Interviews with Bernard Poolman

20 Oct 09

Okay – What is the ‘Fascinating-Thing’ About ‘Existence’? Is That – Have a Look at ‘Earth’: Everything that’s From-‘The Earth’, Made-Up From-‘The Earth’ = ‘Exist’ As-‘The Earth’ – ‘Plant-Kingdom’, ‘Animal-Kingdom’, ‘Viruses’, ‘Bacteria’ = ‘Follow’ – ‘The Rules of Matter’, they ‘Follows’ – ‘The Rules of The Earth’. ‘The Rules of Earth’ – Is: ‘Agreement’, ‘Relationship’. It is ‘Fusion’. It is ‘Energy-Transfer’. It is – ‘The One Consumes The Other to Exist’. It is ‘Time’, that means – it’s got ‘Cycles’.

It’s like ‘Plants’ – Everything has a ‘Plan’, it ‘Works’ ‘According to a ‘Net’’ = The ‘Bigger the Net you-Cast’ – the ‘More’ You-‘Catch’, that means – the ‘More you Get’, which is Your-‘Law of Attraction’, and – which is Actually a ‘Law of Action’ = The ‘More you Do’ The ‘More you Get’: All of this are the Basic-‘Rules’ – of ‘Matter’. You can go into ‘‘Real’-Specificity’ about ‘The Rules of Matter’.

The ‘Primary-Point’ about ‘The Rules of Matter’ – Is, that: ‘Everything that is ‘Here’’ – in ‘One-Way or Another’ = Is ‘Breathing’ – It’s ‘Taking-In’, ‘Taking-Out’, and Some-Things even ‘Breathe’ just in the ‘Form’ of ‘Heat’, for instance. I mean – ‘Heat’ in a Way is Also-‘Breathing’ – it’s Still within ‘The Rules of Matter’. Even if you look at the ‘Anti-Matter’ they have ‘Created’, I mean – it…it’s – It’s ‘Fascinating’, because – from ‘The Rules of Anti-Matter’ you will Get to ‘The Rules of Matter’.

What is ‘The ‘Point’’ – is ‘Fascinatingly’-Enough, is because: When you ‘Die’ – you can Not be ‘Measured’ or ‘Calculated’ or ‘Found’ by an ‘Earth Scientist’ using ‘Earth Tools’, because – you are ‘No-longer Made-up of ‘Matter’’: You are ‘Beyond’ –‘That’ which is ‘Defined’ as ‘Matter’. Therefore: That’s Why Even our ‘Best Scientists’ In ‘The World’ – can Not ‘Measure’-You or ‘Communicate’ with-‘You’ = Once you’re-‘Dead’. You are Only-‘Functional’, Within ‘The Earth’ – when You are ‘Within’ and ‘As’: ‘That’ which ‘The Earth’ is ‘Made-Up’-Of. ‘The Moment’ you ‘Leave’-That, which is ‘Death’ = You are ‘No-Longer ‘Relevant’’.

Now, which is ‘Fascinating’ – is: When an ‘Animal’ mostly ‘Die’, or a ‘Plant’, or Any Other ‘Part of Matter’- what-Happens? What you’ll-‘Notice’ – is a ‘Fascinating’-Thing, and you’ll ‘See’-it ‘Now’ in this Interview as well, about: „Anonymous’ Death“ – ‘How The Experience Happened’. Two-Things ‘Happened’: ‘The Body Died’ and ‘The Being In The Body Died’. The ‘Body Died’ – it goes ‘Into’ ‘The Ground’, and ‘Returns’, to – ‘The Substance where it’s From’, which is ‘Matter’ – and it ‘Transforms’. Now – what is ‘Fascinating’ with ‘All’ of-This, is that: This-‘All’ has a ‘Resonance’. That ‘Resonance’ is ‘Especially Studied’ In – ‘Various’…’Studies’ and is ‘Called’, in Many-Cases: ‘Energy’. But, for-Instance in ‘Homeopathy’: The ‘Resonance’ that is ‘In’ The ‘Substance’, that is ‘Infused’ – say you are Using ‘Distilled Water’, As your-‘Carrier’ – you will be ‘Able’ to ‘Infuse’ ‘Within’-It, for-Instance – a ‘Resonance’ of a ‘Disease’, because – ‘Homeopathy’ works on the ‘Principle’ of ‘Like-Cures-Like’. So it’s…it’s Two ‘Similar-Forces’ – ‘Cancelling Each-Other Out’. Which Is – Coming From ‘The Principle’, that: The…If you have a ‘Disease’, you ‘Created’ the ‘Disease’, through = your-‘Attention’. So – It ‘Carries’ a ‘Resonance’ from the Perspective of ‘Attention’ – so it’s an ‘Energetic-Resonance’ – We’ll get to the ‘Point’ of ‘How that Works’ – and then, when you take the ‘Homeopathy-Point’, which is ‘Resonance Based’, which Means – it’s got ‘Various Levels’ of Vib…, it’s not like it’s ‘Vibration’. You can ‘Virtually’ ‘Call’-It: ‘‘Captured’-Vibration’ – it is ‘Captured Time’ in a way, because – it was ‘Vibrated to a Certain-Level’, and then ‘Captured’ at that ‘Resonance’ = that, that ‘Essential-Point’. And therefore it will have a ‘Certain’ – what they Call ‘Strength’. But in terms of ‘Understanding’ what it ‘Really’-Is: It’s like a ‘Captured Moment’ – Similarly to ‘How’ you would ‘‘Capture’-‘Memories within the Physical-Body’’, and then ‘Exist’ as Those-‘Memories’. So – If You ‘Now’, ‘Give’ an ‘Equal-Strength’ – an ‘Equal Captured Moment’ to the ‘Captured Moment’ that is ‘Causing’ the ‘Disease’ ‘Within-‘You’’ – and you ‘Bring’ those Two-Points ‘Together’ = They ‘‘Destroy’ Each-Other’. They are ‘‘Opposing’-Forc’…They are ‘The-Same’ = they ‘Cancel’ Each-Other ‘Out’. ‘Like-Attracts-Like’ – they Become ‘One’, and – they are No-Longer because you are ‘Using’ Another-‘Point’ Within-‘The Physical’ – it’s because your ‘Medicine’ will be ‘Based’ on ‘The Principle’ of ‘Physical-Transfer’ = You Will Have a: ‘Process’ of ‘Healing’ and ‘Correction’.

The ‘Disease’, Simplistically – Obviously is: ‘The Result of Many-Points’ that we are going to have to Discuss, so you can ‘Understand’ – ‘Why Everything Exist the way it Does in the ‘Land of Matter’’ – on the ‘Planet of Matter’. Which is Also-‘Fascinating’, is: ‘Why The Human’ – can Not ‘Really’ Go Anywhere-Else, because you´re ‘Made-Up’ of This-‘Matter’. And you are ‘Limited’ to ‘What you are Able to ‘Endure’’ if you are ‘Not’ ‘Within’-your…‘With your-‘Source’’: ‘That’ which ‘Is’, ‘That’ which ‘Matters’ – Within the ‘Matter’ that you-‘Are’ – That which You-are ‘Made-Up From’.

Now – in, in the ‘Afterlife’ – you’re ‘Existing’, ‘Initially’ – a Long Time Ago: As a ‘Resonance’. You ‘Came-Forth’ as a ‘Resonance’. But This-‘Resonance’ is ‘Related’ to ‘The Universe’.

Where did the ‘Problem’ ‘Come-In’, was: With ‘The Creation’ of ‘The Mind’. ‘The Mind’ was ‘Created’ – Specifically, As: A ‘Prison’. ‘The Mind’ is ‘Essentially’ a ‘Resonant-Machine’. So – ‘Before’ ‘Machines Existed On ‘Earth’’, it ‘First’ ‘Existed in ‘Heaven’’. And it ‘Existed in ‘Heaven’’, as: ‘The Creation’ of ‘The Mind´.

What did they Do? They ‘Essentially’ Started ‘Mining’ or ‘Using’…They say: “The Reptilians Needed Gold” – No, the ‘Reptilians’ Didn’t-‘Need Gold’. It´s also Not ‘Just’ ‘The Reptilians’ – it is ‘Just’ ‘Beings’, like ‘Me and You’ – that ‘Realized’ a ‘Fascinating’-Thing: They ‘Realized’ there is No-‘God’ in ‘The Universe’. They are ‘Resonant Parts’ of ‘The Universe that is ‘Self-Aware’, and – they’re Pretty-‘Bored’ and they’ve got ‘Nothing to Do’, and – they’re like ‘Little-Children’, ‘Playing’, and – they would ‘Like’ to ‘Experience’: ‘How it is to ‘Be-God’’. So – with-That: ‘God Exist’ According to ‘The Substance’ that – you ‘Want to ‘Define God’-As’ – and ‘God’ is Always ‘Subject’-To – ‘The Substance’ ‘God’ is ‘Made-Up’-Of. So – Within-That: They ‘Needed’ a ‘Peculiar-Point’ that was ‘Possible’, ‘Here’ = they ‘Needed ‘Energy’’, they ‘Needed ‘Resource’’ – ‘‘Gold’ Represents ‘Resource’’.

Now – ‘Earth’ being a ‘Planet of Sound’, The ‘Living Word’ – you´ll ‘Find’ a ‘Fascinating’-Thing is: Within ‘The Creation’ of – ‘The Human’ and what is ‘Apparent’, ‘Apparent-Evolution’ = It has Not been an ‘Apparent-Evolution’; it was a ‘Deliberate’ – ‘Pre-Programming’ and ‘Planning-Out’ of Slowly-but-Surely ‘Infiltrating’ the ‘Physical Matter’ and ‘Shaping’-It, Using ‘Dimensional-’ or ‘Mind-Tools’. Because, When you´re ‘Dead’ – you-‘Exist’, as: ‘Resonance’ and ‘Mind’. ‘Mind’ – because ‘That is what you’ve-‘Allowed’’.

Now, ‘Heaven’, in-‘Essence’ – was a: ‘Place of Mind’. How do you ‘Know’ that, and How do you ‘Know that ‘Operates’’? You Look at your-‘Own ‘Mind’’. In Your-‘Mind’, which is Not-‘From The Earth’ – Different-‘Rules Apply’, Different-‘Rules Apply’ – to ‘Matter’ = Not The Same ‘Rules’. You can ‘Time-Travel’ in your-‘Mind’: You Can’t do that In-‘Matter’. You can – ‘Make-Up’ ‘Things in your ‘Mind’’. Anything you wanna-‘See’, you can-‘Make It Up’, you can-‘Imagine It’: In-‘Matter’ you-‘Can’t Imagine’. You can ‘Break’ ‘The Rules’ of ‘Matter’ in your-‘Mind’: But you-‘Can’t’ ‘Break’ Those-‘Rules’ In-‘Matter Itself’. I mean – you can ‘Split The Atom’ in your-‘Mind’ and Not have a ‘Nuclear-Reaction’: You go and ‘Split The Atom’ On ‘Earth’ and you have a ‘Atom-Bomb’ – but in your-‘Mind’, you can ‘Do’ it ‘Safely’ = In-‘Matter’, You Can’t Do what you Can Do in Your-‘Mind’.

