Daily Dimensional Diaries 11 October 2008:

God of Man – The Physical: Part Five and Six

Transcribed and typed by Bruce Lee through the Interdimensio­nal Portal

Date : 11/10/2008

God of Man – The Physical: Part Five

And further down the rabbit hole we go…

To the unconscious mind, the physical manifest, which is the core expression of your current accepted and allowed beingness/nature as the mind itself.

To review:

The Conscious Mind:

Appears as thought-forms within your mind, which are the thoughts you think in a moment; always related to or towards what you directly see within your world with your human physical eyes.

Such thought-forms also exist as memory-thoughts. Though what you will realise and see for yourself as you ‘study’ yourself in relation to thoughts, is that all thoughts are actually ‘memory-based.’

Because the thoughts within the conscious mind which you participate within (this participation being the act of ‘thinking’), are reflections of the physically manifest subconscious mind – which is the manifested self-definition of you as the nature/beingness that you designed yourself to be.

And self-definition consists of ‘memory-experiences’ of the past, which you used to articulate this designed self-definition of you as the physically manifested subconscious-mind – the truth of you ‘behind’ the thoughts you think.

The Sub-conscious Mind:

Is the physically manifested ‘truth of you’ which the thoughts in the conscious-mind reflect.

Therefore, literally – thoughts are the mirror-images of your ‘true self,’ the self-defined ‘what and how you are’ which you ‘press out’ through actions, ‘living acts’ – which supports this self-definition of you that is the physical-manifest sub-conscious mind.

Herein: The Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind, are that within and as which you ‘regulate’ your self-defined existence, and also confirm your self-defined existence unto yourself.

This is done through the accepted and allowed participation in thoughts, which is the act of thinking, and then ‘acted out’ through ‘lived/expressed action;’ the physically-manifested self-definition of you that is reflected and related to the particular thoughts.

The Unconscious Mind:

This is the physically manifested core reality of ‘yourself’ of the mind in its entirety. It is the ‘reality’ that exists as the origin for and of the subconscious and conscious mind.

The reality of ‘yourself’ as the unconscious mind ‘gives existence’ to your self-defined existence in and as the physically manifested subconscious mind, as the self-defined expression of you that you ‘act out’ through the physical. This gives existence to the conscious mind as the thoughts that manifest the ‘act of thinking’.

Therefore, there exist three ‘phases’ through which you move with yourself here:

Phase 1: Identifying thoughts of the conscious mind.

Phase 2: Identifying the self-definition of the subconscious mind pertaining to the thoughts.

Phase 3: From the self-definition, identify the ‘reality’ of the unconscious mind from which the self-definition was developed or designed.

After working through the first three phases comes the practical self-corrective action as the transformed expression of yourself in the physical that you live, wherein you change yourself from the starting-point origin of yourself as the unconscious-mind reality existence that you’ve lived (which is the core development or design ‘platform’ from which the rest of yourself as the conscious and subconscious-mind emerges).

It is from within and of this core, this reality, this platform – that you change yourself physically. But must go through the first two phases of the conscious and subconscious mind to ‘get to’ the core of the ‘real issue,’ so to speak,’ that is ‘behind it all’.

To from there, assist and support yourself with concrete, certain self-change in the physical as the self-honest expression of you here one and equal with yourself as all. No more existing as a constructed, developed or self-programmed design as the limited mind-system you’ve defined yourself as and existed through within the physical.

We will be going through the particulars with regards to self-supported self application within the Three Phases and all it entails and involves, becoming self-involved for a moment as the inner revolution as self steps forth through confronting and walking through the revolting, vile nature of man that we’ve become.

Self-involved: Not from an personal selfishness self-interested gratification stance, but from the stand-point as self as all as one as equal here, through which the process of self-involvement not only includes the I of Mind as Ego of Consciousness, but involves all of you as you as existence one and equal.

Because within self-involvement, you become involved with you here for the first time. This involvement with you assisting and supporting yourself here within and as this process; is that which will emerge and stand as life as all as one as equal here in and as the physical.

We’re ‘walking through’ the ‘point’ that all has feared; to be able to walk through the ‘eye of the needle’ – because you cannot walk through the ‘eye of the needle’ if you are found wanting, existing of desires, wants and needs. For if you are found wanting, all that you have will be taken from you, and will not be able to walk through the ‘eye of the needle.’

