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Perspectives on Schizophrenia

Schizophrenic's Journey to Life

Why does LSD cause schizophrenia in a small minority of people?

I haven't read up on it that much, but from what I gather, it's only the "fragile" individuals -- and it's probably only from bad trips. One suggestion is that it brings out latent schizophrenia.

Also, a larger number of individuals, but still a minority experience flashbacks or HPPD (Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder).

All beings using LSD develop schizo==the mind split--for some the symptoms just fit with acceptable spiritual practices and is seen as a breakthrough--it is not--as the being do not face self in self honesty and thus use the split and the experience as a cover for some greater beingness--the truth is that this world as it is NOW--is the totality of each being on earth--anything but facing this and sorting this out--is spiritual schizo.


Excerpt from: A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

Darryl: Okay. That's very interesting. Solmaz asks if there is anything you can practically do to assist, support someone who's suffering from schizophrenia?

Bernard/Portal: Solmaz...

Darryl: I thought I'd throw that out there because maybe someone else has the same question.

Bernard/Portal: It's kind of in ‘two placements’ here at the moment, because from Solmaz's perspective, no. Because that question is still coming from a perspective of ‘wanting to help’, ‘wanting to save’, ‘wanting to fix’, ‘wanting to be ‘the one’ that is ‘the one’ that did something right, that actually ‘succeeded’ in’ -

Darryl: In making a difference?

Bernard/Portal: Yeah.

Darryl: I think a lot of us do that.

Bernard/Portal: Which is her ‘greatest desire’. But schizophrenia – that only comes when you yourself exist of ‘no split’ within yourself, within ‘no personality’, within ‘no definition’. So, in working directly with a Being that is schizophrenic, that moment of facing such a Being, will be the moment of facing that Self-Honest, Practical Process of Determining where they're are within their own Individual Process. So, in other words, events, beings will come into being's worlds, directly, from a perspective of support and assistance. There's not a ’guideline’ with regards to, for example, how to assist and support someone that is schizophrenic. That is the being that’s schizophrenic’s Process as well as the one that is facing the being who is schizophrenic's Process.

Bernard: And obviously ‘some parts’ are required so that ‘some parts’ could be faced, Equal and One. Therefore, the Practical Experience of Reality of what must be faced, will be Real. Just like this (snaps fingers). Process is real facing it. Therefore, you face it and the schizophrenic is real from a different perspective. Yet, both is having ‘different insights’. ‘Different Self-Honesties’ in perspectives. But both relevant.

Darryl: So in general, the answer to the question is, “no?” You can't help, but beings are placed -

Bernard/Portal: It's not about “No, you can't help.” It is about the specific, direct reality facing of yourself. Both the one that is facing the schizophrenic and the schizophrenic facing themselves. Meaning, the ‘facer facing themselves’ and the ‘schizophrenic facing themselves’. It will be a Self-Honest, Introspective, Personal Process Analysis-Moment, so to speak. Where ‘the facer’ facing themselves as the schizophrenic – will see, “Where am I in my Process?” Meaning, can I actually assist and support me as this being from the perspective of - for example - “Have I actually, physically, practically walked through this point?” Because everyone is schizophrenic. That's why schizophrenia exists.

Darryl: (Surprised) Everyone is schizophrenic?

Bernard/Portal: (Chuckles) Yes.

Bernard: There's ‘Only One Being’, from the perspective of everything exists within you. Careful. Everyone is schizophrenic. Your thought, in itself, is a ‘Separate Self’. That's schizophrenic.

Bernard/Portal: You being able to talk to yourself; that's schizophrenic. You being able to change yourself, from one being to another, when you walk into one room to the next: Manifested Schizophrenia.

Bernard: Everyone's ‘schizo’.

Bernard/Portal: So, if you've actually delved with ‘that’ within yourself, who knows who you will be when you face yourself with manifested form as a schizophrenic? That, YOU will determine.

Bernard: It's no different to facing a demon.

Darryl: An exorcist facing a demon... someone possessed by a demon.