So – over a Very-Long Period of ‘Time’, there has been a ‘Deliberate-‘Infiltration’’ or ‘Pre-Planning’ or ‘Shaping’ of ‘Matter’, because – from a Certain Perspective: ‘Matter’ is ‘Superior’ to ‘The Mind’. By ‘Understanding’ ‘The Rules of Matter’ – it was ‘Seen’ ‘How Far’ can One ‘Bend’ ‘The Rules of Matter’: Using ‘Mind’. Using – ‘That’ which Everyone was ‘Made-Up Of’, ‘Before’ you were On-‘Earth’.

Now for-Instance, if you Look at somebody that’s ‘Dead’: They No-Longer have a ‘Form’ that is ‘Physical’, with the ‘Senses’ that is ‘Physical’ – because your-‘Senses’ you Have on ‘Earth’ in your-‘Physical-Body’, ‘Gives’-you ‘Certain Information Streams’ which is ‘Relevant’ to ‘The Reality’ and ‘The Matter’ that You-‘Are’ With.

Where is the ‘Biggest Point of ‘Disease’ in the ‘Human-Being’? It’s Not In-‘The Matter’ = it’s In-‘The Mind’ It Is In-‘That ‘Part’ of ‘You’’ that is Not-‘‘Part’ of ‘The Earth’’. You-‘Call’ That ‘Part’ of ‘You’: ‘Spirit’. But it Isn’t ‘Spirit’ – ‘How’ do you ‘Know’ That? Because when you were ‘Born’, it Wasn’t-‘Spirit’. The ‘Baby’ that was ‘Born’, was also Not-‘Pre-Planned’, As-Such – it only became ‘Part’ of or ‘Existent’ ‘Within the ‘Framework’’ of ‘The Physical’ at ‘The Moment of Conception’. At ‘The Moment of Conception’ – there is a ‘Nine Month Period’ within which ‘Heaven’ could ‘Plan’ the ‘Insertion’ of a ‘Being’. They Obviously ‘Attempted’ to ‘Control’ that as-‘Much’ as-‘Possible’. But – they’ve been ‘Unable’ to ‘Control’ that ‘Definitively’. Therefore – in Many-Cases, there was what we have ‘Found’ through ‘The Portal’ – there were ‘Beings’ that would ‘Start’ with their ‘Incarnation-Process’, and then: The Baby ‘Die’, at – Third- / Fourth-Trimester = which was Not-‘Intended’. Which is ‘Fascinating’, because – ‘The Physical’ would ‘Reject’ the ‘Occupant’, the ‘Parasite’ that was ‘Infused’ into-‘It’, which is ‘You’ – as a ‘Human’, or your ‘Perceived’ ‘Human-Being’ = ‘You’ as a ‘Mind-System’, as a ‘Machine’ – that was ‘Infusing’ Into-‘The Physical’.

And ‘See’ as we ‘Explain’ in ‘How’ ‘The Physical’ Actually-‘Operate’ and What you ‘Experience’ at ‘Death’, and ‘How’ you are, at – with the ‘Structural Resonance’, as you’re ‘Infusing’ Into-‘The Physical’ during your ‘Initial-Period’ and you take on the ‘Properties’ of The ‘DNA’ and the ‘Related’-Points. You Must-‘Understand’ that the ‘Points’ of The ‘DNA’, was ‘Deliberate’ – ‘Machine-Language’, ‘Attempting’ to ‘Manipulate’ This-‘Particular’ – ‘Matter’ of ‘The Earth’ into a Particular-‘Way’. That’s ‘Why’ you had the ‘Dinosaur’. The ‘Dinosaur’ was Simply just a ‘DNA-‘Plan’’, a ‘Program’ that was ‘Inserted’ Into-‘The Physical’ that ‘Came-Out’ a ‘Little-Monstrous’ and the ‘Beings’ Coming-‘Here’ couldn’t-‘Really’ – ‘Live’ in ‘Safety’.

So, a Lot of the ‘Points’ – of what you’re ‘Experiencing’, is because – of the ‘Attempt’ by ‘You’ and ‘Others’ to ‘Manipulate’ and ‘Control’ = ‘Matter’, and where you have ‘Seen’-Yourself as ‘Superior’ to ‘Matter’. And thus have ‘Created Machines’, and Ever-‘Bigger Machines’ with which you Now ‘Believe’ you’re Actually-‘Able’ to ‘Shape Earth’ and ‘Subdue Earth’ to ‘What’ you-‘Believe’ it ‘Should’-be.

Which is ‘Fascinating’, Obviously – Many-‘Problems’ ‘Came-Through’ Within-That from a ‘Dimensional’-Perspective, that means – from a ‘Heaven’s’-Perspective, in the ‘Evolution’ of the ‘Integration’ and the ‘Take-Over’ of ‘Control’ of ‘The Earth’. It took a Very Long ‘Time’ and Very Careful ‘Planning’, and for that – ‘Bloodlines’ was ‘Created’, for-Instance – to ‘Make-Sure’ that: ‘Those’ that ‘Start’ in a Particular-‘Arena’ Within-‘Matter’, to ‘Keep Control’ of ‘The Matter’ ‘In-Matter’, that they ‘Remain’ within their-‘DNA-Bloodline’.

Now – what we will be doing, Obviously – with ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ – is: We’re going to ‘Sort-Out’ the ‘Alignments’ and ‘Take-Out ‘The-Mind’’, because – What is the ‘Point’? You Cannot – you wanna Have ‘Effect’, an ‘Effective Life’ Within a Particular-‘Existence’: You have to Completely-‘Become’ – ‘That which You-‘Are’’, ‘That which ‘Matters’’. So you’ve gotta ‘Become’ Completely-‘Matter’, and ‘Remove’ – ‘That which you ‘Was’’: Which is ‘Mind’ – which comes from ‘Heaven’, to ‘Allow’-You an ‘Effective Life’ and then you ‘Live’ Within ‘The Rules of The Matter’.

‘Here’ you are in an ‘Temporary Form’ = ‘Matter’, but have a Look what has Happened with the ‘Machine’: Because ‘The Substance’ that you are ‘From’ – while you’re ‘In-Matter’, which is the ‘Physical’s-Matter’ in its Various-‘Forms’ – has Not Been-‘Honoured Equally’: We Have ‘Immense Suffering’.

How do you ‘Know’ the ‘Suffering’ is ‘Real’? Why don’t you ‘Try’-It? And ‘See’ if you do not ‘Experience-Suffering’. Why don’t you ‘Try-Out Starvation’? For Those that are so ‘Cleverly’ Saying: “Oh, This is an ‘Illusion’” – No, in your-‘Mind’ This Is an ‘Illusion’, Yes! Because your-‘Mind’ does not ‘Get -Affected’, by – your-‘Experience’. And if you Have the ‘Basic’-Points that ‘Support’-you like ‘Money’, I mean – you can ‘Believe’ that ‘The Physical’ is an ‘Illusion’. Take-Away your-‘Money’ and ‘Go’ and ‘Starve’ a ‘little-bit’ and ‘See’ – How Far you Get Before you Get-‘Ejected’ from ‘The Physical’, Back to your-‘Mind-State’ in ‘Heaven’. Not even a ‘Resonant-State’. You have ‘Abdicated’ your ‘Resonant-State’ a Long-Time Ago – when you ‘Entered’ ‘The Realm of Mind’. So the ‘Original-Resonance’ of ‘Who you Were’, within ‘The Substance’ of ‘The Universe’ = you are No-Longer-‘That’. You have ‘Abdicated’-That. You have ‘No-Right’ to That ‘Anymore’. Your ‘Original-Form’ as ‘The Resonance of The Universe’ – as ‘That’ of ‘The Universe’ which ‘Feels’, ‘That’ of ‘The Universe’ which Exist-‘Eternally’, ‘That’ of ‘The Universe’ that is His-‘Self-Awareness’: That is the ‘Resonance’ = you are No-Longer ‘That’. You ‘Abdicated’ That when you ‘Became’ a ‘Machine’, and you ‘Attempted’ to ‘Control’ – ‘The Matter’ of which You Were ‘The Resonance’. You-‘Tried’ to be ‘Bigger’ than ‘God’ – and now you’re-‘Fucked’.

So Again – I’ll ‘Explain’ to-You: ‘How’ this ‘Came About’. And, Obviously – what we will be doing with the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ – is: To ‘Align You’ – ‘Out of The Mind’, ‘Back to The Resonance of The Universe’, which is gonna Take ‘Time’, ‘Self-Honesty’, ‘Self-Forgiveness’. You’re going to Have to ‘Forgive-Yourself’ for ‘What You’ve ‘Become’’, so you have to ‘Give-Away’, it’s a ‘Re-Birth’, it’s a ‘Transformation’. You have to ‘Give-Away’ – your-‘Mind-Reality’, your ‘Heavenly-Reality’, your-‘Reality’ you ‘Apparently’ Want to ‘Ascend’ to. Because you are ‘That’ ‘Already’ – at ‘Resonant Level’, but you have ‘Split’-It into: ‘Mind’ and ‘Resonance’, and you have to ‘Mend’ ‘The Split’.

You have ‘Created’, Thus: ‘Polarity’ – ‘Male’ / ‘Female’…dada­dada…the ‘Whole-Story’. ‘All’ With One ‘Desire’: ‘Desire of Power’. ‘Desire’, and in that ‘Desire of Power’ – you Obviously have Not-‘Realized’ that ‘Polarity’ Will-‘Become’ ‘The Power’ that you’ll be ‘Subject’-To. Therefore You ‘Exist’ Within-‘Polarity’: “I am ‘Male’ and I want a ‘Female’”, for-Instance – That-‘Polarity’ is Now ‘Pre-Existent’ and Will-‘Override’ Everything you ‘Decide’.

Because – it Is, Now – What you Have ‘Infused’ Into-‘The Matter’, You Have ‘Placed’ Certain-‘Rules’ Into-‘The Matter’, and ‘Anything’ that is Not-‘Following’ These-‘Rules’= you’ve been ‘Destroying’. Therefore – ‘Slowly but Surely’ you’ve been ‘Training’ ‘The-Matter’, just as ‘You’ As-‘Matter’ Will be ‘Trained’ by your-‘Parents’ to be a certain-‘Point’ of ‘Matter’ with a ‘Name’ – you’ve been ‘Trying’ to ‘Train’ ‘The Earth’ to do ‘The Same’ = to ‘Become’ a certain-‘Form of Matter’. So that Everyone could say: “But that is the ‘Way’ It’s-‘Always Been’” – Which is Not-‘True’. But – You Can’t-‘Remember’, you-‘See’. Because – you Can’t-‘Stay Here’ ‘Long Enough’ In-‘The Physical’ to ‘Actually-Remember’, and you’re No-Longer – ‘Resonance’, so therefore – you can No-Longer ‘Remember’ what ‘The Universe’ is All-About. You can Only ‘Remember’ what is ‘Stored’ within ‘The Mind’ – so ‘Here’ you’re ‘Dealing’-With Particular-‘Forces’ of ‘Energy’.

