By: Bernard Poolman

So ‘Soul 101’ - In the ‘Process’ as we are ‘Walking’-it, approximately six-months ‘after’ the ‘Portal’-Opened, We got to the ‘point’-of the ‘White-Light’ and the ‘Deletion’-of the ‘Soul-Construct’.

From that ‘point’ onwards there was a ‘Side-Effect’- The ‘Side-Effect’ was ‘Fascinating’ is that ‘Suddenly’, ‘All’ the ‘High’ and ‘Mighty’ ‘Beings’ of ‘Existence’ that was ‘Involved’ in ‘Creating’ the ‘Conditions’ on ‘Earth’, were without-‘Power’. So, the ‘Question’ was: ‘Why’ were they without-‘Power’? Why could they-Not ‘Remember’ ‘How’ they ‘Created’-‘Reality’? ‘Simplistically’ because: they’ve ‘based’-it on ‘Memory’.

So in our continued ‘Investigations’ we’ve came-across the ‘Next-point’: The ‘Next-point’ obviously is to ‘Observe’ ‘What-Happens’ when Somebody-‘Dies’ and, you know ‘What-Happens’? If Your ‘Life’ was ‘based’-on ‘Memories’ and You ‘Die’= ‘Nothing’ of those ‘Memories’-Remain-You don’t ‘Remember’ your ‘wife’, you don’t ‘Remember’ your ‘children’, your ‘family’, your ‘dog’, Nothing! ‘Remains’-But ‘You’-‘Remain’.

The same-thing ‘happened’ in ‘Heaven’- ‘Removing’ the ‘Soul’- Because the ‘Soul’ was an ‘Electromagnetic’ ‘form’-of ‘Energy’ within-which the ‘Life’ was ‘Recorded’ and then ‘Stored’ in the ‘Akashic-Records’- that already should put-up a ‘Red-Flag’ you know, ‘Why’ did they Need-to ‘Store’ the ‘Past-Lives’? I mean, ‘Why’ do you Not ‘Directly’ have that ‘Experience’ ‘within-you’? Because it was ‘based’-in ‘Memories’= it wasn’t ‘Real’, it was an ‘Energetic-Experience’ as an ‘Observer’ ‘within’ an ‘Illusion’ you ‘Created’ through ‘Participation’ = It wasn’t ‘Real’ so, when you ‘take-away’ the ‘Memory’, is like you ‘Delete’ a ‘Piece-of Information’ on a Computer = it’s ‘Gone’!

That is ‘How’ we got-to the ‘Point’ obviously of ‘Inverting’-‘Reality’ so that ‘those’ that are ‘In-the Physical’, can ‘Only’-ever ‘look’-at the ‘Information’ and ‘Knowledge’ available ‘In-the Physical’- And have No-‘Access’ to the ‘Dimensions’ because, If they would have ‘Access’ to the ‘Dimensions’ it’ll give-them a ‘Heart-attack’- There is ‘Nothing’ ‘Left’-of ‘Past-Lives’ or ‘Souls’ or ‘any’-of the ‘Background’ of ‘How’ ‘Reality’ is being ‘Created’-‘Everyone’ is gonna-have to ‘Walk’-it ‘Together’- ‘Here’ - ‘Breath by Breath’- ‘Directly’ - Through ‘Self-Honesty’ and ‘Common-Sense’ – ‘working-out’ ‘How’ ‘Creation’ ‘Work’, and You’ll ‘Remain’ in these ‘Cycles’ until You-‘Do’.

What will this ‘Cause’? This will ‘Cause’ ‘Equality’ in ‘All-Ways’ so that ‘No-One’ can Never-Again ‘Abuse’ another, because: ‘Everyone’ will ‘Understand’ ‘How’-to ‘Create’ - ‘Situations’ and ‘How’ ‘Illusions’ are ‘Created’ and ‘How’-to ‘make-sure’ You don’t ‘Do’-it ‘Again’, I mean there’s much ‘better-ways’ to ‘Exist’ than to ‘Exist’ in ‘Illusions’- and the ‘funny’-thing is -although from the ‘perspective’ as you are Now ‘Listening’ to this ‘As’ a ‘Memory’-‘Formed’-‘Device’-‘Personality’-‘Thing’, that is ‘Energetically’-‘Stimulated’ to ‘Move’ –You are So-‘Disempowered’ that you cannot-even ‘Conceive’ that you can ‘Move’-Yourself, because you are ‘Waiting’ for ‘Something’-to ‘Happen’, so that you can ‘Move’ according-to your ‘Stimulus’ - ‘Stimulus/Response’ - I mean, that’s just a ‘Belief-System’- as long as you ‘Believe’-that obviously you have a ‘Problem’, it’s like a ‘Drug Addict’- You don’t take the ‘Drug’, you go into ‘Withdrawal-Symptoms’ –The same-‘Happens’ with ‘Energy’: If you don’t get your ‘Stimulus’= you go-into ‘Depression’, because you can’t ‘Move’ and you’re ‘Waiting’ for ‘Something’-to ‘Happen’ to-you - ‘Give me some ‘Love’’, ‘Give me a ‘Relationship’’, ‘Give me something ‘Good’-‘Happening’ in my Life and then I’ll ‘Feel-Better’’- Just ‘look’-at the ‘Statements’, it is ‘Indicative’-of Being-‘Enslaved’ to ‘Stimulus/Response’.

So - The ‘Point’ to ‘Consider’– and I mean some ‘People’ has been very ‘Angry’ with me when they would ‘speak’ to their ‘Loved-ones’ that’s ‘passed-over’: Nothing-‘Remains’ of ‘anything’ you can ‘Remember’-And then ‘People’ has given so-Much ‘Value’ to the ‘Memories’ of their ‘Loved-ones’ –‘that’ in ‘Itself’ already-‘proved’ that the ‘Love’ was ‘Never-Real’, It was Just a ‘Memory’ – you have Never-being ‘Equal’ in ‘How’ you have ‘Considered’ ‘Love for All’ in this ‘Reality’-It’s ‘Always’ been ‘Special’ ‘Self-Interest’- Unacceptable!

That’s why you are ‘Willing’-to ‘Allow’-‘Abuse’ is because of this ‘Love’ in ‘Self-Interest’ where you are trying-to ‘Protect’ ‘Your ‘Idea’ of ‘Reality’’ – but you Can’t ‘Maintain’-it and you don’t know ‘How’ you’ve ‘Created’-it –You can’t ‘Remember’ ‘How’-And, if you have to ‘Face-Reality’ and ‘Deconstruct-it’ = You’re ‘Unable’-to - This is been ‘proven’ over and over as we ‘work’-with the ‘Resonances’ here on the Farm –People are ‘Unable’ to ‘Stop’ the ‘Energetic-Responses’ that ‘Happen’ at a ‘Resonant-Level’ without ‘Understanding’ ‘How’ they ‘Work’-If you don’t ‘Understand’= You are the ‘Slave’ of-it. Therefore it’s ‘Important’ for ‘Equality’ ‘As-Yourself’ is to Understand How-‘Everything’ in ‘Creation’-‘Work’, so that ‘Nobody’ can ever-again ‘Abuse’-you.