What does this statement imply: ‘If you are found wanting, all that you have will be taken from you’?

Because in the very act of ‘wanting’, self-defined according to desires, wants and needs, you are living the expressed statement here in the physical that you ‘lack’ and ‘do not have’ – which drives and forms the design of yourself according to experienced desires, wants and needs.

The ‘essence’ of desires, wants and needs exists as that of personal self-interest, only existing to gratify and satisfy your own wants, needs and desires related to ‘things’ of this world. Which further implies – that you exist in separation of yourself as all that exist.

Again: What consist of and exist as only ‘self-interest’: A System.

Therefore – ‘if you are found wanting,’ you cannot go through the eye of the needle. The very existence of ‘wanting’ within you, implies that you exist of self-interest, separation and therefore a system as the mind; as the I of Consciousness.

Because you’re still self-possessed, clinging and holding onto possessions to which you have defined yourself and exist as, such as ‘wanting’ – that which you desire, want and need is the possession of this world that possess you – self-possessed within the very acceptance and allowance of existing of ‘want’.

Take for example, a self-possessed being: The being cannot walk through the eye of the needle, as their possessions of wants, needs and desires stand as ‘baggage’ around them – a miser. Unable to ‘fit through’ or ‘walk through’ the eye of the needle – because only you with yourself as yourself here is able to ‘walk through the eye of the needle’, and in that moment, in facing the eye of the needle – all that the being have will be taken from him. Because it wasn’t ‘real.’ The being missed what is real HERE as himself as all as one as equal.

And such a being had taken what they had from themselves. Because of their very existence as ‘lack’ or ‘don’t have’ which is the actual lived truth of the being which ‘wanting’ reflected, and thus manifested the reality according to the manifested physical lived truth of themselves.

Within this also, the being could not walk through the eye of the needle because the being was the I of Consciousness manifested, itself. An ‘I’ cannot walk through the eye of the needle:

Walking through the eye of the needle is you facing the physically manifested you as the ‘I of Consciousness’; breath by breath, moment by moment: The entire mind consciousness system manifest as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind which you’ve lived, expressed and thus existed as here in and through the physical.

You can only walk through the ‘eye of the needle’ in absolute self-honesty as you come face to face with yourself, the ‘I of Consciousness’ as the physical-manifested mind-system you’ve existed as, to finally self-realise you HERE as all as one as equal as life.

Understand, each one will face this point of ‘the eye of the needle,’ which is the process of facing yourself as the ‘I of Consciousness’; walking through the physically manifested consequences – the walking through the ‘eye of the needle’ – to stand up within it and self-realise you as all as one as equal as life is HERE – and finally stand absolutely as ‘who you are’ HERE.

You will either face ‘the eye of the needle’ and ‘walk through the eye of the needle,’ which can only be done in absolute self-honesty here, walked with and as absolute self-forgiveness in self trust through and as your own self-directive self-disciplined expression, realised in common sense, insight and understanding,


You will take yourself to the point of facing the ‘eye of the needle’ through the ‘indirect route’, which is still direct – though in a ‘more’ brutally effective way, as you will take yourself to the point within this reality where nothing else existed that defined ‘who you were’ as the ‘I of Consciousness’ of this world, left with only yourself. Only then will you ‘reach the point’ of facing the ‘eye of the needle’ that is yourself – stripped from all that you hid behind, to stand ‘naked’ before yourself, so you can ‘see yourself’ for yourself – facing the ‘eye of the needle’.

Then, maybe – you will walk through the eye of the needle. Maybe then you will walk through what you have become and stand up within it. If you don’t ‘make it’ this life – you will prepare yourself accordingly in the interdimensional existence, and return to here in the physical to start again.

This is not a point to be feared. This is simply how it is and what it is. The only way we can and will ensure for ourselves that we all stand equal and one here as life as the physical as all.

Therefore, it’s simply not to give into unnecessary bullshit and not to take unnecessary bullshit from yourself. Be brutally direct with yourself and develop self-discipline to remain consistent and constant within your self-application here in every moment of breath.

Understand – ‘brutal’, not the ‘brutal’ of ‘brutality’ as defined of this world.

‘Brutally-direct with yourself’ is the expression of you being direct with yourself, through the expression of you as self-discipline, which is actually gentle in nature, yet at the same time extremely specific.

It’s in the ‘extremity of specificity’ and the effectiveness of self-discipline that the ‘brutal-self-directive-expression’ of self emerges.