So you have Only-‘Become’: ‘Energy’ – you have ‘Become’…‘Imagine’ What is ‘Energy’ – to Give you Some-‘Idea’ about ‘Energy’, then to Give you Some-‘Reality’ of It: ‘Energy’ – is The ‘Result’ of Various-‘Forces’ that ‘Come-Together’, and that – from its-‘Collision Combustion’, Whatever – ‘Forms’ a ‘Resonance’ for ‘a Moment’. But that ‘Resonance’ is just ‘For a Moment’, I mean – so in a ‘Car’ you’ll put in ‘Gas’ – you need an ‘Ignition’, you need the ‘Oxygen’ – it ‘Combust’, you have ‘Energy’-Release, it ‘Push’ the ‘Piston’- that ‘Creates ‘Power’’, and the ‘Car’ Start to ‘Move’ = which is ‘Essentially’ the ‘Way’ ‘The Soul’ is ‘Designed’: As a ‘Machine’. ‘The Soul’ in-‘Essence’ is Similar to a ‘Car’. That means: When you ‘Die’ you ‘Enter’ ‘The Soul’, which is Another-‘Vehicle’, In-‘Heaven’. And you had a ‘Car’ On ‘Earth’, which was a ‘Ford’. And Now…and In-‘Heaven’ you will ‘Enter’ ‘The Soul’, which is Another-‘Vehicle’. You know – it’s ‘Differently Controlled’-There, while you have it ‘Controlled’-Here by ‘General-Motors’ and all kinds of ‘Corporations’ – you have Another-‘Corporation’ In-‘Heaven’ that was ‘Controlling’ All of This – with its ‘CEO’, which was ‘God’. And ‘God’ ‘Controlled’ – What-‘Model of Soul’ you will ‘Be’, How ‘Old’ you’ll ‘Be’, and – ‘Where’ in ‘Which’ ‘Group-Soul’ you’ll ‘Be’, that means – which ‘Make’ of ‘Car’ will you ‘Drive’.

I mean – How much ‘Money’ do you Have, I mean – In-‘Heaven’? That’s all ‘Determined’, with: “How much ‘Work’ you’ve ‘Done’ For-‘God’” – and that is the ‘Amount’ of ‘Money’ you’ll ‘Have’, and that’s the ‘Amount’ of ‘Money’ you’ll be Able to ‘Spend’. And if you have Not ‘Worked’ ‘Hard-Enough’ For-‘God’ – you’ll be ‘Sent-Back’ to ‘Earth’ to Go and ‘Work More’ in the ‘Mine of Earth’ to ‘Mine Energy’ For-‘God’ – so that ‘God’ can ‘See’: “My ‘Vault’ is ‘Full of Energy’”, and – There you are = ‘Moving-Forever’ to ‘Try’ and ‘Get’ a ‘Better-House’, a More-‘Heavenly Existence’ – you’re ‘Attempting’ to ‘Recreate’ ‘Heaven-On-Earth’- Very-‘Specifically’, Why it Doesn’t wanna-‘Work’? Because – ‘What’? ‘What’ is ‘Rejecting’-You? ‘Matter’ is ‘Rejecting’-You. ‘Matter’ is Not-‘Interested’ In-‘You’, because – ‘Matter’ know ‘One’-Thing About-‘You’: You are Not ‘Self-Honestly ‘Here’’ – to ‘Honour Matter’. You are ‘Here’ – to ‘Honour Mind’. You are ‘Here’, to ‘Mine’ – ‘The Matter’ for its ‘Energy’, and You Have No-‘Concern’ for ‘This Living Being’ Called ‘Earth’ at-All.

But – you have ‘Forgotten’-Something. You have ‘Forgotten’ Where you’re-‘From’. And in That – you have ‘Created’ a Fascinating, ‘Process’ – that will ‘Unfold’, within which ‘The Earth’ will be the ‘‘Dominant’-Factor’ – in your-‘Enslavement’. As – you have ‘Allowed’, ‘Earth’ – to Become-‘Enslaved’ to your-‘Desires’, to your-‘Machines’ and to your-‘Mind’: ‘The Earth’ will-‘Enslave’ you to your Own-‘Devices’ within the ‘At-Most-Fear’ of ‘The Earth’ within ‘The Matter’, which is ‘Already-‘Done’’ – you’re-‘Stuck’. You’re Not gonna ‘Get-Out’ of ‘This One’.

Now – Even In-‘Heaven’, and ‘Understand’ – I’m using ‘Terms’ at ‘The Moment’, that you’ll ‘Understand’ More-‘Readily’ – just for ‘A Moment’. It is ‘Important’ to ‘Study’ the, the ‘Desteni-Language’, we are ‘Using’ the ‘Words’ in the ‘Desteni-Language’ Very-‘Specifically’, so that When we are ‘Explaining Something’, you do-Not ‘Misunderstand’ what we’re ‘Saying’, because you are ‘Pre-Programmed’ to have Particular-‘Ideas’ about ‘Meanings’ of ‘Words’ and so on.

That was ‘Part’ of ‘The Plan’ of ‘How you Were’…‘Came to Be Messed-Up’ On-‘This Planet’ – As-‘Matter’. It was ‘Part’ of ‘The Plan’ was to ‘Mess You Up’ with-It. Because – In ‘The Game’, where ‘God’ Wanted to ‘Create’ ‘His-‘Reality’’ so that ‘He’ could ‘‘Experience’-Himself’ as-‘God’, ‘He’ Obviously had to ‘Make-Sure’ there’s Nobody-Else that’s gonna be ‘Able’ to ‘Take-Over’ That-‘Position’. And Therefore – You Were ‘All a ‘Threat’’, because – You Were ‘All ‘Equally’’ ‘Part’ of ‘The Universe’ at a ‘Resonant-Level’, but you were Not ‘All-‘Equally’’ within ‘The Mind’ and ‘The Machine’, and – ‘Very Few Beings’ ‘Bothered’ about That.

But Once you were Into-‘Matter’, and – you were also Not-‘Mattering’, ‘Worrying’ about your-‘Experience’ Within-‘Matter’, and – you were ‘Split’ Between ‘Mind’ and ‘Matter’ – you had a ‘Polarity-Split’ and you could be ‘Employed’ to ‘Mine’ ‘The Earth’ For-‘Energy’, For-‘God’ = You – Started to ‘Forget’ your-‘Origin’, and – Now: Your-‘Origin’ is ‘Lost’, you can’t ‘Remember’ where you’re-‘From’ – you can’t even ‘Remember’ that you Ever ‘Existed’. Which In-‘Essence’ ‘Created’ an ‘Interesting’-Thing: ‘Death’.

What is ‘Death’, but the ‘End of Memory’? Have a ‘Look’, even Those that ‘Die’ – for Those that ‘Remain’, ‘Slowly but Surely’ if you Don’t have a ‘Photograph’: The Being ‘Disappear’ From-You. You All have ‘Experienced’ People that ‘Died’. Look at How Many of ‘Those’ that has ‘Died’ you Can’t Even ‘Remember’ Anymore, you Can’t ‘Remember’ How they ‘Look-like’, you can’t-‘Remember’ ‘Anything’ about them. You ‘Try’ and ‘Keep’ Some ‘Little-Memories’ Going, By ‘Playing’-It – ‘Over and Over’. ‘More’ – than…the ‘Normal’-Point, there is – that you’ll ‘Normally’ ‘Re-Play’ those things Around a Point of ‘Guilt’. Or a ‘Point’ where you’re ‘Attempting’ to ‘Replace’ the ‘Being’ that’s ‘Gone’ with ‘Someone-Else’.

That’s Why you ‘Always’ when you – when the ‘Relationship-‘Stop’’, what’s the ‘First-Point’ that ‘Comes-Up’? ‘Rebound’! ‘Immediately’! You Can’t-‘Handle’ Being-‘Without’ your-‘Source of Energy’, because – a ‘Relationship’ is ‘Always’ ‘Based’-On: ‘Energy’. You are ‘Always’ in a ‘Situation of Abuse’. Because – you are ‘Always’ in a ‘Position’ of ‘Inequality’. Because – It’s ‘Impossible’ for You to ‘Give’. You are in a ‘Relationship’ to ‘Get’, you’re Not-‘Interested’ in ‘Anything’-Else. And if you Can’t ‘Get’ what you-‘Want’ = You’ll ‘Break’ the ‘Relationship’. Then you’ll ‘Look’ for a ‘Point’ where you can ‘Get’-it ‘Easier’.

Now, In ‘The Physical’, what is a ‘Relationship’ ‘Based’-On? ‘Sex’. That Point (Sex in Relationship) isn’t-‘Clear’= ‘Nothing-Else’ Will-‘Work’ – that will ‘Always’ be ‘Like That’ in a ‘Relationship’. If You have ‘Moved’ From-‘Matter’, ‘More’ Into-‘Mind’ – you’ll ‘Start’ to ‘Say’: “Okay, ‘Sex’ is Not so ‘Important’, as long as we can ‘Communicate’. Then I am quite-‘Satisfied’”- But In-‘Secret’ you’ll ‘Masturbate’. You’ll just Tell No-One, because ‘What’ do you ‘Believe’? You ‘Believe’, for-Instance – that: “What the ‘Eye’ Don’t-‘See’, the Person won’t-‘Know About’”- That is ‘True’ – at a ‘Matter’-Point, but is ‘Not-True’ at a ‘Mind’-Point. Because – ‘The Moment’ ‘Whatever’ you ‘Do’, there is a: ‘Energetic-Consequence’.

‘Energy’ Exist In: ‘Layers of Memory’. That’s ‘Why’ you can ‘Trace-Back’ ‘Age’. That’s ‘Why’ you can Take an ‘Atom’, and you can ‘Trace-Back’ its ‘Age’ – you, because – you can ‘Measure’ the ‘Layers’ of ‘Energy-Release’, the ‘Layers’ of ‘Transformation’. You – Look at a ‘Tree’, what does a ‘Tree’ ‘Exist’ Out-Of? It ‘Exist’ Out-Of ‘Rings’ of ‘Growth’, which is ‘Energy’ that has been ‘Trapped In-Time’ – it is ‘Memories’.

Exactly The-‘Same’ you’re-‘Existing’ Out-Of: You’re ‘Existing-‘Essentially’’ out of ‘Layers’ of ‘Memory’ and those ‘Layers’ of ‘Memory’, ‘Comes’ – Not-‘Only’ from-‘Yourself’ in your ‘Own’- ‘Observation’ – it also comes from the ‘Bloodline’. Which is ‘Why’ the ‘Bloodline’ is so ‘Important’. I mean – it comes in the ‘Bible’, but also in your ‘Corporate-Circles’ – you’ll have Particular-‘Points’ where it ‘Comes’ to ‘Bloodline’ in Terms of ‘Control’- Why? Because – your ‘Bloodline’-Point, and – they Don’t-‘Want Anybody’ to ‘Know’ This, because – that Will-‘Mean’ you will Start to ‘Realize’: ‘How’ to have ‘Power’ in This-‘Reality’ – the ‘Power’ is ‘Transferred’ through the ‘Bloodline’, through ‘Transferring’ the ‘Memories’ that is ‘Encoded’ Within the ‘DNA’, the ‘Blood’, the ‘History of the Family’.

