were prostitutes – marriage in families – ‘free from religion’ – no belief in God – therefore – the race of God believed they were of the Devil/Satan and did not belong on ‘holy ground’ as earth – because this existence was God’s existence and no Sinful man of the Devil/Satan will walk on holy ground. And thus they will be killed – so they may burn in hell for eternity.


The example of how we as humanity have allowed ourselves to sacrifice ourselves as who we are for the existence of the mind, the mind consciousness system separate from ourselves.

How we have allowed ourselves to suffer and abuse ourselves because of separation: The martyr a physical manifested representation and example of what we have done unto ourselves for eons of time.


Labeling self according to a separate construct, thus allocating self according to self definition within an ‘outflow’ of the unified consciousness field such as religion:

Like a ‘barcode’ you acquire or attain – then you’re a slave within and of the system as the unified consciousness field – trapped and noticed by the system.

Then – you ‘live’ by the ‘law’ of the ‘code’ – thus – you ‘live’ by the ‘law’ of a Saint to which human beings have defined ‘who they are’ – thus enslaved, trapped and lost within and as the unified consciousness fi­eld.


Designs of Anu – ‘Part of’ the dimensional hierarchy: Manifesting the ‘positions’ of power and control within the dimensions.

Archangels represented ‘Holiness of being’ in a construct created within the dimensions by Anu to further the support in separation and enslavement – especially here on earth.

Thus – the Angels were designed and manifested in the image and likeness of everything human beings are not. Thus – human beings will ‘worship’ the ‘superiority’ of Archangels – not allowing themselves to realise themselves within and as oneness and equality. The Archangels representing all that human beings are apparently not within themselves and thus must apparently ‘attain’ to or ‘become’ the greatness of the oh so mighty Archangels.

Archangels don’t exist – they were designed interdimensional constructed systems – with knowledge and information and the presentation and example of all that human beings apparently are not.

That’s why human beings placed them on a pedestal.


He was ‘part of’ the entire pre-programmed / pre-ordained enslavement program of the unified consciousness field in this existence – as manifested within and as the mind consciousness system of all of humanity.

See – in that moment – with all the human beings ‘present’ a ‘section’ within their mind consciousness system activated together at the same time – all containing the exact same mind consciousness system section activation.

Thus – holographically manifesting the man physically (known as Apostikane) within a specific gridline structure section within and as the unified consciousness field – many minds – holographically projection the same ‘image’ the same ‘manifestation’ – brings a ‘holographic projection’ within their mind to ‘life’ as a physical representation.

Then – a dimensional being with a mind consciousness system integrated within and as the manifested holographic projection from the minds of many (doesn’t matter if they were close or not – the section activation within their mind consciousness system made it possible for it to manifest) – and spoke words to the exact tee as what all the human beings wanted to hear.

All part of the enslavement of the White Light – to instill conflict, conspiracy and separation.


Jack and Veno