Because in self-discipline and self-specificity becoming the ‘nature of you’ that you live naturally as ‘who you are here,’ you will find that being ‘brutally-direct’ with yourself becomes the living statement of you, naturally – which emerges from the self-disciplined, self-specific expression of you.

Being ‘brutally direct’ emerges from your self-specificity, where you do not accept or allow anything less than who you really are here in every moment of breath, which takes absolute self-discipline. The expression of being ‘brutally direct’ here in every moment of breath, that is expressed within self-specificity from the supported self-expression as you as self-discipline – gentle yet effective as the.

Gentle in nature, meaning that being ‘brutally-direct’ with yourself is not about ‘yelling or screaming’ at yourself within the starting point of reactive emotions or feelings. It is a self-expression that is here as you naturally as ‘who you are’ here. There are no culminating of an accumulation of energetic expressions. It’s simply you being brutally-direct with yourself by not accepting and allowing anything less than who you are. Which is being self-specific and in and as self-discipline, you simply ‘move you here’ and stop, and express who you really are here in the moment as self honesty.

So, being brutally direct with yourself comes from the expressions of you as specificity and discipline and not of emotions or feelings of mind as energetic compound or culminated charges. Brutal directness exists in and as the silence that is here in and as breath as a natural expression of who you are here in the moment as breath – and thus, is absolute.

‘Brutally direct’ is the statement you live as you here in every moment of breath, wherein you do not accept or allow anything less than who you really are. Thus you become specific with and as you here, directing you in every moment of breath to be absolutely self-honest in this self-disciplined self-directedness in every moment of breath here. You become extremely specific as yourself, with yourself here and self-realise the nature of ‘brutal-directness’ within the gentleness that is you, that is the expression of absolute specific, self-disciplined self-directedness – expressed naturally here as you in the moment.

Brutal-directness, specificity and discipline are three ‘key’ expressions that’ll assist and support you to have a concrete, stable foundation as which to stand within this process. Within the manifested starting point of you as self honesty, develop these as you absolutely here, so that it is you naturally. And you’ll move quite fluently with what is to be faced both within and without.

The Unconscious Mind: The Reality of Self

The unconscious mind: The physical reality that manifest the existence of the self-definition that you express as the subconscious mind in the physical:

I will again utilize the examples that have been discussed within this document, starting with the example: ‘Shit, this person has bad teeth’.

Conscious Mind thought as ‘judgment’ :

‘Shit, this person has bad teeth’

Hidden Subconscious Mind self-definition that the thought reflect:

Fear of having bad teeth (as a judgment always reflecting fear).

Obvious subconscious mind self-definitions related to the self-defined fear:

Definition of self according to one’s teeth.

Definition of self according to one’s world and the people within it.

Superiority/Better than/More than.



Where and how hidden self-definition is lived and expressed in acts within and through the physical:

Within the starting point of going to the dentist.

Within the starting point of brushing teeth.

Within the starting point of buying only certain specific toothpastes.

This is how I’d suggest ‘laying it out’ for yourself:

For the hidden self-definition pertaining to the thought:

For the obvious self-definitions:

The ‘hidden self-definition’ is that which directly reflects the thought you had in the conscious-mind.

The ‘obvious self-definitions’ are those which you use to ‘hide’ the hidden self-definition and use to ‘protect yourself’ from the hidden self-definition.

Ironic – that the hidden self-definition is actually the most obvious, but beings refuse to see it, because they have to such an extent defined themselves as that which they use to hide the obvious with, that they cannot see the obvious.

Hence – I refer to the ‘most obvious’ as ‘hidden’ and that which is used as an attempt to ‘hide’ the most obvious, I refer to as ‘obvious’.

For example, in this example:

You use judgment and comparison to confirm superiority to hide the fear that the other reflects and protects your experience of yourself in your world towards others. Which are all still self-definitions – because you live them as you.

Where and how hidden self-definition is lived:

You will find that the Obvious Self-definitions – that of yourself which you use to ‘hide’ the Hidden-Self definition and use ‘to protect’ you from the Hidden Self-definition use the same tactics.

It is important to identify to see for yourself how you ‘operate’ and to be able to stop yourself in all levels of yourself as that which you’ve always existed as and how you’ve always manoeuvred yourself through Operation-Save-the-Self-definition tactics.