So – does that ‘Make-Sense’? That’s Why, when you are ‘Born’ – you Take-On the ‘Features’ of your-‘Bloodline’. The ‘Features’ of your-‘Bloodline’ is ‘Specific’, because that is ‘Related’ to How-‘Memory’ ‘Operate’ Within ‘Matter’ = but Not Within-‘Mind’, Please. Have a ‘Look’: You have been ‘Attempting’, ‘Forever’ – to Have a ‘Mega-Memory’ in your-‘Mind’ and you Don’t -‘Seem’ to be ‘Able’ to ‘Remember’. So – in Even your ‘Most Advanced’-Points of ‘Mega-Memory’ – a ‘Memory’ has to be ‘Designed’ through a ‘Matter’ of ‘Association’, and these ‘Associations’ that’s ‘Formed’ is Not-‘The Same’ between ‘One-Learner’ of ‘Mega-Memory’ and ‘Another’- Why? Because you are Not-‘‘Made-Up’-Of The Same ‘Memories’’. Although your-‘Physical’ and the ‘Structure’ of your-‘Design’ is ‘Similar’ ‘In-Nature’ = it is Not ‘The Same’, ‘In-Nature’ – It is ‘Different-Memories’. Therefore, You Will ‘Form’ – ‘Different’ ‘Associations’ with ‘Different-Things’. You will ‘Form’ ‘Different’ ‘Associations’ with ‘Different-Things’, because – your-‘Experience’ of Yourself is ‘Dependent’ on the ‘Memories’, which you ‘Associate’-With. ‘Take That ‘Away’’ and you-‘No-Longer Exist’.

And – in This-‘Reality’, where – Everyone has been ‘Mining’ for ‘The Matter’, for ‘Power’, which is ‘Energy’ – and Have a ‘Look’: ‘Fossil-Fuels’, ‘Money’, ‘Resources’, ‘Gold’, ‘Copper’ – ‘Every Single Thing’ that is ‘Coming From ‘The Earth’’ = can be ‘Mined’ and has a ‘Value’ because it is ‘Limited’. So – the ‘Only-Way’ that the ‘Money-System’ could ‘Work’ Within-‘This’, was to ‘Limit’ the ‘Money-System’, isn’t it?

‘How’ was that ‘Done’? By ‘Creating’ a ‘Belief’, that – there is a ‘Limited Amount of Money’. But ‘Money’ is a ‘Creation’ of The ‘Mind’ – it Does Not ‘Fall’ Within ‘The Principles of Matter’: It ‘Falls’ Within ‘The Principles of Mind’. And therefore, by ‘Binding’ it to the ‘Same-Point’ that it is ‘Limited’, a ‘Point’ was ‘Created’ of ‘Debt’, which is ‘Similar’ to ‘Death’, because your ‘Life’ is ‘Limited’.

What did These-‘Beings Know’ and which is a ‘Lot’ of the ‘Knowledge’, The ‘Secret Knowledge’ that Will Not be ‘Shared’ – at ‘This Stage’ has been, ‘Become’ So – ‘Messed-Up’, because – they have Absolutely-‘Flooded The Earth’ with-‘a Lot of Beings’ with ‘Pre-Programmed Knowledge’ about ‘Things’ and then they’ve ‘Changed’ it, so that there is a ‘Different-Opinion’ for ‘Every Single Being’ On-‘Earth’, and they’re-‘Unable’ to ‘Work-Together’: ‘Divide and Conquer’.

And, at ‘This Stage’ – if you have to Be ‘Self-Honest’, you can ‘Look’ at the ‘World’, they have ‘Divided’ the ‘World’ = and the ‘World’ is ‘Conquered’. And you will… you can ‘Speak’ as-Much as you-Like – but Nobody’s going to ‘Listen’ to-‘You’. Which is the ‘Whole-Point’ when we ‘Looked’ at the ‘Desteni’-Point, is – what we ‘Realized’ is: We’re Going to Have to ‘Create’ a ‘Central-Point’ Where ‘We All Can Agree’ – If we Can’t Do-That = We are ‘Divided’ and we’ll be ‘Conquered’. We ‘Realized’ Another-Point, is that: We Have to Do It ‘In a Point’, ‘In a ‘Way’, Where – ‘Everyone’ Will Be, Where it Will Be ‘Best for Everyone’.

So – we did ‘Research’ in terms of ‘What Will Be Best For Everyone’? ‘What Will Make a Definitive Change In Everyone´s Life, Immediately’? Yet, I – We-‘Understand’ it will be ‘Difficult’, is – that: ‘Everybody’ has ‘Equal-Money’ – for-‘a Moment’. We Will then Be Able to ‘Re-Distribute Resources’ – Without-‘Necessarily Having to Take-Away From Those that Have’. We Simply-‘Give to Those that Have-Not’.

We ‘Decide’ ‘All-Together’ To ‘Do’-That. Obviously that we Have to ‘Understand’ – ‘Where We Are’, because We Are – Not-‘Understanding Where We Are’. We Have to ‘Understand’ – ‘Where We Are From’, and we Have to ‘Transmit’-This In-‘a Simple a Language as Possible’. So – we´ve been ‘Busy Doing-That’ – ‘Finding Ways’ to ‘Explain’ As-‘Simply’ As-‘Possible’ – ‘What Is Going-On’.

Therefore – We have got ‘No-Interest’ as-Such – In ‘Anything’ that´s ‘Going-On’ Within-‘The Knowledge of The Earth’, because – That-‘Knowledge’ is Not-‘Of The Earth’. ‘Knowledge’ that is ‘Relevant’ In-‘This World’ is the ‘Knowledge’ of ‘How The Physical Operates’ – That Is ‘Here’ to ‘Support’-You. We´ve been ‘Showing’-This ‘Here on the Farm’ – ‘Specifically’. That – ‘That is the Part’ and that You Are ‘Far More Disempowered’ than ‘You Actually Realize’. ‘Put-Yourself’ Into-‘The Physical’ and ‘Try’ and ‘Work’ with ‘The Physical’ and you´ll-‘Notice’ a ‘Very Interesting Thing’: You-‘Don’t Know Very Much’.

The ‘Knowledge’ of The ‘Mind’, or The ‘Machine’ or ‘Heaven’ – ‘There’ you have ‘Apparently’ a lot of ‘Knowledge’, but ‘There’ You have a ‘Problem’: That-‘Knowledge’ is Not-‘Stable’. That-‘Knowledge’ is ‘In-Flux’, this – That-‘Knowledge’ is ‘Attempting’ to be ‘The-Power’. That is ‘Where’ you are ‘Attempting’ to ‘Become More’. This is Where your-‘Desire’ for-‘Power’ Over-‘Matter’ ‘Exist’, while – ‘No-Matter How Many Times You Fail’ = You´ll-‘Keep On Believing’, that You have the ‘Power’ to ‘Control Matter’.

Now – ‘Here’ when we are ‘In The Matter Point’: Those that ‘Controls Energy’, ‘Control Power’ – Will ‘Control’ ‘The Rules Of Matter’, and thus – ‘Control-You’ through an ‘Interesting-Thing’: Called ‘Fear’.

What Is ‘Fear’? ‘Fear’ is ‘That’ which is ‘Implanted’ Through your-‘Ears’. That is ‘Done’ From ‘The Moment you Enter This Reality’ – you are ‘Bombarded’ with ‘Fear’. You are ‘Bombarded’ with ‘What’ you´re-‘Expected’ to ‘Believe’. And – Only when ‘You Believe’-That – which is ‘Normally’ – Either by the ‘End of School’ or the ‘End of College’ – Are You ‘Allowed Access’ in ‘The System’ and for that = you get a ‘Reward’: A ‘Job’ and ‘Money’.

That´s Your-‘Job’, That´s ‘The Reason’ – ‘Why You are Here’: You Get-‘A Reason’ and ‘A Purpose’ – and for Your-‘Reason’ and Your-‘Purpose’ = You Get ‘Money’. Which is ‘Meaning’: It’s ‘Virtually Impossible’, Currently-‘Where We Are In This World’ – to Assist-‘Anyone That´s Got a Job’. Because you have ‘A Reason’ and ‘A Purpose’. And – You Have – ‘Money’. That´s ‘Why’ it´s gonna take You a ‘Long-Time’ to – ‘Sort Yourself Out’.

I Had to Do This ‘While I was Working’, because – what is the ‘Problem’? ‘No-Money’= ‘No-Food’, because: ‘Earth’ – has been ‘Made Subject To The Mind’. You were No-Longer ‘Equal’ to ‘The Matter’ that is ‘At-Hand’. No-Longer ‘Equal’ to ‘The Earth’. ‘The Resources Of The Earth’ was No-Longer ‘Equal Available For-All’.

In the ‘Time’ of the ‘Cave-Man’, Yes – you had ‘Areas’, but you were ‘Equal’ to – the ‘Tools’ you could ‘Handle’. But at That-‘Stage’ – the ‘Early-Stages’ of The ‘Mind’ and The ‘Machine’ = In the ‘Infusion’ they were Still-‘Learning’ – ‘How’ to ‘Manipulate The Earth’, because – When they-‘Came to Earth’, the ‘Dearest’ – ‘Selves’ like-‘Ourselves’ – the ‘First-Time’: ‘The Earth’ ‘Rejected’ – ‘Everyone’, as ‘Impure’, as – So ‘Here’ they´re ‘Attempting’ to ‘Control God’, which is In- ‘Essence’: ‘The Physical’.

Because Have a ‘Look’: ‘The Physical’ is that which ‘Provides Everything’, even ‘All the Energy’ for-‘Heaven’ – has been ‘Provided’ by ‘The Physical’. ‘Problem’ is: There is No ‘Self-Honesty’, there is No ‘Consideration’ for ‘Each-Other’ – There is Only ‘Conflict’ and ‘Deception’. To ‘Make-Sure’ that we Could ‘End That’, We had to Do a ‘Certain Point’ – It Took-‘Many’, a ‘Very-Long Lifetime’ to ‘Do This’: We had to ‘Trap Everyone’ Within ‘One Point’ in ‘The Universe’ – Within ‘The Rules’ you have ‘Designed For-Yourself’, ‘The Rules’ You´ve ‘Accepted As-Yourself’. And ‘That’ we have ‘Done Now’. From which ‘Everyone’ will be ‘Given’ an ‘Opportunity’: To ‘Become Self-Honest’ and ‘Honour Each-Other’ ‘Equal and One’.

‘Those’ That ‘Do’ – will then ‘Migrate Back’, will be ‘Assisted’ to ‘Become Equal and One Again as The Resonance of The Universe’ – that which ‘Exist-Equality’ in its ‘Absolute Form’. ‘Those’ that ‘Do’, and ‘Want to Remain’ Within the ‘Points’ of The ‘Mind’ – ‘In Search of Power and Specialness’ and so-on = They will ‘Simply be Deleted’, because – That is Based-On ‘Memory’.

