Interview with the System through the Portal and Bernard

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The System: Ok

So –Bernard mentioned that he is experiencing a headache. Sunette then moved towards Bernard, placed her hand on his head to ‘Read’ the Particular Cause/Source Point of the headache - to ‘Read’ meaning to See, to Access Here Within the Physical – she looked and then, saw the point within the Current Manifestation within Existence particularly pertaining to Dimensional Beings that are in their Active Application of Merging with the System within Existence.

Within that Process, that Application of Merging –understand/realize in terms of Beings, Everyone Vibrate within a Particular Specific Frequency with all the Beings taking that Action within Themselves within their Placement within the Existence together, the System within Existence Frequency ‘Heightens’ because there is now a Mergence with the Being’s Individual Frequency and then the System’s Individual Frequency – then that Merging Process or Experience or Moment, a Heightened Pitch of Sound Frequency Vibration Manifest –which is then Experienced within the Physical as a ‘Headache’.

So that was what Sunette in Essence explained to Bernard but not in so much detail then - but later Bernard says the headache is not going away, so Sunette thought ‘Well, let’s bring the System’ have the System come through and Communicate Directly and this is me here at the moment. So I came through in the Body and what I explained was in Essence this point that I have just explained to you the listener with regards to… explaining that the Beings Only Now Realize the Practical Action and the Understanding of the Fact that What Exist is Only System - I mean If you look even with your Human Physical Eyes within this Reality, this Existence and within all the Documentations and Videos that has been explained through Desteni is that: Everything that Exist Function as a System, that Currently Exist as it Exist within this Existence.

Now, what was fascinating was that the Beings within the Dimensional Existence within their approach within their Process didn’t take the First Required Step: Self Acceptance.

Self Acceptance meaning: the Actual Merging with Self within the Realization of What I am Right Here, Right Now in this Current Moment, that is a System - Everything that Exist as it Exist Right Now is  System. The First Point that’s Required to Be Realized that’s Required to be Taken in a Practical Action is the Actual Acceptance of Self and All that Exist As Self as System – only within that Acceptance/Realization and Actual Equal Self Equalizing Stand, do One have the Power to Actively Direct Self and Existence into an Actual Self Change which is done through Living. But if your approach is that of Believing Yourself to be something that you’re not – meaning, even seeing yourself, believing yourself or experience yourself to be a Being that is ‘more’ than What You Are Right Now, that’s already your First Act of Separation = nothing that you do from that Starting Point will have any value/worth/effect/importance because You within Yourself are in Separation, you only Create More Separation.

Therefore within All Beings that are Walking this Process your First Point that’s required to be Realized and Understood is to Accept You as What and Who and How you Are Right in this Moment Here, Acceptance -not meaning the definition of Acceptance from the point of Submission meaning ‘Accepting’ saying: ‘Ok, this is how I am, what I am and it’s all I’ll ever be’Acceptance, No –Acceptance from the perspective of Equality, Acceptance Standing Equal and One With and As What I Am Right Now –within that, I Stand Equal with Who and How and What I Am in this Moment –

Now from this Point of Me being Equal with Myself, I can Change Me in Consideration with  All of Existence into a point where I’m Not Only Equal to Myself, as an Individual within a Capacity of How I have Created Myself in the limited seclusion of a Mind – but Equality of All and Everything that Exist as One.

Bernard: Yeah, within this Understand the Point of the Physical Space-Time.

Your Acceptance In and As a System is not just a ‘Blind Acceptance’, you must Understand the Workings of Yourself As a System and How you have Allowed it and How you are Living as a System in All its Facets –once you’ve got that point, then you will ‘spiral out’ into Acceptance of Your Interaction with Other Systems –first  it will be the Base Systems as Family, as Relationships, then as Community, as Society, as the World and so you move and Expand Yourself and within that, you will Find that you have Power to Direct Yourself As the System You have Accepted Yourself to be – unless you do that, You will Have No Power and will find yourself Experiencing Yourself to be ‘less than’ the System and you will experience Yourself as being ‘Disempowered’, ‘Powerless’, ‘Hoping’ for some ‘Greater Power’ to come forth and somehow ‘Rescue you’ from your Experience or your Perceived Reality.

Understand that the Perceived Reality in Itself is an Illusion You’ve Created Not to Realize the Simplicity: that You are In Fact a System, that you are In Fact Nothing More and that, when as All Systems are that which is Created with a Beginning and an End, that when You Begin and when You End, that that is the End of You as a System and that You Cannot Birth Yourself as Something that is Real if You are Not First Understanding the Whole Process of a Systematic Existence which in Itself is the Very Nature of a System.

And what then tends to happen within the Designs and ‘Movement’ as and ‘Living’ as a System, is that one and specially when you don’t Accept that You Are the System is that you tend to End up in Positions of Abuse because, that which is You Project Yourself to be has got Nothing to do with Reality and is Existent within the confines of the Mind as the Resonant Energy that is emerging from your Systematic Living –but there is a Complete Separation and therefore, your Living as a Projection has No Validity whatsoever in terms of ‘What is Reality’ –and  then if you would Continue with that and Actually Die as That, that means you Die As the System Projection = you Cease to Exist.

So –this is Not a ‘Diminishment’, this in an Actualization - You are Diminished in Your ‘State of Mind’ and in your ‘State of Projection’ and in your ‘State of Energy’ because Energy is Not the Source, Energy is the Result of the System –that’s why you have Machines, that’s why you have Weather Systems, that’s why you have the Spinning of Planets –all of those things are Producing Energy – but, the Energy is Not You, the Energy is the Projection of You that You have Abdicated your Reality to.