Bernard: I mean, whether you assisting or assisting yourself as the demon or not, is going to depend on Who You Are in that moment, as ‘Your Self’ and as yourself as ‘the Demon’. The same as a schizophrenic. It's no different. I mean, we been saying the ways of schizophrenia is a “multi-demon.” You know, multi-demons all at the same time, standing forth. While the demons normally acted on one point, this is multiple points.

Bernard/Portal: This all assists them. Beings that are diagnosed as being, “Schizophrenic,” are ‘living inside out’. Meaning, those proclaimed as  ‘normal human beings’, schizophrenia exists ‘within’. Whereas you would have conversations with yourself in your mind (and if you really play close attention, you'll realize that even those conversations with the voices that come back, change). The voices are different. you're a schizophrenic.

Darryl: That's scary.

Bernard/Portal: Depending on what kind of conversations you have with yourself, some will have high-pitched tones’, others will have more ‘soothing tones’, others will have more ‘directive tones’, ‘emotional tones’. It's really fascinating, and then you have the manifested being as being diagnosed as being “schizophrenic,” which is living ‘that’ on the ‘outside’.

Darryl: That’s being projected… That's what my sister has, Donna, she's got that really bad. But, the people who are facing that point – what are they dealing with? I mean, why would they want to do that? Besides helping -

Bernard/Portal: It's not about -

Darryl: I mean, is helping a valid point?

Bernard/Portal: They've come to a Point in their Process, beings that are ‘manifested schizophrenics’. Where they have ‘no more’… – and that point exists within each one. There is so much going on within yourself from the perspective where the Mind Consciousness System can only handle ‘so much’ of what goes on with yourself. I mean, if you really have a look at what goes on in yourself during an entire day, I mean, that's ‘quite a bit’. And depending on the Extent of the Lives you've had, and taking everything you've experienced, from your previous life to the next life, to the next life, to the next life – I mean, because the experiences that you've had as a Being, never goes away. Always remains.

And that always also Manifests also in your Mind Consciousness System Placement within your Life. So basically, their personal, ‘Beingness Experiences’ was just from what was going on inside themselves, that they ‘haven't handled’, that they ‘haven't directed’, that they ‘haven't sorted’ out as the “who-they-are” part of themselves. It just becomes ‘so great’, that the Mind Consciousness System cannot handle it. Meaning, cannot ‘categorize’. Cannot “pocket” it, cannot ‘contain’ it. And then it becomes the Living Manifestation of the Being, As the Being, in the Physical. And that's what schizophrenia is.

Bernard: But it is not part of the Unified Field or the Unconscious Mind, so no one else can ‘see it’. Only ‘the being’ can see it. Because it doesn't form part of the “Greater Schizophrenia” called, Consciousness.

Darryl: We're talking about the mind and schizophrenia, demons, as if they're inter-changeable. Somebody asks, “How long will process – referring to Osho's “Declaration of Independence” (document placed on the message board). ‘How long’ will this Process be? Because I imagine people are -

Bernard/Portal: Three hundred and fifty three point eight... million years.

Darryl: Million years? That's a long time.

Bernard/Portal: At the moment.

Bernard: It changes.

Bernard/Portal: It does.

Bernard: It could become longer. Or shorter...

Darryl: What's a few billion years?

Bernard/Portal: That's what it is, at the moment.

Darryl: The lives stacked up on top of each other, sort of, visually, you could say that... or in a file. We're playing out all these lifetimes in one life?

Bernard: Not at the moment, which is why it is so long. And also, ‘why it is so long’ is because beings will actually kind of decide, “Oh, it doesn't matter, if I don’t really apply myself. It's gonna take long anyway.” So now, that's manifesting.

Bernard/Portal: Let's put it this way: every excuse, every justification that you come up within yourself, and I mean, this is each being currently part of Process ‘actively’. That one excuse already manifests, for example, ‘years of process’. Because in that moment of’ excuse and justification’, you're justifying and excusing your ‘Current State of Being’. And in accepting and allowing ‘such a point’, you're basically stating that: “I have to be directed to have certain experiences to see the justification and excuse I'm accepting and allowing myself to live”. Because by having an excuse, having a justification, you're actually ‘living that excuse and justification’. Then you have to live it ‘out’.