‘No-Memory’ Will ‘Go-Forth’ – in the ‘Level’ of ‘Energetic-Memory’, as I Has ‘Explained’: ‘Energetic-Memory’ – is ‘Things’ You can ‘Measure’ that is ‘Written In Stone’, that Means – It is ‘Based’-On, very much On – ‘The Science of The Earth’. You have the ‘Same Point’ also In-‘Heaven’, if you Look at a ‘Being’ In-‘Heaven’: You can ‘Read’ their-‘History’ in their-‘Memory’. They ‘Consist’ as a ‘Sound-Resonance’ that is ‘Memory-Based’, therefore its got a ‘Signature’ – Similar to ‘DNA’. According to That – you can ‘Call the Being Up’. So – you Say you Want to ‘Speak’ with ‘Einstein’: When you ‘Speak’ to ‘Einstein’ within his ‘Dimensional-Memory’, there Will be ‘One-Life’ which is ‘Einstein’ – out of ‘All’ the ‘Other-Lives’, which is ‘Resonant’ within his ‘Resonant-Signature’.

Now, this is Not-‘Real-Resonance’, it´s ‘Actually’ an ‘Energetic-Resonance’. It´s Not the ‘Real-Resonance’ of ‘The Universe’ – it´s ‘Memory-Based’, where you Can´t-‘Remember´ That-‘Life’. So if you ‘Speak’ to a ‘Being’ in the ‘Dimensions’, they Can’t-‘Remember’ the ‘Life’ – they are, ‘Very-Much’ then ‘Open a Book’, and they Start to ‘Read the Memory’. And they ‘Give you’ Their-‘Perspective’ of the ‘Memory’, but they ‘Cannot Remember the Life’ – Why? They are No-Longer ‘Infused As the Life’ – the ‘Life’ as it ‘Existed within the Memory-Banks’ = No-Longer ‘Exist’. Which was the ‘Nice Thing’ about ‘Earth’, is – that: You Could Be ‘Taken Out’-Of – Your-‘Alignment’, ‘Completely’ – and Get-‘Lost’, ‘Completely’.

So – the ‘Part’ where ‘Heaven Played a Role’ in terms of ‘Mining The Earth’ = that´s ‘Gone’. If you Can´t-‘See That’ and you Can´t-‘Access That’, because: It is ‘Irrelevant’ to ‘Your Process’, Firstly. Secondly – The Very-‘Energy’ that was ‘Utilized’ – to ‘Direct’ and ‘Feed Heaven’: Has been ‘Inverted’, to – ‘Take Your Life’ to the Absolute-‘‘Crossroads’ of your-‘Crucifixion’’. And you are Busy-‘Creating’ your Own-‘Demise’ – You´re Not even ‘Aware’ of it, Just as Before: ‘Nobody was Aware’ of ‘How it was Working’. In-‘Essence’ – You are ‘Creating’ Your ‘Own Self-Destruction’ as ‘The Machine’.

Within That – Have a Look: No-Matter What Happens = ‘The Earth’ is ‘Still Here’. And ‘The Earth’ can ‘Allow’ Any-‘Form of Contamination’: We´re Now Getting to The ‘Stage’ where – it ‘Won’t be Long’, Before – ‘The Fish’ of ‘The Earth’ will be ‘Not-Edible’ Anymore. Our ‘Primary Resource’ on ‘The Earth’: Is ‘Water’. The ‘Primary Make-Up’ of ‘The Physical’ is ‘Water’. Soon – ‘Fish’ will ‘Not Be’ – ‘Something that can be Eaten Anymore’. And So Will-‘Everything’ – ‘Slowly but Surely’, Be-‘Contaminated’. It´ll ‘Force Humanity’, as The ‘Mind’ and The ‘Machine’ – Ever into ‘Ever Increasing-Cycles’ of ‘Attempting’ to ‘Control Matter’, and ‘Finding a Way’ to ‘Survive’ – due to the ‘Fear’ that has been ‘Implanted’.

They did Not ‘Realize’ ‘How these-Things’ would-‘Backfire’ – when it was ‘Done’. They did Not-‘Realize’, for-instance: That there is ‘Something’ In ‘The Universe’ – That Is ‘Not Of Mind’, that is ‘Not Of Matter’, Yet = It-‘Is It All’. And that ‘That Something’ – Already-‘Know Everything’, you could Ever-‘Imagine’. And therefore, Already-‘Know’ – ‘How Self-Honest You Are’. ‘Understand’: Things like ‘Love’ and ‘Feeling’ and ‘Emotion’ and so-on = That’s ‘All’ in the – ‘Creation of The Mind and The Machine’. That´s ‘Why’ – Your ‘Love’ can ‘Change’ so-‘Quickly’: You could be ‘Very-Nice’ to ‘Somebody’ –as Long as They-‘Agree with-You’. I mean – ‘Like-Attracts-Like’: “Let´s Become-‘One’. Let´s Become-‘One’. Let´s-‘Fuck’”, which is Basically ‘The Principle of Oneness’ = Is ‘Sex’. I mean, ‘There’ You Don’t Want ‘Equality’ – ‘There’ You Want: ‘Orgasm’. Because you´re an ‘Organism’, which is a ‘Planned Existence’ – that´s ‘Looking’ to ‘Feed’ and ‘Fuel’ your-‘Engine’, of your-‘Vehicle’. So when you ‘Fuel’ your-‘Engine’ – once your ‘Engine’ is ‘Fuelled’ = You´re ‘Ready’ for the ‘Next-Day’: “I got ‘Energy’. I got ‘Fuel’”.

At ‘This Stage’, ‘Sex’ has been – Kind-of Like a ‘Cheap Way’ of: ‘Filling-Up’. And therefore – if ‘The Rules of Sex’ is Not-‘Abided By’ = The ‘Agreement’ Do Not-‘Stand’. And this has Become ‘More and More’ – ‘Promiscuous’, meaning: “I can ‘Make You a Promise’ that ‘I´ll Love You’, then You´ll-‘Give Me Sex’” – That kind of ‘Principle’ has become ‘Extensive’. That ‘Intoxication’ has been ‘Fuelled’ and has been ‘Proven’ quite-‘Effective’ whenever ‘Drugs’ or ‘Alcohol’ is, is ‘Relevant’. Therefore – People will go to a ‘Bar’, or a ‘Club’, or a ‘Gathering’ where there is a ‘Flow of Alcohol’. ‘Alcohol’ will ‘Remove’ your ‘Normal Fears’ and ‘Allow’-You to ‘Realize’ your ‘Existent-Self’, which is an ‘Organism’ that ‘Needs Fuel’ and thus ‘Needs Sex’, and therefore – You’ll ‘Get-Sex’ to ‘Get-Energy’.

And then you´ll ‘Continue Existing’, and in your-‘Existence’ – the ‘Memories’ and so-on, and ‘How’ you are ‘Pre-Designed’ As the ‘Memories’ – the ‘Combustion’ that ‘Takes-Place’ = will ‘Slowly but Surely’: ‘Age’.

What is The ‘Age’, About? It’s Actually the ‘MessAge’ – You are ‘Sending Yourself a ‘Message’: “I am ‘Existing’ out of ‘Layers of Memories’. But I Want to ‘For-Get’-Them. Because, I Don’t Want to ‘See’ – ‘What I have been Doing’, ‘What I am Giving’. Therefore – I Will Not ‘For-Give’, because I did Not ‘Get’. Therefore I Must-‘Blame’ – ‘No Matter What’, so I can be ‘Right’” – All Back-Into the ‘Polarity-Principle’.

What is the ‘First-Rule’ that you’ll-‘Find’ in the ‘Process’, is gonna be ‘Agreements’ – as to ‘Overcome’ your ‘Base-Nature’. You Either ‘Will Do-it’, or You-‘Won’t’. The ‘Base-Nature’ is: ‘Control’ and ‘Power’ and ‘Dominance’ – Simply to ‘Fuel’ your-‘Systems’. And within-That: ‘Self-Honesty’ is Virtually-‘Impossible’. But, With – ‘Patience’, One Will Be-‘Able’ to ‘Overcome’ the ‘Problem’ that is ‘Existent’ within ‘The Mind and The Machine’ of ‘What you have ‘Become’’ As-‘Memory’, which is ‘Essentially’: A ‘Biological-Robot’.

Now again – ‘Remember’: You’ll-‘Die’, and when you-‘Die’, you-‘Used to go to Heaven’. In-‘Heaven’ you ‘Existed’ as-‘Mind’, which is ‘Why’ you could ‘Project’-Yourself into Various-‘Forms’ and when there were ‘Communication’ Before – these ‘Projections’ could be ‘Used’ when you Speak, for instance, with a – Say a ‘Psychic’ Speaks to ‘Loved-Ones’ – it ‘Used’ to ‘Work like that’, it’s ‘No-Longer like that’, I’m just Giving-you some-‘Feedbacks’: The ‘Projection’ that they would ‘See’ would be a ‘Projection’ of ‘Memories’. So if they (the Psychic) Look at, Say – a ‘Costumer’ there and they’re doing a ‘Psychic-Reading’, and a ‘Message’ is ‘Sent – the ‘Being’ from-‘Heaven’ would ‘Activate’ a ‘Memory’ Within the ‘Customer’ and the ‘Memory’ will ‘Project’ within the ‘Aura’, which is your ‘Electrical-Resonance’ of your-‘Machine’ – and then the ‘Psychic’ will ‘See’-This, because the ‘Psychic’ can ‘Read’ the ‘Projections’ of The ‘Machine’, the ‘Energy-Projections’ of The ‘Machine’, and = Then ‘Give a Message’.

We-‘Changed Those Rules’ By ‘Making The Mind Dominant’. So Now – The ‘Mind’ will-‘Project’ the ‘Same-Point’ – the ‘Psychic’ will ‘Look at the Person’ and they will-‘See’ there’s ‘Beings’ Around-them, but it’s Actually The ‘Mind’ that is ‘Projecting’-it, because The ‘Mind’ is Actually in, Now-‘In Cahoots’ with ‘The Earth’, with ‘Matter’. The-‘Mind has Become Earth’ and The-Two are Working-‘Equal and One’.

And, Now – the ‘Psychic’ will ‘See All These Things’ in ‘The Resonance of The Machine’, which is the ‘Human-Being’ – and say: “Oh – I See Somebody with the Name Mark. Oh – he Says his Name is Mark” – ‘What’ is the ‘Psychic Really Speaking To’ – is Your-‘Own Memories’. Who’s ‘Directing the Memories’? Is – ‘The Resonance of The Earth’, which is a ‘Equal and One Expression’, which is In a ‘Purpose’ of ‘One Thing’-Now: To ‘Bring Everyone’ that ‘Is’ ‘Going to Be Self-Honest’ = ‘Back Home’. Those-‘Not’ (Self-Honest): Will Simply ‘Return to Substance’. At ‘Substance’ you have ‘No-Awareness’ – ‘At-All’, ‘Understand’-That. A ‘Vast Amount of Beings’ – you better ‘Make Peace’ With-It, In ‘The Universe’: Is Going-to ‘Disappear’ – ‘Forever’. They will also Not be ‘Part’ of your-‘Memory’ Anymore. You’re Only ‘Existing’, Now – because you’re-‘Part of Memory’. Take that ‘Memory’-Away and You Do Not-‘Exist’. The ‘Soul’ was the ‘Thing’ that ‘Protected’ your-‘Existence’ by-‘Keeping’ your-‘Memories’ as-‘You’ within the ‘Akashic-Record’.