Alright – here is a framework for the moment – to ‘play’ with thoughts and hidden and obvious self-definitions and how you live such hidden self-definitions herein your human physical body through your human physical body.

I didn’t yet get to the unconscious-mind reality of self as the physical. Thus, we’ll continue with this in the document to follow.

Though here are examples for you to ‘play’ with for a moment, be self honest and be specific to identify the hidden self-definitions.

From here, we’ll taken on the reality of self that is behind the forming and developing of such self-definitions which is lived and acted out in and as the physical.

Understand – this is still the ‘ground-work’ phase as I have mentioned before.

We will continue in the practicality of the ‘ground-work’ phase, then ‘move out’ to your world and reality and show how to assist and support yourself in this world practically as you assist and support yourself within practically – as within as without; one and equal here.

  • – –

God of Man – The Physical: Part Six

And finally we come to the unconscious-mind: Which is the physically manifested reality of you, from which what you ‘perceive to be you’ of the conscious and subconscious mind, originate. The origin source of self, which is the Core of everything about you.

Before we go into the unconscious mind reality manifestation in ‘detail’ by utilizing Example 1: ‘Shit this person has bad teeth’ – within which we identified the hidden and obvious subconscious-mind self-definitions; to from there be able to see where and how and when such self-definitions originated from in the first place (the origin of such self-definitions existent as the unconscious-mind manifested reality of self in the physical): We’ll first explore, for example, the origin of ‘fear’ itself within a being, and how a being manifests a momentary experience of fear in the physical as a memory – as this will ‘fit into’ where and how for example ‘fear of bad teeth’ originated.

Here is an example of how the origin of fear and how a ‘fear’ is manifested within the physical of a being, and how such a fear is constantly, continuously being conditioned to exist:

Fear within a child is imprinted through the parents of the child primarily.

Mostly when a parent ‘raises their voices’ or speaks to their child from within a particular specific reaction – raising their voice and speaking as a particular specific reaction – their body-language and mannerisms through and as the physical and sound of their voice, exists within and carry the manifested expression as the starting point of their action.

Because in the moment of the parent speaking or expressing through and as their body in mannerism and behavior – the starting point reaction within themselves as fear towards a child, their entire physicality resonates as this reaction as fear itself. As it is a physically manifested expression conveyed by the parent within fear, through and as their physical behavior and mannerisms and speaking of words.

This resonance permeates within and throughout existence as the beings’ as parent’s physical human body.

This resonance ‘hits’ the physicality of the child. The resonance containing and existing as the reaction, which is filled with energetic charge. The resonance exists as manifested fear-charged energy, and the moment this energetically charged fear-resonance hits the child, it manifests within the muscle-tissue of the child’s physical human body.

The nature of the resonance carries a specific ‘signature’ of the mind consciousness system itself – because the origin of the energetically charged fear-resonance the parent physically expressed in mannerism and words, was the mind consciousness system as themselves, as what they exist.

This ‘signature’ of the resonance is the ‘conscience’ of the mind consciousness system, so to speak, which automatically and immediately integrates and infuses within the physical muscle tissue of the human physical body. Because it’s the only ‘fabric’ of this reality from which it survives.

Thus, the resonance (that exist of the ‘signature’ and ‘conscience’ of the mind consciousness system) permeating from within and of the parent as energetically charged fear-resonance of the mind consciousness system, instantaneously infuses and integrates into the child’s physical muscle-tissue of their physical human body.

The child actually experiences this physically in a quantum moment, though the child does not understand at all what is going on. And thus the only way to release the pain experience in and as the physical, is to cry.

From the moment the parent physically expressing in words and deeds the fear-reaction, and the expression of this reaction permeating within and throughout their physicality, as a resonance that contains, consist of and exist as the fear itself of the mind consciousness system, the resonance hitting the child’s physi­cality, permeating, infiltrating, infusing and integrating within the child’s physical human body and the child experiencing this physically – all of this occurring in a quantum instantaneous moment..

That’s why the child will suddenly ‘cry,’ their reacting to the experience they have within themselves which they do not understand. The child will not actually feel the pain in itself because it happens so fast – but the child will be aware of a physical-manifested change that is here.

They do not even understand why they’re crying. Its actually because of the pain. Because they’re not integrated in and as their physical one and equal, their pain is replaced by an intense physically changed experience throughout their physical human body. The crying is the physical human bodies’ release of the sudden unexpected pain experienced, that is very extreme in its intensity.

