Andrea 123 – How to stop being batteries, powering the Matrix

Written by Andrea123

Date : 05/09/2007

We create our realities on the basis of our thoughts, and we continuously „compound“ (using an expression typical of the dimensional beings that I find particularly appropriate) them in a vicious circle that becomes „how we think is“ all our life… Furthermore, this „self-built reality“ is continuously confirmed and „inflated“ by the constant interaction with others, so each one of is nothing more than a little gear of this huge mechanism we call life on earth, but it would be better to call it „machine on earth“ or simply „MAYA/MATRIX“! In other words, our thoughts GIVE THE ENERGY FOR MATRIX TO EXIST (remember when Morpheus shows to Neo the real world and says that human being are „seeded“ to become batteries to feed Matrix?)

So, the starting point for a practical solution to stop being „batteries for Matrix“ could be: PHASE 1 – REALIZING THAT THOUGHTS CREATE „OUR“ PERCEIVED REALITY 1) Don't accept anything for granted: start our personal test to see by ourselves how things are really going on. We could name this test „Thought Experiment“ and assign to it half a day of time to be completed. 2) As soon as we start our experiment, begin to see thoughts as they were separate from ourselves. Start observing them and see what happens, as we were watching a movie on TV (remember popcorn ). 3) Observe how the thoughts trigger the emotions and feelings (feel them in your stomach) and then the words we speak and then the way we behave. 4) Observe how the words we speak and the way we behave, trigger the thoughts and the behavior of the people we interact with. 5) Observe how the words and the behavior of the people we interact with, trigger „our“ thoughts and then „our“ emotions/feelings (keep attention to the stomach) and then „our“ words and then „our“ behavior. 6) Observe how the Media trigger our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 7) Observe how Advertisement triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 8 ) Observe how Religion triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 9) Observe how Money triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 10) Observe how Fashion triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 11) Observe how Music triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 12) Observe how Authority (Government, Police, Bureaucracy) triggers our thoughts and „then etc etc“ 13) When the experiment is finished, write down on a piece of paper or use a digital recorder to store your impressions. 14) If this experiment convinced you that it's really true (because you experienced it) that thoughts create the reality, now you can start PHASE 2 PHASE 2 – DISCONNECTING YOURSELF FROM MATRIX 1) When a thought comes in your head, don't assign to it the label: „my thought“. Define it as „a thought that is passing through my head“ 2) Study the thoughts that are passing through your head as you were a National Geographic documentarist whose job is to study animals in the Amazon Forest. Begin to analyze their behavior and their habits. 3) Once you're become reasonably clever in studying the thoughts, you're able to „feel“ the thoughts arriving in your head. 4) When you feel the thought arriving, create your personal technique or use the Osho Moment Management technique (… ) to stop the thought to trigger automatically your words and your behavior. In other words, be aware of the fact that IN THAT PRECISE MOMENT YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHT AND NOT VICE-VERSA. Now YOU ARE THE BOSS! YOU CAN DECIDE TO STOP THE TRIGGER, TO STOP THE MECHANISM, TO STOP THE ENSLAVEMENT! 5) Create a „training program“ for your thoughts of at least 21 days to „discipline“ it. 6) In these 21 days, try to be the least exposed possible to influence of Mass Media, especially TV. 7) Forgive yourself every time a thought have triggered automatically a behavior that not support yourself as you really are. 8) Enjoy yourself! 9) Share your process with all the people of the forum. 10) Share your process with all the people of the world so that all together we can FUCK THE MATRIX!!!!!!!!!!