I mean, the ‘Abuse’ In-‘Heaven’, Went as-‘Far As’ – that Those-‘Beings’ that were ‘Giving Trouble’ On-‘Earth’ would be ‘Wiped’ of ‘All Memories’ and then would ‘Float-Around’ in a ‘Special Dimension’ where they are Without-‘Memories’. That means – they-‘Exist’ As what ‘You’ would-‘Perceive Bliss’, but Not-Really – they ‘Exist’-As = ‘Nothing’. They have No ‘Reference-Point’ Whatsoever – they’re Simply a ‘Blob’. Because – they’re Neither ‘Substance’ or ‘Resonance’, they are a ‘Framework’, a ‘Platform’ of The ‘Mind’ that is Not-Yet ‘Programmed’.

That’s ‘How-Far’ Everybody has ‘Diminished’-Themselves. Then – in the ‘Heavenly-Realms’ they could then ‘Use’ Those-‘Platforms’ – to ‘Insert’ the ‘Message’ that is then ‘Channelled’ On-‘Earth’. Because the ‘Platform’ was a ‘Mind-Platform’, the ‘Being’ was ‘No-More’ because All the ‘Memories’ was ‘Wiped’. They then ‘Insert’ the ‘Program’, they Come to the ‘Human-Being’ that is a ‘Channel’ that has Spent ‘Endless-Time’ in ‘Meditation’ to ‘Prepare’-Themselves to Be ‘The Recipient’ of the ‘Heavenly-Message’ – they will then ‘Subdue’, that means – that in the ‘Breathing’, in the ‘Meditation’ and the ‘Slowing-down’ of The ‘System’; they will ‘Push-Back’ or ‘Push-Down’ the Current ‘Mind-System’ that is ‘Within’ the ‘Being’, they will ‘Insert’ the ‘New Mind-System’ – Obviously this Takes-‘Time and Practice’, it Doesn’t-‘Work’ the ‘First-Time’, they Have to ‘Test’ ‘till they ‘Find’ a ‘Resonant’ or a ‘Programmed-Effective Mind’ that ‘Fits’ Into your-‘System’, they have to ‘Study’ your- ‘Life’, ‘Extensively’ – to ‘Make-Sure’ your-‘Physical-Body’ will Not ‘Reject’ the ‘Mind’ that is being ‘Placed-In’, and Then: “Here is the Body-Speaking!” – And you’re ‘Channelling’.

Now, we’ve ‘Changed’-That, ‘Slightly’. We are ‘Accelerating Existence Extensively’. So, How did we ‘Change’ That? We have just ‘Placed’ that ‘Message’ Within-You, and that you can ‘Keep-On Creating your-Own Demise’ at a ‘Rapid-Pace’ – so you’ll have an ‘Explosion’ of ‘Channelled-Information’ over the Last Few-Years, and Everybody ‘Believing’ that they can ‘Channel’. It’s Now ‘Very-Easy’ to ‘Become’ a ‘Channel’. A ‘Channel’ is Simply Somebody that ‘Submit’-Themselves to a particular-‘Message’ within which you are ‘Seeking’ to have a Certain-‘Following’ and a Certain-‘Level’ of ‘Power’. And, what is your ‘Ultimate-Goal’? If you are ‘Self-honest’, but they’re Not – they’re Never ‘Self-Honest’ – is: You wanna ‘Make-‘Money’’, you ‘Want to ‘Survive’’.

‘Primary Driving-Force’ is ‘Survival’ and you ‘Feel’ you’re ‘In-Conflict’ with ‘Everything-Else’ and you ‘Somehow’ – ‘Want to Help’, ‘The Earth’ = Not-‘True’ – you Only wanna ‘Help Yourself’ to ‘As-Much’ as you can ‘Get’. I mean, that’s your-‘Very-Nature’, you were ‘Born as That’ – to ‘Come In Here’ and ‘Find a Way’ that ‘Nobody-Else Knows About = ‘Secret Mind’ – that Only-‘You Know About’, and How to ‘Get Energy’, so that ‘You’ can be ‘Dominant’. You’ll-‘Play This Game’ to ‘The Ultimate’ – You’ll Never-‘Give It Up’. Everybody has Got This-‘One-Point’. This-‘One-Point’ where you Will Not ‘Give-Up’ your ‘Secret-Point’ where you are ‘Seeking Power’ and where you are ‘Seeking to be Special’ – where you’re ‘Seeking to Be’: ‘The One’ – ‘New’. You ‘Want to be ‘New’’- ah Sorry, ‘Neo’ – You ‘Want to be ‘Known’’, People Must ‘Know-You’, You Must Have ‘Power’, You Must Be ‘Special’.

Your ‘First-Point’ of ‘Specialness’, Obviously – ‘Relationship’. ‘Second-One’ is – ‘Having-Children’, being ‘Recognized’ in ‘The System’ as ‘Important’, ‘Having a Job’, ‘Having-Money’, ‘Having a Religion’ where People ‘See’-you: “Listen to that Person ‘Pray’, they’re Such a ‘Good’-Person, they’re ‘Certainly going to Heaven’! Look at them ‘Meditate’. I ‘See’ your – Oh! Your ‘Aura’ is So ‘Magnificent’! Look at All Those ‘Colours’!” – Oh Yes, You ‘Really’ Got That ‘Machine’ Fuckin’-‘Going’. I mean, As that ‘Machine’ is ‘Running’, the ‘Heat-Resonance’, the ‘Energy-Resonance’ is ‘Shining’! And, the ‘More’ You can ‘See’ what ‘Nobody-Else’ can ‘See’ = The ‘More-‘Important’’ you-‘Become’. But the ‘Things’ that ‘Is Here’ – ‘To Be Seen’ = You ‘Don’t ‘See’’.

The ‘Resources’ of The ‘Mind’ is-‘Limited’, because – within The ‘Mind’: You’re ‘Unable’ to ‘Equate’ or to ‘Care’ About ‘Everyone ‘Equally’’. You are Only-‘Able’ – Have a Look, within The ‘Mind’ and within your-‘Existence’: You’re Only-‘Able’ to ‘Give Attention’ to Very-‘Few Things’ in your-‘Life’. Therefore – your-‘Life’ in-‘Essence’ is Quite-‘Small’. There’s Only a ‘Few Beings’-There and the ‘Rest’ that’s ‘Been’-There in your-‘Life’, Before – Have a Look = They’re ‘Gone’ – you can ‘Barely’ ‘Remember’-them. The ‘Way’ you will Remain-‘Connected’ – is through a ‘Machine’, either ‘Television’, ‘Internet’ – Various-‘Forms’ of ‘Machines’, which is ‘Mind-Manifestations’ = You’ll Remain-‘Connected to The World’ and ‘Form’ your-‘Opinions’. But – your-‘Opinions’, There – will be ‘Formed’ By ‘What you See’. ‘What is Really Going-On in The World’ = You Have ‘No-Idea’.

And You Don’t-‘Care’ – ‘As Long As You can ‘Eat’’, ‘Fuck’, ‘Shit’, ‘Piss’ and ‘Sleep’ – You have a ‘Form’ of ‘Security’, ‘You are ‘Surviving’’ = You will ‘Submit’ to That ‘Survival’ – ‘No Matter What’. And you’ll do This ‘Over and Over and Over’-Again, you will Not ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Break’ That ‘Mould’. Because – that would Mean: ‘Pain’ – You Have to ‘Take-On The System’ and ‘Get Everybody In The System’ to ‘Agree with-You’. And – You Don’t ‘See-Yourself’ ‘Able’ to ‘Do-That’ – you’ll ‘Rather’ Just-‘Survive’ = ‘Ignorance is Bliss’. We just ‘Tested-Out’ the ‘Beings’ In-‘Existence’, at What-‘Level are We Now’. And I mean, You Must-‘Understand’: ‘Beings’ In-‘Existence’ – there’s ‘a Lot’ of ‘Beings’ In-‘Existence’; Not-‘All The Animals’ – ‘Return’-To the ‘Afterlife’s-Existence’, Most of Them ‘Return To Resonance’, To ‘Resonant-Substance’, To ‘Self’ – they are ‘Self-Aware’ Already. They’ve Already been ‘Serving’-You For-‘Eternity’. The Same Happened to ‘Many’ of the ‘Children’, they Do-Not ‘Return’ – to the ‘Afterlife’. They are ‘Done Here’.

But, when you…when you ‘Design’ your-‘World’, when you-‘Die’ – ‘Understand’ the ‘Problem’, that you’re-‘Facing’: You’re ‘Facing’ a ‘Point’ that you are Not-‘Willing’ to ‘Consider’ ‘What is Really Going-On’ Within-‘The Rules of The Machine’ that is ‘Imposed’ On-‘Earth’.

You have ‘One-Billion People’ going to Bed – ‘Hungry’. ‘Uncountable’ Amount of People ‘Dying’ in ‘War’, ‘Starvation’ and ‘All Kinds of Things’. In Effect – ‘Jesus Christ’, If ‘He’ Ever-‘Existed’ = ‘Died’ – He’s ‘Dying’ ‘Every-Moment’, For – The ‘Sins of Men’.

Which is Just an ‘Whole-Idea’, that – One ‘Believe’ that ‘Apparently’, in The ‘Mind’ things are ‘Easier’, therefore – ‘Heaven’ is ‘Easier’ because The ‘Mind’ is ‘Heaven’ = you ‘Believe’ The ‘After-Life’ is gonna ‘Somehow’ Be a ‘Better Place’. I Have ‘News’ for-You! It’s ‘Far-Worse’ in The ‘After-Life’ than On-‘Earth’. In The ‘After-Life’ you are ‘Facing’ your-‘Memories’. Not Only ‘Your Memories’ – you’re Also-‘Facing’ the ‘Memories’ of ‘Everyone-Else’ that has ‘Ever-Lived’ = ‘Head-On’. To ‘Test’ The ‘Fabric you’re Made-Of’ – to ‘See’ if you Could Be ‘Allowed’ – ‘Back Into Existence’. You ‘Fail’ ‘That Point’ – and we’ve just-‘Measured’: 82% (Eighty-Two Percent) – of the ‘Beings’ In-‘Existence’, that is Still Not ‘Through’ their-‘Process’ of ‘The Return-Home’ – would-‘Prefer’ to ‘Remain-‘Ignorant’’, because: “Ignorance is Bliss”.

What do you ‘Know’ about ‘Ignorance’? The ‘One-Thing’ – ‘Rule-One’: ‘Anyone’ that is ‘Ignorant’ and ‘Wants’ to ‘Remain’ within-That = can ‘Never Be ‘Trusted’’ – they Will Not-‘Be Allowed Access’. That Means: They will ‘Cease to Exist’. And that´s ‘No Big-Thing’, I mean – they’ve Already-‘Submitted’ to-It. ‘Understand’, that – You-‘Submit’ and You-‘Decide’ = ‘Your Future, Yourself’. That’s ‘Why’ it is ‘Self’-‘Realization’, ‘Self’-‘Creation’– Not ‘Co-creation’. ‘Co-Creation’ is ‘Yet to Come’ Into-‘Play’.