Here’s an example of how we manifest, create and compound what exists in the greater, through the seemingly ‘small insignificant acts, have a look:

For the parent, they are merely ‘disciplining’ their child when they believe their child had done something ‘wrong’ or unacceptable. Afterwards they then react to the child’s parti­cipation in a certain situation in fear, through the parent’s expression of and as fear of the mind consciousness system physically as their words and deeds, expressed towards the child.

Justification: ‘Oh, but such a reaction is ‘normal.’ It’s how all parents are towards their children to teach them what is right and acceptable and wrong and unacceptable through reactive emotional expressions in fear, anxiety, anger, concern and worry towards their child. Therefore it’s the way it’s done, it’s the way it’s always been done, it’s the way it is! I do it because I ‘love’ my child’.

The manifested acceptance of the above that is so lived by and through beings in this world as the physical, generation after generation after generation – that no-one sees or realises what such accepted and allowed manifested expression through and as the physical is actually generating, prolifirating and creating in this reality as themselves.

I specifically used the word ‘hit’ within a paragraph above: ‘This resonance ‘hits’ the physicality of the child. – the parent is physically abusing their child through physically expressing the manifested existence of themselves in a moment as fear of and as the mind consciousness system itself, as which they act in the physical in both word and deed – expressed towards the child. Within which their physically expressed action as fear of the mind consciousness system, has a physical-manifested painful effect on their child – so intense, that the physical through the being within, release the pain experienced through crying.

Have a look: It is in such ‘small acts’ in moments – that continue the existence of child-abuse in this world: The child-abuser physically abusing the child, as a physical manifested event – is no different in experience to a parent’s abuse to and towards their child – through reactive physically-acted emotional manifested expressions towards their child, which affect their child physically extensively.

The outer reflecting the inner:

Child-abuse existing without in this world reflecting the child-abuse existent within.

Realise that the physical human body is this reality manifest, is this existence in its entirety manifest, as I have explained within the beginning of this document.

This reality as the unified consciousness field was designed within polarity – wherein some are located at the ‘creative pole’ and other will be on the ‘receiving pole.’

This is designed so that beings won’t realise the consequences or effects their accepted and allowed physically manifested expressions actually have, and how they’re actually responsible for what exists in this reality. This done through an action taken here and the action manifesting as a physical event ‘there. ’No-one will notice and no-one will see how they’re directly responsible for the creation of an event ‘there,’ through an physically expressed action ‘here.’

Have a look:

The parent physically expresses a manifested reaction as themselves towards a child, which has a physical effect on the child, wherein such an action by a parent is actually physical abuse towards the child.

Such a moment – is a ‘creation-pole-point’ within the unified consciousness field of this reality, within which the energetically charged fear-resonance permeates and infiltrates within and throughout existence in this reality, as the resonance permeates within and throughout the parent’s entire human physical body as this reality manifest.

The resonance in itself permeating, infiltrating, integrating and manifesting in all physicality of and as this reality, also contains the ‘live manifested moment-experience’ of the parent and the child.

The ‘manifested moment-experience’ existing within the resonance remains ‘live.’

Meaning, that the moment becomes a manifested memory that now is implanted within the child, and all other human beings within this reality, in the physical, that ‘re-plays’ over and over, and over again.

It’s a ‘live-captured moment’ that continues playing itself over and over, and over, again, as a manifested memory, in exact precise detail as the moment existed as and was experienced and all else involved – implanted in all physicality in this reality as all human beings in this reality.

Parents across the world continue with such a reactive physically-acted emotional manifested expression towards their child, with resonances constantly continuously permeating, infiltrating, integrating and manifesting within the physical human bodies of all in reality. Compounding such moments over and over, and over, again, which is exact in nature – even if it is done by different parents with their children, though all together compounding the exact same physical-expression, done through and by them, but manifesting in all physicality in this reality.

As the compounding continues within and through the parent-child moments that are on the ‘creative-pole-points’ of and within the unified consciousness field, the compound manifests in other parents and their children within the opposite polarity end. Those that are allocated within the ‘receiving-pole-point’ within and of the unified consciousness field, wherein such parents that are in and as the ‘receiving-pole-point’ within and of the unified consciousness field, will express the physical events of and as physical abuse towards their child/children. This is done through the compound physical expressions of abuse as compound ‘manifested live-memories’ of other parents towards their children that exists within and of the creative-pole-point, that manifested in their physicality as ‘live memory-moments’ that were on the receiving-pole-point.

