Typed by Andrea

Date : 18/09/2007

The Marijuana plant comes from about 1000 000 years ago already although man has only been using it for ‘medicinal purposes' for about the last 200 years. People think that Marijuana is wonderful because it comes from the earth. The earth when it was created gave life to many things. Things like trees, animals, plants etc. However when the Annunaki placed themselves here on earth in what is known as the 3D manifestation of themselves, they together with many other races created their own set of plants and animals: The changes in behavior, the aggression and the need to destroy ‘weaker' species by attacking and eating them.

What did they do to this plant: Marijuana? They took 5 elements that were created and placed to control the human mind with and they inserted it into the DNA cell structure of Marijuana. The 5 elements were derived from various smaller elements that placed inside plants gave them their attributes. So small are these elements that they were infused into the structure within the plants – and of course unseen by the eye. The 5 elements were created by the Annunanki to control the expressions throughout the animal kingdom as well as how nature was to be used to control man. From our basic food supplements we have found these elements, all placed as system supporters. Systems as you have been made aware of are created by humans when they participate with the mind as themselves in this world, therefore nature was created to support the systems that keep man enslaved. To give you a brief example: Cats and dogs were ‘domesticated' to assist in ‘keeping us calm and stable'. When man needs to feel loved or special or have something to play with he goes out and ‘buys' himself a pet. Therefore the domestication of the animal ensured that humans had a means to pre-occupy themselves. Marijuana is the same in a way, as it distracts firstly you from asking: ‘why do I require anything other than myself?' So let me move back to John, now that you have a better idea of the “placement ” of animal and plant constructs seen as being necessary according to our allowed “human behavior”. The need to have a pet or drink your herbal tea or smoke your joint.

Marijuana is used by the mind to suppress and reject what is “really” going on within a being. The five elements placed inside as the cell structure of the plant is used to lock into your cells the exact issues you wanted “suppressed” – by you smoking it in the first place. How do the elements do this? Firstly when John had his first joint the suppressions that already existed in John became further suppressed into his cells due to the effect of Marijuana. The five elements act as a grid line that sorts out the mind from your “issues”. This grid happens due to the elements. The elements are infused into the physical body, into cells. The elements “collect” all of the refractions (parts of you issues) that sit inside each cell. As the elements bind with the refractions they move into each molecule of the cell, infusing like a crystal would harden. Then your “issues” that were already structurally apart of your cells become one and literally infused into the cell. This is what I meant by separating the issues from your mind when the separation occurs between your thoughts being dealt with and instead are infused into cell structures. Now instead of you being able to release refractions (refer to FAQ on website) of information (from your thoughts) through breathing, forgiveness and corrective application – the refractions are now infused. You now sit with hardened refractions that have been infused into the cell. Now it is not so easy to remove the refractions as it is not just a matter of intent (by intent I refer to the effect of forgiveness) normally one would remove refractions by doing forgiveness. Forgiveness clears the cells as refractions are thoughts left inside your body that float around and become “lodged” in the cells as they move through you. For example : When you speak the words “I am stupid” the sound vibrations move through you as you say the words. Sound manifests inside the physical body. That is how we are created: the manifestation of sound. So you say: “I am stupid” enough and the thought will manifest as the cells become the thought/refractions that move through you. The plasticity ( the free movement of water in your cells) becomes that thought as it vibrates and changes. Then as the plasticity changes its function so eventually does the entire cell structure, meaning if you inner fluid (plasticity) now vibrates with “I am stupid” then eventually your cells will enact stupidity – creating this as a collective physical expression.

Marijuana will then eventually change your expression. As you smoke more, the more you become your suppressions. Lock suppressions into your cells and what do you expect to happen? Generally people are talking and acting out their suppressions yet it depends from time to time. One moment (lets use the “I am stupid” cell resonance) you're fine and the next you blabber out that you are stupid or you “do” something “stupid”. This generally (except for when you are pre-programmed) is because inside your own mind exists a grid that picks up on all the refractions. Inside how the basic brain works is a neuro – linguistic modality that interprets information. So one day you are fine and the next you act “stupid”. Why not all the time? The brain of a child for example losses its ability to completely focus on one thing when the child turns about 5/6 years old. It is the turning point when a child brain focuses intensely on themselves, becoming one application, constantly as the mind tries to understand itself. As the child “grows up” the mind restores this “balance” by literally loosing focus causing dullness, depression and boredom. By the age of 16, children become bored with “EVERYTHING” as the mind switched off, taking constant interpretation out and replacing it with external learnt knowledge. Where does a 16 year old get knowledge from? Parents, teachers, television and computers. Yes children are walking around claiming they “KNOW” everything, “don't tell me what to do”, yet they don't stop to ask “who taught me all this information, I am only 16?” The brain takes its shoes off and sits back on the couch. It literally slots into everything that is seen, heard and genetically encoded infusing all this information as its own reality (illusion). So from that age Marijuana is really ‘dangerous' because the mind only stops to express a suppression once in a while and only because there are refractions that create rifts in the flow of the minds expression. So lets say your suppression as “stupid” flows through your cells. In the past structural resonance would not have assisted in compounding therefore refractions floated around for your entire existence. Now structural resonance compounds the “shit” by moving the crystals and refractions to one point in the body, compressing it and that is when you suffer boy – until you comprehend what it is you must face.

Another effect of Marijuana is that It creates the illusion that what ever happens while on Marijuana is fine –it cannot be harmful. That when your suppressions eventually manifest under the ‘relaxed state' of Marijuana it is fine because it is all natural and at least not ‘drug induced'. There is no difference between you suppressing yourself through the crystalisation of Marijuana and the compounding caused by alcohol. So what is rule number one while assisting oneself in honesty? Understand that the idea that you have around what you drink or smoke is how the mind utilizes it. So the one tricky part with Marijuana is that it is an accepted way for many as is drinking and drugs to suppress and deny.

So a brief summary on the long term effects of Marijuana: It compounds and crystallizes into the cells your suppressions. This in the long run creates the manifestation of your suppression through the “you are what you think” cellular memory. Eventually you become the living manifestation of your suppressions. The structural resonance within each being stands as the corrective application within each, compounding issues so that they may be released. The effects therefore of Marijuana as it crystallizes the suppressions then requires (usually) drastic measures for it to be de-crystallized. So what does it actually assist you in by utilizing something that does not support you, let alone express your inner desires. By desires I am speaking about that which is the cause of suppressions. What you desire within how you wish to express yourself. Those suppressions are only corrected by application. Suppressing yourself does not create freedom from angst. Instead the “relaxing” effect of Marijuana gives each the delusion that they are in fact free and boundless. Yet, take it away and you remain stuck. So, remain stable in your every day application though breathing, doing forgiveness as you apply yourself.