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Interview Request - Family Dynamics




Perspective 1:

still family related to past = still holding onto past experiences to which you're defining you = observe when writing for instance = are you writing the past = or are you 'righting you' / correcting you within your writing.


here exist still suppressed anger towards your family = the belief that you are how/who you are because of being a product of how they raised you = blaming them for who / how you are and your life experiences you endured = instead of realising you've always been self responsible.


Perspective 2:


Chest: Indicate 'immediate family/friends/acquaintances' - beings that are in your world currently and have been in your world in the past, that had an direct influence on how you perceive or define yourself to be at the moment.


For example attempting/trying to 'live up to others expectations', changing yourself in an attempt to convince yourself that you are 'better/more than them' or changing yourself to 'fit in' or be 'socially acceptable' or wanting to live so that someone else can be 'proud of you' and so 'acknowledge' your existence as worthy.



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Veno - Structural Resonance - Part 2 - Phase 2 (point 7)


"Ah, the infamous chest: This including your lungs.


For all smokers' out there, I have some ‘good' news and some ‘bad' news: Smoking does not cause cancer or any other ‘harmful' diseases – what does cause cancer however are consciousness systems which you have used to define who you are such as suppressions of anger, eating away at your physical system, slowly but surely. So, if you are a smoker, the ‘good' news is that it doesn't cause cancer, yet the bad news is that if you do have suppressed anger within yourself, it's more than likely your lungs will get fucked, or any other part(s) of your physical system for that matter, whether you smoke or not!


(Hitler places the cause, source and reason of diseases and illnesses into perspective in his writings, so I suggest you take a peak at what he has to say in his writings as to the reason why I state: Smoking does not cause cancer, consciousness systems within you does.)


In terms of the myth/belief that is spread in this world that smoking is apparently the cause for various different forms of ‘death' in this world, cancer or lung diseases are actually related to suppressed anger concerning the ‘family matrix/system'. Yes, the CHEST point represents your ‘love' and ‘devotion' to your family – ‘love', ‘caring' and ‘devotion' that is able to be reversed into disappointment, disgust, anger and frustration. The world (word) – removing the letter ‘l') is in reverse. I will be explaining shortly how and why the relationship between parents and children, take a turn for the worse, having the complete reverse effect as what the parents intended for the relationship with their children to be, as children grow up and come of age.


Firstly, let's look at the origin of the CHEST point:


Within the chest there is a system – a circular system which holds your parent's (including the generations that have gone before them) ways of ‘teaching' you, as you ‘learn', methods of survival skills to maintain an acceptable and approved (according to them) existence here on earth. Meaning teaching you as you learn the difference between ‘right' and ‘wrong', ‘good' and ‘bad': Morality and polarity systems as an ‘acceptable' and ‘approved' ‘way of life/living' for their dearest child, is what parents give(gift) to their children here on earth as what had been given(gifted) to them when they were a child by their parents. The CHEST point contains the Family System – infused and implanted to maintain the teaching and learning model between the relationship parents have with their children: The passing on of the ‘sins of the fathers' in other words.


So what does this Family System actually do and why has it been placed within the human physical body as part of and one with the entire mind consciousness system within human beings? What it does is the following:


The Family System ‘contains' you into becoming the slave of your parents as a child, being forcefully obliged as a child to listen exactly to what your parents ‘tells' you, to trust them with all and everything that you are in believing that you must become the learner and your parents the teacher: Through this, within this containment, you must become the exact copy of your parents, yet you are allowed to ‘tweak' the duplication of them unto you slightly to create the idea of individuality as you follow them like a lost puppy on a leash throughout your childhood years. You must listen and follow their instructions explicitly – especially when they teach you and you learn the difference between what is ‘right' and what is ‘wrong' and what is ‘good' and what is ‘bad'. Furthering the containment of yourself as who you really are as a child as your unconditional innocent self expression – because as the parents starts teaching the children and the children learn the ‘ways of the world' from their parents – the parents start caging the child's uncon­ditional innocent self expression. The bars of the cage as the morality and polarity systems given(gifted) to the children by the parents as the child is caged within in constant fear, also given(gifted) by the parents, because of the taught difference between what is ‘right' and what is ‘wrong' and what is ‘good' and what is ‘bad'. The taught ‘bad' and ‘wrong' generate fear within the child – which cage them within themselves because they are forcefully obliged to act and behave in acceptable and approved ways according to the parents fervent demand. (Morality and Polarity is what consciousness systems thrive on, because it causes fear and resistance within beings: Making such systems part of your world, of what is acceptable and approved by society, makes you so much more the controlled slave of consciousness.) Parents do unto their children what had been done unto them: “Do unto other's what you would have like be done unto you” (Parents of the world, congratulations, you are already living these words as you cage your children and strip them from their unconditional innocent self expression.) So what exactly happens is that parents cage their children through generating fear within them by teaching them the differences between what is ‘right' and what is ‘wrong' and what is ‘good' and what is ‘bad': The cage of morality and polarity.