What takes the parents, with their children, existing on the receiving-pole-point within and of the unified consciousness field to the point of manifesting the physical-abuse event, is the ‘energetic charges.’ the manifested live-memories contain that is manifested in and as their human physical bodies.

Because the ‘manifested live-memories’ within their physicality are compounded together with the energetic charge, such manifested live-memory-moments consists of and exist as – the energetic charge, together with the ‘manifested live-memory-moments,’ compounded within the parents’ with their children that exists in and as the ‘receiving-pole-point’ of and within the unified consciousness fi­eld.

As the compound-effect continues within the parents’ physicality with their children that exists in and as the ‘receiving-pole-point’ of and within the unified consciousness field, the energetic-charges within their physical culminates to such an extent, wherein their physical expression becomes, for example, fear or anger – and their physical action, will manifest equal to the ‘manifested live-memory-moments’ of others that are now existent in and as their physicality.

That’s why such parents with their children that exist in and as the ‘receiving-pole-point,’ will specifically express their experienced anger, frustration, fear unto their children as the physical manifested event of physical-abuse. They were programmed and created as such through implanted manifested live-memory-moments of other parents with their children in the creation pole-point – through such parents’ actions expressed in words and mannerism towards their children.

The ‘unseen expressions’ becoming the ‘seen-actions.’ Both the ‘unseen expressions’ as ‘seen actions,’ even through occurring in ‘opposite poles’ of this reality – are exact in nature; the unseen creating the seen.

And this is how humanity has been kept in enslavement.

As long as parents continue such ‘seemingly normal expressions towards their children in words and mannerisms,’ the physical events of such physical expressions will manifest in this world as child-abuse. Wherein physical-expressions of parents towards their children, become physical-events of other parents with their children, creating your reality as this world; in the image and likeness of you, because all that exist as this reality in its entirety is you – all of it.

And this is how fear is imprinted into a child by their parent(s).

Because of the resonance hitting the child contains the manifested live memory-moment that integrates and infuses in the child’s physi­cality. Along with the ‘conscience’ of the mind consciousness system which ‘activates’ the child’s mind consciousness system within and as them.

And so the child begins to learn of fear and the mind consciousness system begins to ‘categorize’ and ‘organize’ all emotional and feeling responses and physical reactions in mannerism and behaviour learnt by and through the examples as parents, which the child will copy, personalize and become.

The parent obviously believing that what they’re doing or expressing is for the ‘good will of their child and teaching their child valuable life-lessons’, as they were taught/learnt from their parents – when the reality of it all, is that parent is teaching their child of fear and continuing the existence of child-abuse in this reality, because of their starting-point existence as a mind consciousness system. As their child will walk with and as this memory as themselves in and as their physicality, and so pass it along unto their children, teaching in turn their children fear and from within their physical-expressions – continuing the existence of child-abuse in this reality as themselves.

Have a look:

Take parents with children in this world, all parents with all children – and place them before you.

Take away the ‘picture’ of them as seen through the human physical eyes, so that all you see is a shape of a fully-grown human physical form and the shape of a child’s human physical form.

Now, place you with your children, or only you, yourself, together with the forms/shapes of the other fully-grown human physical forms and the shapes of the children’s human physical form in front of you. Take away the picture of yourself and your children also.

From here – you will be able to merge all the shapes of the fully-grown human physical form together and all the shapes of the children’s human physical forms, and because both shapes are the exact same as a human physical body form, you can merge the fully-grown human physical form together with the child’s human physical form. One physical human body/form here.

Realise within this – all beings are you here – the child being abused is you, the abuser is you. Therefore, in essence – we’re only abusing ourselves and accepting and allowing ourselves to be abused by ourselves.

And the only way we’re going to stop this from existing as this reality as ourselves, is if we stop the accepted and allowed definition of ourselves as abused and abuser within ourselves of ourselves, and stop the physical expressed actions we express in and as and through our physical human bodies’ here – even in the ‘seemingly insignificant moment’s’.

Within the next document, as I expressed in the beginning – we will go into the more detailed description of the unconscious-reality through using the examples already looked at in this document thus far, and how to practically physically change ourselves here in every moment of breath.