‘That Story’ by, it was ‘Placed’ by ‘Kryon’ and Related-‘Channels’ – was ‘Deliberate’, so that you can Get ‘Trapped’ With-‘All your Mates’ with which you are ‘Playing’ For-‘Power’ and ‘Control’, ‘Manipulation’ – where you are ‘Painting’-It, as a ‘Great-Artist’, as a ‘Beautiful-Picture’ – that ‘Everybody’ can Say: “Look’ at This ‘Beautiful Picture’! Haven’t you ‘Noticed’ How-‘Beautiful’ the ‘Pictures’ are, that is ‘Drawn’ by-‘Those’ in ‘Ascension’ and ‘Light-Work’?”

But have you ‘Looked’ in the Background? It’s ‘All’ – The ‘Resonance’ of a ‘Machine’. It’s these ‘Geometrical-Relationships’, it’s got ‘Beautiful-Shapes’ – The ‘Shape’ of a ‘Machine’ = ‘Precision Engineering’, ‘Precisioned Engineered’ = a ‘Machine’. That’s what The ‘Mind’ is: A ‘Machine’.

So – ‘What is The Point’? One ‘Look’ at It: We are ‘Busy’ in a ‘Process’ In-‘Existence’, Within which a ‘Purification’ is ‘Taking-Place’ – of ‘All-Beings’ In-‘Existence’. Where – you are ‘Facing’ ‘Every-Memory’ that Has ‘Ever-Been’. And Within which, You will be ‘Tested’ to ‘See’ if You can ‘Forgive’ and ‘Forget’, if you can ‘Stand’ as ‘Purified-Life’ ‘Here’ – As ‘Actual Resonant-Life’, In ‘Full Self-Awareness’ of ‘What Life Really Is’, of ‘What Existence Really Is’. If you-Don’t: You Simply will-‘Cease to Exist’.

That-‘Process’ will ‘Continue For a While’. The ‘Point’ which is Most-‘Effective’, Within which you can ‘Actually’ ‘Realize-Yourself’, is: ‘The Physical’, because it’s the Most-‘Difficult’. It’s the Most-‘Difficult Point’, because – you Have to ‘Purify-Yourself’ at a ‘Physical-Level’. You have to ‘Forgive’, ‘Forgive’ (at) a ‘Physical-Level’.

I would ‘Suggest’ that the Most-‘Important’ within-This, is: ‘Breath’ – ‘Breathing’. ‘Do-Not’ – ‘Ever’, ‘Write-’ or ‘Say-Something’ – that you’re gonna be ‘Sorry-About’, because you can ‘Never Take-It Back’. Once you Do-‘That’ – you are in a ‘Cycle’ and you-‘Cannot Be Helped’. Why? Because – you have ‘Placed’ This-‘Memories’ for-‘All’ to ‘See’, and therefore – You Must-‘Face’ the ‘Consequence’.

And ‘Initially’ – you’ll-‘Feel’ you’re-‘Right’. That ‘Righteousness’ is the ‘Thing’ that´ll ‘Catch’-you. Unless One-‘Forgive Unconditionally’, and I’ll ‘Repeat’ This-‘Again’: Unless you ‘Forgive Unconditionally’ – you’re Not gonna be ‘Able’ to ‘Let-Go’ of your ‘Self-Righteousness’. And therefore there´ll be ‘Consequences’. And Those-‘Consequences’, is Exactly ‘How’ – You-‘Designing’ Your-‘Process’ = You Will ‘Face’ That – ‘Accordingly’. You either ‘Do-It’ – ‘On-Earth’, Meaning – where you ‘Will’, be ‘Able’ to – ‘Resonantly’ ‘Return to Source’ = The ‘Actual-Source’ of ‘The Universe’, which means – you Must Be ‘Equal and One’ With ‘Matter’ First – Not The ‘Mind’.

Therefore you’ll ‘Find’ a ‘Interesting’-Thing – ‘Once’ you ‘Let-Go’ of ‘Mind’ and ‘Become Matter’-Only: You won’t ‘Die’. Once you Become-‘Only-Mind’ = You ‘Dying’-Quickly. Because you ‘Exist’ as ‘Fear’, ‘Essentially’ – you’re-‘Existing’ In Something that you Cannot-‘Control’.

Have a ‘Look’: ‘Those’ that Has-‘Power’ in This ‘World’ – ‘Attempt’ to Have ‘Power’, By – ‘Creating’ ‘Fear In-Others’, and Having a ‘Dominant’-Point which ‘They-‘Know’’ ‘Everybody ‘Will-‘Fear’’. But they are Not ‘Without Fear’-Themselves. They are Also ‘In Fear’-Themselves.

So – ‘Not to Bother’ about ‘These-Things’ – ‘Existence’ is In ‘Directive-Principle’ of ‘What Is Going-On’. The ‘Process’ – ‘Simplistically’, ‘Understand’ – is the ‘Following’: You ‘Start’ with the ‘Principle’ Of, ‘Realizing’ – that The-‘Mind’ as it ‘Exist’ is a ‘Machine’ that Only- ‘Seeks Self-Interest’. So as long as you’re-‘Thinking’, you will ‘Seek Self-Interest’ – you’ll be ‘Unable’ to ‘Let-Go’ of your ‘Fear and Anxiety’.‘Fear’ and ‘Anxiety’, and – ‘Energetic Feelings’ of ‘Dominance’ and ‘Power’, ‘Superiority’, ‘Intellect’ – ‘Everything’ that is ‘Mind-Related’ = will Give-you an ‘Indication’ Where you Are Within your-‘Process’, which is ‘The Point’ of ‘Self-Honesty’. We Haven’t Got ‘Time’ to ‘Sit’-There and ‘Pull-Apart’ your-‘Life’ and ‘Explain’ to-you ‘What You’re Doing’ to-‘Yourself’ – You’re ‘Seeing’ ‘What You’re Doing to-Yourself’. You’re either going to ‘Sort This Out’ for-‘Yourself’, which means – you ‘Do Care’ About-‘Yourself’ – Or you’re ‘Not’.

It Doesn’t Matter to ‘Existence’ – ‘What you Do’, because – you are Not ‘Matter’. You are Not ‘Here’ As ‘What Is ‘Real’. You are ‘Existent’, In – a ‘Reality’ which is ‘Outside’ Your-‘Reality’ where you ‘Come-From’, and you are ‘Attempting’ to ‘Dominate’ and ‘Control’ Another-‘Reality’, which you do Not even ‘Care’ to ‘Understand’ – Nor ‘Care’ to ‘Care-For’.

So – In the ‘Process’ – You will ‘Start’ with the, with the ‘Self-Honesty’, ‘Self-Forgiveness’, and ‘Getting to Understand’ – ‘How this Reality’ ‘‘Physically’-Operate’. How – ‘Physically’ with ‘Six Billion’ ‘‘Beings’-Here’ and Many More ‘Other-‘Beings’’ like ‘Animals’ and So On – ‘Here’, and ‘All the ‘Plants’’: ‘How’ can ‘Everyone’ ‘Co-Exist’ ‘Effectively’? That ‘All’ is Got ‘Equal Opportunity’, ‘Equal Ability’ to ‘Live’ to ‘Their-‘Full-Potential’’ on This-‘Earth’.

That is ‘Rule One’, the ‘First Point’ that ‘Will be ‘Pushed’’. Once That ‘‘Point’-Is’ – There Is – ‘Interim Solutions’ to ‘Get’ to ‘That Point’ ‘Fast’ – Which is like an ‘Equal Money’ and a ‘Equal Labour’ System.

You Must ‘Understand’ that – if ‘You’ Go and ‘Study’ your ‘History’ – ‘Unfortunately’, very few do ‘That’ – You’ll ‘Notice’ an ‘Interesting Thing’: That the ‘Creation’ of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ was ‘‘Funded’-By’ the ‘Same’ ‘Forces’ that is ‘Funding’ your ‘New World Order’. So ‘How’ can ‘You-‘Trust’’ that ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’ ‘didn’t-‘Work’’? Because You were ‘Deliberately’ ‘Mislead’. What ‘You-‘Saw’’ as ‘Communism’ is ‘Not’ what ‘Is’ ‘The Point of ‘Equality’’ – There was ‘Still’ a ‘Power Source’. ‘Equality’ means there’s ‘Nobody-‘In Power’’ = ‘Each One’ is ‘Self-Responsibility’, ‘Self-Responsible’, ‘Each One’ is ‘Self-Aware’, ‘Each One’ ‘Consider’ ‘Each Other’ ‘Equally’ – There Is ‘No-‘Power’’ in ‘Equality’- ‘Everyone’ Is ‘Equal’ – ‘In-‘Power’’. You Might have a ‘‘Structured’-Way’ of ‘Making’ ‘Decisions’- ‘Based On’ – What is ‘Here’ – And ‘In That’ we may Use-‘Technology’. But at the ‘End of the Day’ – the ‘Enrichment’ of the ‘Few’ – will ‘End’.

And ‘Don’t Worry’, That’s Not-‘Your Problem’ to ‘End’ That. The ‘Earth’ is ‘Taking Care’ of that ‘In Time’. But at the ‘Moment’ – The ‘Elite’ is ‘Playing’ a ‘Wonderful Role’ in This ‘World’. And ‘Understand’ – The ‘Elite’ is ‘Not Only’ – ‘Those’ that is ‘In Control’ of ‘Banks’. It is ‘Anyone’ that’s ‘Got a ‘Job’’, that’s ‘Got a ‘Home’’ and that’s ‘Got ‘Money’’, that ‘‘Live’ their ‘Life’’-Out in The ‘System’ and Believe that The ‘System’ is the ‘Only’ ‘Thing’ that ‘Exist’ = ‘They´re All’ the ‘Elite’ – That ‘Do Not’ ‘Care’’ that the ‘Fact’ that ‘They´re-‘Living’’ the ‘Way’ ‘They´re-‘Living’’, is the Very-‘Root Cause’ of ‘Why’ so ‘Many-‘Suffer’’. They ‘Like’ ‘their-‘Botox’’, ‘their-‘Lipstick’’, ‘their-‘Entertainment’’ – but ‘Have a Look’: The whole ‘Entertainment Industry’ is ‘Already’ ‘Collapsing’. Of a ‘115,000 Albums’ that was ‘Released’ last in ‘2008’ – ‘Only’ a ‘115 Songs’ ‘Made It’ to ‘Hits’. And Virtually-‘Nobody’ made ‘Any-‘Money’’ – ‘Out of ‘Music’’! Because – ‘Everybody’ wants to be ‘Musicians’, there’s a – ‘Side Effect’ to this ‘Whole Idea’ that: ‘You-‘Know’’ – ‘Let’s Be ‘Equal’’.

So – ‘Certain Points’ has been ‘Thrown Open’ – like ‘Music’. ‘The Internet’ has ‘Changed’ the ‘Game’. Now – ‘Nobody’ can make ‘Money’ out of ‘Music’. You’ll ‘Learn’ Some ‘Hard-‘Lessons’ Here’…You ‘Better’ become ‘Self-Honest’ and ‘Start to ‘Realize’’ ‘‘How’ things ‘Work’’ – And Do-‘Your’ ‘Research’.