Bernard: Which means Process in essence means ‘experience’.

Bernard/Portal: Yeah.

Bernard: So whenever you’re required ‘Process’, you are stating that, “I am not willing to apply common sense, insight Here... based on everyone else's that already experienced it, I must experience it.” So, it's a point of self-interest. Therefore, it becomes ‘an experience’ (and) everyone's process extends to accommodate your self-interest, experience and ‘help you’ in your Purification of yourself.

Bernard/Portal: For example, a common point which is Relationship. Common sense insights in regards to Relationship is ‘broadly’ displayed in this world, with regards to how the ‘power relationships’ play out and is experienced. And the commonsense point insight is: the current approach to Relationship is unacceptable. It doesn't work, it doesn't support anything, or anyone, but living out a life, or going into another relationship to the next. Literally going nowhere.

Bernard: And yet, everyone will return to it.

Bernard/Portal: Yes, which is -

Bernard: Which is dishonest.

Bernard/Portal: Absolutely.

Bernard: Towards yourself. I mean, you had ‘the experience’ -

Bernard/Portal: You'll see everyone else -

Bernard: And now you'll deliberately go back to ‘the same experience’. I mean, what else can you expect but an ‘extended experience’ of the same experience? Obviously, the same. And it must become more ‘impressive’, ‘impactful’, ‘gut-wrenching’. You know, all of the necessary ‘ingredients’ that will get you to ‘dislike’ your own Dishonesty, ‘sufficiently’ -- so you can ‘stop’.

Bernard/Portal: Why go that route?

Darryl: Why would they go that route? That’s Self-interest. The inability to force yourself to change.

Bernard: Common sense. Common sense is ‘Simplicity’. Self-interest is ‘Complexity’.

Bernard/Portal: Very.

Bernard: ‘Complexity’, obviously, developed ‘Complexes’ from which is derived from the basic principle of Schizophrenia. It all comes back to the same point.

Bernard/Portal: Yeah.

Bernard: And everybody wants to ‘be free’, but it's a schizophrenic idea, because how can you ever be free?

Darryl: So there's no freedom?

Bernard: No. Freedom?

Daryl: Well, some people believe freedom exists. You can do your own thing.

Bernard: I suppose a definitive word in that, a word that is ‘actually believed’. Is belief ever an action?

Darryl: People believe in God, but has God been around?

Bernard: But, I mean is a ‘Belief’ even an action?

Darryl: Well, it just exists in the person's mind.

Bernard: Have you ever lived ‘to believe’ or does it only live in your Mind?

Darryl: Exists in the mind.

Bernard: You can't ‘practically’ design the belief. (Points to the table) “I believe the table is here”. You can't say that, because it IS here. You cannot say you'd rather believe because you can't ‘touch’ beliefs. Which is the nice thing about schizophrenia, isn't it? Schizophrenia is based on beliefs.

Darryl: Why do you say that?

Bernard: Because everyone believes they are talking to themselves. Isn't that how talking to yourself works? I mean, you believe that you actually answer yourself.

Darryl: I call it; “Thinking out loud, but -.”

Bernard: Oh, “thinking out with allowance.” Allowed, thinking? Is that what you're saying? ‘Allowed thinking’?

Darryl: Allowed thinking. A loud thinking.

Bernard: Who's listening? Who's speaking? Are you certain you know?

I haven't found anything helpful here about schizophrenia :(.
I have no idea what this construct is made up of to forgive myself for.
Is there an interview about schizophrenia? Even in this world today there is no certain explanation for my problem.
I would highly appreciate help as to what to apply as myself.

Self Forgiveness:
Self Forgiveness is the Tool with which you stop yourself as the Creator creating the future through repeating the past, over and over again – only changing the Pictures, using the same pattern as base – thus, remaining in the past as memory as self-definition.