As a child you trusted your parents unconditionally, you placed all and everything of who you are in their hands to support YOU as who you really are in this world, you shared with them your unconditional innocent self expression – and what did they do with it: Stripped it away, locked it away, ruined and destroyed who you really are through caging you as they had been caged. With you existing in constant fear of the polarity and morality systems given (gifted) to you by your parents – as they forcefully moulded and changed you to become an exact copy as they had become of their parents. And in turn how will your relationship be when you have children: You will also cage your children as you have been caged – continuing the ‘sins of the fathers' as you live the words “do unto another what you would have liked to be done unto you.” And this is reason why the Family System had been placed: So that human beings, from childhood, become consciousness systems enslaved and controlled in this systematic reality through fear within the polarity and morality systems of the world – ‘contained' to not allow innocent unconditional self expression as who you really are: Ever! But to be caged and exist in becoming duplicated, copied consciousness systems as those that have gone before you. This is how Anu, Marduk, Enki and Enlil ensured that humanity remain enslaved and controlled in the becoming of consciousness systems, ensuring the lock down and ruin of unconditional self expression as who you really are.


So, from unconditional expressions of ‘love', ‘devotion' and ‘care' as a child with your parents, the relationship between you and your parents become conflicting, with many disputes and arguments and disagreements as you come of age – where you just don't seem to be able to see eye-to-eye. (When this occurs parents usually refer to it as a: Phase you are going through. This is bullshit; you are expressing your anger, disappointment and frustration for what you and they have allowed to be done unto you.) Why? Because within yourself as a child you were aware of what your parents were doing to you, you were aware that they were ‘caging' and ‘containing' you as who you really are, your unconditional self expression, in being forced to become a duplicate, copied consciousness system as they are: Caged and contained for the remainder of your life. Not having the words or vocabulary to express to them what they're doing, including because of the influence of the Family System within you: You are not able to ‘stand' up to them and are condemned to follow their example for the necessity to survive in this world. As a child you experience the disdain, disgust, anger, frustration, sadness and disappointment towards your parents because of what they're doing to you and what you are allowing them to do unto you, but you don't have any practical supportive tools to discontinue this teaching/learning relationship system within yourself and all that remains is that you have to suppress what you experience within yourself and ‘do as you're told'. Only later, as you come of age, does the suppressed disdain, disgust, anger, frustration, sadness and disappointment towards your parents and towards yourself arise, expressed in various different forms – these ‘acting out' expressions also copied from your parents, ways given from them to you to have the ability to release the suppressions within yourself: Which is usually directed to the one's (parents) who caused your state of being and becoming of consciousness systems in this world, caging and containing you. Understand that it is neither your ‘fault' nor your parents' ‘fault' – because your parents experienced exactly what you have or are experiencing within yourself, they also had no practical supportive tools.


So, therefore, smokers (and non-smoker's) if you have any suppressed emotions within you regarding the relationship you have with your parents – locked into the CHEST point of the Family System: I suggest you jump right into the forgiveness process and release such suppressions through forgiveness, rather than suppressing them and dying a horrible death or ‘acting out' in ways you might later regret, compounding further systems of guilt and shame when you ‘lash out' unnecessarily­. Enjoy!"

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Veno - Dawn of a New Age


“And we’ll start with one of the most frequently asked questions when seeing Sunette’s human physical body through the videos on YouTube breathing in and out with various different beings expressing, communicating and discussing various existential points. So, with In Breath as the being prepare leaving the physical body, the being centralize in the center of the Human Physical Body and move out from within and as that one point as the chest area.

The chest area is the one stabilization point of the Human Physical body and can be referred to as the Center of the Universe or Existence so to speak because in the physical within and as that one point, one can stand as and see all parts of the Physical Existence simultaneously here as the Human Physical Body in fact stand as the manifestation of and as equality and oneness as existence here ; and so it’s the centralized point of and as the physical existence and of Self – the chest area.


I mean also have a look at for example breath, when breathing, breath centralizes as the pressure within and as the center chest area, it’s the manifested physical positioning of being here with and as the physical and standing within and as that point as and with breath and walking here with it is the process of assisting and supporting self in walking here with and as the physical in becoming real.


So the breath as that physical indication point within the chest area as that one point is your stabilization/grounding point within the physical within what is real, within what is here in assisting and supporting your physical practical walking process.

Then the out breath thus is as the being as presence of within and as the physical release themselves from within and as the physical an as the presence, as the breath itself (exhales) and move from without of the human physical body with the human physical body remaining here as manifested substance.”


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