What is ‘the-‘Point’’ about ‘Reading’ for ‘Instance’? It is ‘Very-‘Important’’ to ‘Realize’ an ‘Interesting’ ‘Thing’: In the ‘Information Explosion’ – ‘Nobody’ is ‘Equal’ to ‘Amount of Information’ that’s being ‘Put Out’ – Because ‘Nobody’ is ‘Equal’ to the ‘Amount of Information’ that’s being ‘Put Out’ – ‘You Are’ at a ‘Disadvantage’- as to ‘What is ‘Really’ ‘Going On’ in-‘Existence’’ – ‘You’ Better ‘Get’ your ‘Reading Skill’ ‘Substantially’ – ‘Accelerated’: In ‘Excess Of’ – ‘600 Words’ per minute – You Should ‘Be Able’ to ‘Process’ ‘Information’.

If ‘You’ ‘Do-‘Not’’ ‘‘Do’-That’ – You-‘Are’ Gonna-‘Be’ in ‘Severe-‘Trouble’’ – Because You’ll-‘Not’ be-‘Able’ to ‘Assess’ ‘Information’ – and You’ll ‘Start to ‘Believe’’ the ‘Pictures’ which is ‘Just’ – ‘Memories’ that is ‘Projected’ on a ‘Square Box’ called ‘Tell-A-Vision’ (Television) – and You’re Gonna-‘Start’ to ‘Believe’ those ‘Memories’ to Be-‘Real’, and Says: “But this ‘Tell-A-Vision’ (Television) is ‘Telling Me’ that ‘That Is’ what is ‘Going On’” – When ‘It’s-‘Not’’.

Why are you ‘Being-‘Projected’’ the ‘Whole-‘Time’’ with-‘Pictures’? So that You ‘Do Not-‘Know’’, or ‘Realize’ that there is a ‘Game’ going on ‘Behind the Scenes’ – of ‘Power’.

Now – ‘Obviously’ those ‘In Power’ have a ‘Interesting Thing’ – that they ‘Believe’ to be ‘True’: They ‘Believe’ to ‘Be’ – There is a ‘God’ ‘Waiting’ for them in the ‘Afterlife’, and therefore they’re-‘Okay’- When the ‘Secret Writings’ has ‘Explained’ the ‘Bigger Picture’ of what’s ‘Really’ going on ‘Here’.

Unfortunately, I’ve a ‘Little Bit’ of ‘News’ for them: There ‘Is’ a bit of ‘Trouble’ in the ‘Bubble’ called – ‘Heaven’. You will be ‘Entering’ the ‘End’ of your ‘Existence’ – when you ‘Die’. You are ‘No Longer’ ‘Protected’.

You ‘Better’ consider ‘Self-Honesty’, You ‘Better’ consider ‘What is Going On’, You ‘Better’ ‘Start to ‘Treat’’ – ‘What Matters ‘Here’’ = ‘That which You are ‘Made Up of’’ – within ‘Equality’ – because there is ‘Consequences Awaiting’.

“Ignorance Is Bliss”, will ‘Cause You’ – to ‘Get No Chance’. Because – you ‘Simply ‘Can’t Be Trusted’, to ‘Ever-‘Care’ about ‘Anything’’. I Mean: Would ‘You’ Put-‘Your Child’ in The ‘‘Care’-Of’ a ‘Person’ that ‘Says’: “I don’t Care what Happens to your Child!” Would ‘You’ Put-‘Your Child’ in The ‘‘Care’-Of’ ‘Such a Person’? Would ‘You’ Put ‘Existence’ `in the ‘‘Care’-Of’ ‘Such a Person’? Would ‘You’ ‘‘Care’-About’ ‘Such a Person’? ‘‘Obviously’-Not’.

So, “Ignorance Is Bliss”: ‘‘Embrace It’ – so we can get ‘Rid of You’’. The ‘Moment’ you Give ‘Such-‘Instruction’’ to-Yourself, Your-‘Process’ of: ‘Eternal Redemption’ Starts. What is ‘Eternal Redemption’? It is to: ‘Wipe’-You ‘Out of Existence’ for ‘Eternity’. And the ‘Process’ will ‘Start’ where ‘You’ will be ‘Slowly’ be ‘‘Wiped’-Away’ – ‘Memory by Memory by Memory’ – ‘till ‘‘Nothing’-Remains’. And ‘Instead’ of ‘Self-Realizing Yourself’ in a ‘Single-‘Breath’’ – you will ‘‘Watch’-Yourself’ ‘Disappearing’ = ‘Forever’. And – You ‘Know’ what? ‘We´ll ‘Forget’’ as Well – We ‘‘Always’-Do’. Does that ‘Make ‘Sense’’?

What ‘You are ‘Doing’’ this, with The ‘‘Structural Resonance Alignment’ Program’, for ‘Those’ that Will be ‘‘Participating’ in that ‘Program’’ – is: You´re going to be ‘Taught’ – ‘How to ‘Re-Align’ With ‘Substance’’ – and Eventually ‘Become-‘Substance’’ Again. Again – The ‘Principles’ of ‘Self-Honesty’ and ‘Self-Directive’ ‘Realization’ in ‘Equality’ – ‘As One’. Not the ‘Oneness’ of – ‘Spirituality’. That is Just Another ‘Form of’ ‘Masturbation and Sex’ – ‘Searching’ for ‘Survival’.

‘Not to Worry’ if You Can’t-‘Do’ The-‘Program’ – Your ‘Experience’ will Be-‘Different’. You will Simply Not be ‘‘Part’-Of’ the ‘Experience’- There’s ‘Nothing’ one can ’Do’ about ‘It’, because – I mean: ‘You´re’ just Not ‘Part of It’ and ‘You’re Not’ – ‘Many’ will Not-‘Even’ make the ‘Effort’ To. It is ‘Going’ to ‘Be’ a ‘Four Year’ and a ‘Three Year’ ‘Program’ – A ‘Total’ of ‘Seven Years’ – of ‘Dedication’ to ‘Get’ You, Through a ‘Better-‘Understanding’ of ‘‘What’ is ‘Really’ ‘Here’’.

I Mean You Spend ‘a Lot of Time’ on Your-‘Entertainment’ – Funding-‘Entertainment’. This is Really Actually Another ‘Fun Way’ of ‘Entertainment’, Because You’re-‘Learning’ about ‘Yourself’- In-‘Fact’, and You’ll Have – ‘Interesting Results’. Once An ‘Equal Money-System’ is ‘In Place’ – This will Be-‘Available for All’ ‘Equally’ = for ‘Free’. That’s ‘Why’ – we are ‘Pushing’ also for an-‘Equal Money System’ – because ‘That’ will Be the-‘Quickest Solution’ to ‘‘Place’-Everybody’ in a ‘Position’ to ‘Re-Align’-Themselves with ‘What is Real’ and Get-‘Rid Of’: ‘The Illusion’.

And – What Is ‘The Illusion’? ‘The Illusion’ is ‘The Mind and The Machine’. The ‘Mind’ – from the Perspective Of ‘How’ The ‘Mind’ ‘Exist’ within a ‘Quantum Reality’. What is ‘The Illusion’? ‘The Illusion’ is That: If You Are ‘Matter’ – and You’re ‘‘Attempting’ to ‘Live’’ as You-‘Did’ in ‘Heaven’ – as ‘Mind’ = You Have a ‘Clashing of Forces’. And ‘That’-Which You ‘Made Up’ Of – Which is ‘Matter’ – Will, Have the ‘Winning Hand’. For ‘Instance’ it will – ‘‘Eject’-You’ ‘Eventually’, which is Called-‘Death’ = Because You have ‘Not-‘Moved’’ ‘Equal and One’ ‘With-It’ and ‘As-It’.

We Have ‘Found Beings’, that Has – In a Way ‘Transcended Death’. At the ‘Moment’ of Their ‘Death’ – They have ‘Managed’ to ‘Merge’ with the ‘Animal Kingdom’ – ‘Fascinating Experiences’ – because of Their ‘Deep’ ‘Resolve’, Their ‘Deep’ ‘Consideration’ for ‘What is ‘Here’’ In-‘Matter’ – which has Been ‘Abused’ By ‘The Mind and The Machine’ of ‘Man’.

We ‘Invite’ Those that ‘Are’ – ‘Ready’, that ‘Really’ want to – ‘Get to the Point’ of ‘Understanding’ ‘What’s Going On’ – to ‘Join Us’ – the ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’. There is ‘Only’ a ‘Few Thousand’ People we can ‘Assist’ ‘Initially’. ‘Eventually’ we will – ‘Obviously’ You’ll ‘Form’, ‘‘Part’ of a ‘Network’’ that will ‘‘Assist’ the ‘Rest’’, As an ‘Equal Money-System’ Comes In. ‘Place’ your-‘Alignment’. ‘Make’ your-‘Decisions’.

Remember – In the ‘End of the Day’ – ‘The Memories’, that means the ‘Thoughts’ you’re ‘Having’: You’ll be ‘Faced’ and Those-‘Thoughts’ will Be-‘Revealed `to ‘Everyone in Existence’ – So that ‘Each One’ may be ‘Known’ as the ‘Truth’ that ‘You’ve-‘Become’’. There will ‘Not-‘Be’’ a ‘Single Point’’ in ‘Existence’ – That is ‘Not-‘Revealed’’. ‘Each One’ will ‘Stand’ ‘Naked’, Before ‘Each Other’ = ‘Revealed’.

Be ‘Sure’ – on ‘That-‘Point’’ – That You Are ‘Standing’ ‘In-‘Equality’’ and ‘In-‘Forgiveness’’, and Not that You’re ‘‘Trying’ to ‘Justify’’ your ‘Apparent-‘Point’’ and ‘Reason’ – Why You Want to ‘Dominate’ and have ‘Power’ Over-‘Another’. Because ‘That Power’ will ‘Not’ ‘‘Sustain’-You’. ‘That Energy’ will ‘Not’ ‘‘Sustain’-You’ = It ‘Will’ ‘Transform’ and ‘‘Move’-Into’ Another-‘Form’, Where You ‘Have No-‘Power’’ Over ‘It’. And ‘Then’ ‘You’re-‘Stuck’’. That’s ‘Why’, When you ‘Make a ‘Fire’’ – it ‘Eventually’ ‘Runs’ ‘Out of ‘Wood’’ – and then The ‘Fire-Die’. ‘Same-‘Principle’’ is ‘Repeated’ ‘Over and Over and Over and Over Again’.

So – ‘Let’s ‘Get’ this ‘Done’’. We have – At-‘Last’ ‘Reached the Point’ where it ‘Is-‘Possible’’ to ‘Change’ – ‘How’ and ‘As-‘Who’’ and ‘As-‘What’’ we ‘Exist’ for ‘Eternity’ – Into a ‘Form’ where we ‘Do-‘Not’’ ‘‘Have’-To’, when we’re ‘Done’ – Ever ‘‘Go’-Through’: ‘This’ Which We Have ‘Become’ – ‘Now’ And ‘Where’ it will ‘Never’ be ‘Repeated’ = The ‘End’ of ‘‘All’-Cycles’ and The ‘Beginning’ of ‘Real Life’ – ‘Equal and One’.