Self Honesty:
Self Honesty is the Tool with which you discern and check whether you have already forgiven yourself for participating or creating an experience or not. This is thus to Review the pattern and the picture and see if you have stopped participating and creating it.

Breath / Breathing:
Breathing is the Tool used if you’ve already forgiven yourself, but must still walk through an experience you created in the past before you stopped yourself through Self Forgiveness.

If you fall in your self-trust – that means, you do not trust your own Self Forgiveness and when the event from the past enter your present and instead of breathing through it, you go into suppression or action, emotionally or energetically based – acting as if the situation still exists – not realising you’re purely walking through your past which will stop once it is no longer being fed with energy through your creative active participation: You will Time-Loop and must start the Process of Self Forgiveness and Self-Honesty around the event again – until you can Trust you to Never again participate in the pattern or create an experience that do not consider all life equally.

Obviously you’re going to be challenged by the past which stretch through many, many cycles through many, many lives.
Thus, to deny what enters your existence through claiming you have somehow not created it, will simply activate a time-loop or multiple time-loops that’ll prove to you, that you are responsible for everything in existence as the actual creator – even that which each other exist as, as personalities, cultures and beliefs was created by each other and therefore; we’re responsible for each other.

Thus – Stop Creating a Reality that is Not Considering all Life Equally.

Step 1:
Stop yourself with Self-Forgiveness

Step 2:
Check yourself with Self Honesty

Step 3:
Breathe through Past Patterns ‘till they no Longer Exist

Step 4:


Interview Request - Schizophrenia

This interview focuses on answering the following questions about Schizophrenia:

Why was schizophrenia created?

How was it created?

When was it created?

How can I use my former experience with schizophrenia to benefit me in ordinary life?

2013 - The Future of Consciousness - When Thoughts intend Harm to another (Part 1) - Part 3

Where do Thoughts that intend Harm to another come from?

When the Voices Trap you in your Own Mind (Part 2) - 2013 - The Future of Consciousness - Part 27

How can you assist and support yourself to identify possessions with voices in your mind?

How can you work with points in the mind without becoming possessed by them, where you can observe the points and become a part of them at the same time?

Why is it important to first identify the emotional energy of the possession before you are able to understand and move beyond the possession?

Body, Beingness & Energy - Kryon: My Existential History

Why does your Beingness ‘experiences positive and negative energy’ and your Physical Body ‘responds to positive and negative energy’?

What exactly is the difference between your Beingness ‘experiencing energy’ and your Physical Body ‘responding to energy’ and how does this determine your relationship with emotions and feelings in the Mind?

Why did the energy of the Mind initially have a direct-relationship to the physical body and how did this change with the evolution of the Mind?

Is This For Real -- Things Picked From The News In General

Hello Desteni,
I am opening this topic here to post discussion points which we all could benefit from. There are so many things going on in the world we are all in and I try to understand more/learn more so we can see what we can do to fix and prevent things.

So here is my first 'discussion':

I saw this video below and it has made me wonder: Is this for real? Is this girl really schizophrenic or is she misunderstood, or what? I am pasting the link below because I am wondering whether this sort of behavioural issue has a cure. Also, how do we know if this girl is not seeing interdimensional beings etc. and given that the medical side is saying she has a mental issue, she is now confused and actually thinks she's 'crazy' :?

I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Ella, with regards to Schizophrenia: first what must be understood is, for example the structure/manifestation as systems of the Mind. Each human being has ‘multiple personalities’, in that we are/can embody different persona’s dependent on our external environment and the people within it. We’re at the moment in the Heaven’s Journey to Life Blogs walking this process of the structural design of the Mind in the Physical (for this, suggest reading from DAY 79), and the detail of how Personalities systematically function in the Mind in its relationship to thoughts, ‘voices in the head’, emotions and feelings, behavioural patterns etc. Therefore, for a specific understanding regarding Personalities – I suggest reading the Blogs, as this will assist/support you for further perspective to understand the following:
With Schizophrenia, what happens is the accentuation and domination of mind-personalities, where usually – as you will read in the blogs we’re writing, ‘consciousness’ serves as a mediator within and between personalities based-on the external environment stimulus/people within it. What manifests in some human beings is that the Personalities themselves become ‘dominant’, and as you will read in the blog, each Personality System as its own conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind as well as emotional/feeling body and so the Personalities then ‘embody/take over’ the being as different persona’s.
Thus, usually consciousness ‘controls’ ‘who you are’ in your participation in reality, and so controls your movement within and between personalities in your Mind. With Schizophrenia – the Personalities themselves have complete authority and control and is not mediated by Consciousness and so will essentially ‘compete’ within the physical-body of the human-being for authority / possession.
More of this process is/will be walked in the new Quantum Mind interview-series, where we’re in the process of walking the detail of the Mind in the Physical-Body.

