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Neurodermatitis (Part 1) - Psychological & Physical Disorders

Neurodermatitis (Part 2) - Psychological & Physical Disorders



Perspective 1:

Within your physical-body, is manifested ‘memories’ of your experiences of you from when you were a child, specifically pertaining to emotional and feeling reactions that you had has a child pertaining to circumstances you faced within which you experienced literal ‘physical uncomfortability’ – but was forced to ‘live through it’.

For example – specifically pertaining to events as a child in which you didn’t want to do things, or participate in things, but was forced to either by parents, friends or teachers. Such events, wherein you were forced to do things that you didn’t want to = had a great impact on you physically, because you felt that you were forced into having to do something that you didn’t understand why you had to do it, and then because of that – you didn’t want to, but was left feeling ‘powerless’ because everyone was forcing you to do it.


For example – you being forced to go to school, and because you didn’t understand why you had to go to school – you didn’t want to go to school, but you couldn’t communicate that point to anyone, because at that stage, you yourself didn’t understand your experience with regards to you first wanting to understand why you were forced to do something.

Later-on your understanding of why you had to go school became more ‘clear / apparent’, but your ‘physical uncomfortability’ still exist within-you, due to the event that happened when you started school, as being forced into something but not understanding why, which manifested as a physical-memory within you.

The point is not related about school-itself, but the starting-point within-which you started going to school that had a great physical-experienced impact on you.

This is but one example of a physical-memory manifested within-you in relation to physical experienced uncomfortability that is playing a part within the eczema that you’re experiencing.


We’d suggest going through your life-experience from when you can remember as a child, up to that age of 14, wherein you can identify events, wherein you experienced yourself being forced to do something – but you not understanding why you had to do it, but did it anyway due to not being able to communicate your experience, from the perspective of first wanting to understand why you had to / participate in a certain thing/event.


Realise that, the physical-uncomfortability you experienced, was in relation to fear – wherein you feared doing new things that you didn’t understand, thus why you first wanted to understand something new before participating within-it or doing-it, and why you didn’t want to do things you didn’t first understand.


Thus, we suggest approaching self forgiveness within the context of forgiving yourself for fearing that which did not yet understand, instead of realising that you had yourself – and that you don’t need ‘prior knowledge and information of mind’ to direct yourself within situations/events – all you need is you here in breath, self-honestly.


Thus, have a look at events or situations from when you can remember up to the age of 14, wherein you experienced ‘extreme fear’ of ‘doing new things’, wherein you approached the ‘new things’ within the starting point of fear, manifesting physical uncomfortability – which influenced your whole experience throughout your experience within the new endeavours. And then apply self-forgiveness for accepting and allowing yourself to walk into something new as fear, instead of as yourself, here.


That’s the physical-memory aspect of the eczema-experienced in your physical body. With regards to current-triggers within your experience of yourself at the moment in your world – we suggest looking at this point of fear, especially when approaching something ‘new’, because you’ve formed a habit of approaching new things and people within the starting-point of fear, which manifest extreme physical uncomfortability, which cause the eczema to inflame even more. Practically – we suggest, observing yourself closely in becoming self-aware of the experience of yourself when approaching new things and people in your world – whenever you experience fear, immediately stop-yourself within-yourself through breathing, be here in and as your physical and don’t accept or allow yourself to participate in the starting-point of fear. If during an event the fear arise, simply breathe for the moment – when you return to where you are with yourself alone – you can re-look at the experience and see what thoughts/people triggered the fear-reactions and apply self forgiveness accordingly, so that next-time when you face a similar event = you’ve prepared the way before you and can stop the thoughts and reactions more immediately.


We suggest starting with this for now, we’ll go into it more specifically within a document, with regards to eczema triggers in relation to physical uncomfortability manifested by fear, so – for the moment, focus on the memory-points in relation to self forgiveness and the practical application within your current-reality in relation to prominent fear-reactions you experience.


Also, we suggest to assist and support the physical while you’re walking through this process – to utilize a bridge as a cream/ointment to alleviate the inflammation caused by the eczema, this is taking into consideration that you are still in the physical, and for the moment – to assist and support you in the physical as/while you’re walking your process.

Perspective 2:

It’s an indication of self irritation/anger – being irritated/angry with self for not ‘being self’ in the moment here, and what’s fascinating is that you know that you do this – then the irritation/anger comes, because you didn’t stand up for yourSELF, meaning you didn’t stand for and as self, but accepted and allowed yourself to compromise you.

This has especially to do with ‘placing trust in others’ to try/attempt to understand / establish trust within yourself – and in this, the other must deceive/betray you for you to realise that you cannot ‘place trust in others’ as this is separation = self trust must be who you are.

And if you don’t self realise this point – a manifested experience of self judgment and self blame infuse itself within and as you – which present itself as irritation/anger within the manifestation of eczema.

So, suggested is to observe the experiences within your past where you ‘placed trust in others’ and within this compromised yourself, because you’re still holding onto such events by judging and blaming yourself within the phrase: ‘Why the fuck did I do that, how could I have ever trusted that person’ – whereby you directed the anger towards the person that deceived/betrayed you = but actually you deceived/betrayed yourself and you’re angry at yourself – because you in a sense ‘misplaced yourself’ and ‘missed you’ – because you haven’t realised that self trust must be who I am here.


Also another perspective with regards to eczema which I suggest having a look at within you, exist within the sound of the word, which is an unconscious mind control: Economy is Mother = eczema, whereby you place your trust in money to ‘take care of you’ / ‘support you’ = where you’ve defined money as your stability / trust instead of self.


Perspective 3:

Question: what about skin eczema between my elbow joint?
Veno: skin eczema irritation - elbow, direction - you tend to feel stuck in your life, waiting for movement to happen instead of realizing the extent of work that needs to be done to in fact move in reality

Skin in general:

“The skin is an extension of the brain and thus important to feel/touch directly all skin and to find breath also in the fingertips” - Bernard