With children, there is still much to learn by human beings regarding the Mind, unfortunately psychology in the world today do not yet comprehend the complete/full extent of the entire Mind Consciousness System in the Physical, and this goes for all ‘mental conditions’ in the world of today that is not really in fact understood.
So, what is required in this World thus is a re-education of the Mind, how we got to where we are/who we are now which is what we’re in the process of walking in our Blog, and also the new Quantum Mind Interview Series.
In this thus, the consequence of us not understanding the Mind is far-reaching for all of humanity in how we’ve approached ourselves, each other and life in general. So, with instances such as this girl, for example – there may be multi-dimensional perspectives not taken into consideration regarding her position; however there’s many humans in this world misunderstood from the perspective of not understanding the mind in its entirety.

And so, we have to start with ourselves, get to the know the Mind in the Physical, take responsibility for ourselves and our living, re-educate humanity on the actual extent of what the Mind consist of and exist as, so that we can in fact start working on changing the nature of human beings for real with understanding the mind-physical relationship, and in this understanding: change in/as self-awareness.


Excerpt from Day 284: Alcohol, Drugs and Demon Possession

If somebody around you Change in their Behaviour and Become More Vocal about their Feelings about another Person, which is Obviously out of Context and indicate either a Positive or Negative Obsession: it is Time to speak to the Person and to Establish How Severe the Problem is. If the Person is still able to Communicate with you and Realise in the Communication that they do have an Compulsive Obsession that is Happening in the Mind: one can Assist them through a Process of Self Forgiveness and Writing. If the Person Reacts to you with Aggression and Self-Righteousness, understand that the Possession has already taken Form to a stage where Reason will not be Considered. You’ll see this a lot in Family Relations, and as Jesus indicated: “there will be Conflict between Father and Son, and Mother and Daughter, and Brother and Brother, and Sister and Sister”. This Conflict will Escalate.
Understand, that this is a Mental Disorder, as the Mind is in Disorder and the Person that has Backchat of the Nature mentioned: No Longer have Directive Control at All Times. Do not Confront a Person that has gone into a Demonic-Fit. They are a Danger to you and others. You cannot ‘talk them down’. Trying to Restrain them, without Help – will be Dangerous.
It is Best to be Prepared as Prevention is the Best Cure. But, Unfortunately – Humanity has Never Walked the Path of Prevention. But rather the Path of Managing the Consequence, by which Time – the Damage is Done.

Things like Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder is Escalating and will Escalate More. This is Due to the Massive amounts of Chemicals Ingested - and taking Drugs and Alcohol, makes the Situation Worse.
Understand, that each Character – whether Positive or Negative, that occur within the Mind: will Build a Chemical-Relationship in the Body, which will Become part of the Memory from which these Obsessive Compulsions originate. They are Developed over Time, and once they have a Full Functioning Capacity – will build the necessary Energy to Become a so-to-speak ‘Emotional Outburst’. And during such Outbursts – a Split in the Mind may occur which Cause, in many cases, a Permanent Character-Split. This is Unfortunate that Man has Chosen this Road, and yet: it Must be Walked.
It is Necessary, in Severe Cases, and for Prevention – to Call on Psychologists if Necessary, for Support. Unfortunately, Psychology has not yet Progressed to a Stage of Diagnosis that is based on Prevention. But, this will be Necessary in Time to Come.


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